What You’re About to See May Scare You! (2018-2019)

What You’re About to See May Scare You! (2018-2019)

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Custodians of ancient knowledge have long known that the mystery of humanity’s origins is far more complicated than widely accepted notions of natural evolution. They tell us that the gods of Eden, the Annunaki, planned a destiny for us which is still being played out through our ongoing obsession with gold. Evidence of this can be discerned from ancient temples, which once stood as places for the human elite to commune with these extraterrestrial gods and bring them the gold that their servants mined for them. Once we come to terms with this and realize that we are not alone, then we can rise up and take our place among the many groups that occupy the celestial realms. This presentation was originally webcast December 20, 2017.


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    napirsiniz loooo kroooolarrr …

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    krooolarrrrt ….

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    dc gelin amına kodum kekoları 😀

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    I contacted you, Deborah August 25, 2017 at 5:49 am. Things have come to a head, if you have a copy of the footage or can help me locate it, I could use it. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/deborah-daley/dashboard

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    are you anonymous or ridicucous?

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      We are Anonymous.

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    As you see, the advert disappeared, as you see, any attempt I make to reach out disappears. As you see, you were used in this. As you see, I was never lying was I? You all here were given opportunity to find the truth, for whatever reason you chose not to. Is it political? Am I the wrong colour or religion or gender? Wrong nationality? Were they recruited and used, as their finances were abundant immediately after I was harmed, are international politics involved? My police, MP, council have done everything to oppress the truth and drive me to harm, why? Makes no sense does it. What is so special about me? Nothing, that’s why it’s important you look deeper as to the reality of this. The information laid with the neighbours, my ex and his wife, the neighbour that moved and swapped with the present one that came in guns blazing. I know you know, they really did send mail convincing me it was you. Threatening me in your name, look through their history, you will see for yourself it will be there. Check the history of the two officers and the nurse, the families, their phones and net, it will show you proof I’m not lying, you’ll end up with more facts than me, still the police protect them, why might that be ; ) check out my file riddled with dodgy signatures and constantly ‘changed’. If you get the footage, let me know, it’s all I need to prove they did nothing and covered it all up hoping I’d die quietly. You think Rotherham was bad? You don’t feel driving m health to their death with sick torture is worse? While harming my child and using her as a shield to hold me down? If you can’t do it for me, do it for her, twice I couldn’t protect her, twice the system allowed this to her while I lied to her to save her sanity. Who would harm an innocent child twice? I don’t want your help, I don’t trust you or anyone, I just need the footage that will be enough. My twitter account is the strangest, I never used it, it was forever old, U2F protected, I go on all MP’s panic and act weird, I never clicked, is that the account they used? Is that where they violated me? Can you get any imagery it was last November … WOW saw it all, both UK & US intel know but continue covering. Media knows, everyone knows, I’m the only one not allowed to see me and my child passed around. So are you going to grow a conscience or act like the rest? A child man, an innocent child… what they do to me is one thing, to harm a child… that indicated a jealous ex acting on behalf of a dead pedo, who clearly is malicious to my child. The neighbours, they were happy to join in… let me tell you that story, find a way to contact me in private. I will tell you the whole truth. Something entirely missing from this equation, the truth. I contacted a solicitor for the first time, without the footage they’ll continue exploiting my mental health to hide and prevent the truth.

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    Oh, so you know, his confession recording, from years back, magically disappeared from this house, must be my imagination huh? 🙂 Why enter my property? Why have the police empowered them every step of the way? The council, MPs? What are they hiding, what is the big deal, why would they let something this dangerous escalate? Makes no sense does it? I have enough recordings to prove corruption and corporate abuse. Still no good without that footage is it? I don’t want revenge, I’m not so petty, I don’t want money, it wont touch my hands, I don’t want to harm any institution, politics or use it. I want to protect the British and Mental Health, from being accessed and used, recruited or harmed for malevolent motives. If breaking this will protect them from being harmed or recruited to do harm, weve achieved something. Problem is, like everywhere else, I’m not the right ‘type’ to help am I? And there’s nothing in it for anyone as I’ll not let this be turned into a political witch hunt … to the contrary, just expose the reality of harm, before one of yours is recruited too, this is a two way problem. There is much I can’t tell you here, and you wont find it in my history or online as I never had the luxury to talk see? I knew I was being stalked and accessed. When you hear what they really are, and what they did, you’re going to be shocked and wonder yourself why the authorities are so keen to cover and protect.

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    how do I join?

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