This Will Leave You Speechless! It’s Actually Happening..

This Will Leave You Speechless! It’s Actually Happening..
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    This Will Leave You Speechless! It’s Actually Happening..

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    Alternative villages

    We’re going to create alternative villages all over the world

    Basic rules:

    -Be self-sufficient to all levels
    (Agriculture, lawyers, artists, alternative energies, and more)
    -Civism at the highest level, respect for the like, animals and nature.
    -Avoid materialism to the fullest.
    -Learning in various areas: spirituality, culture, New Horizons.
    -Malicious, conflictual and negative spirituality people DO NOT ENTER.
    -This whole community must follow as a standard the general well-being, where everyone is responsible and will collaborate in the most diverse group work, each with its collaboration for the welfare of alternative villages, farmers, lawyers, artists, etc., Etc…

    * The world is going through many bad times and many people are being victims of a corrupt and negative system all over the planet. Corruption, pedophilia, and crimes against humanity caused by the highest hierarchies and bureaucracies are destroying the civilization of this planet. ALTERNATIVE VILLAGES are an alternative to build a better world, of happiness, peace, equality, harmony and all that is good and positive.

    Join us, share, disseminate in all languages, we will create ALTERNATIVE VILLAGES around the world.

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      Lawyers? What the FUck

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    Hi anonymous team, I want to join your community. I am also operating a group called XZIRA. My group is about game hackers.

  • naer singh
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