Something Is Happening Underground.. (2018-2019)

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Located just south of the 37th parallel we find the small town of Dulce NM. It is an isolated area, haunted by a myriad of strange events which may be connected to a secret military base deep below the desert. Our researchers examine eyewitness accounts from prominent whistleblowers including: Paul Bennewitz who became an unwitting disinfo agent after reporting his strange sightings to the authorities, Paul Schneider who tried to warn us of genetic human tests by aliens who took control of the base and Gabe Valdez, chief of police on the Jicarilla Apache reservation, who investigated cattle mutilations and came across the results of strange genetic experiments.


  1. The first step I believe is to bring down the deep state. The so called elitists
    Put them all in prison for an attempted coup. I believe there is enough evidence to arrest them all. I also would like to see this happen worldwide. We the people. Don’t fear the government’s of the world. The government’s should fear the people of the world.

  2. Mai Realice company mai work krta tha office se ate tym mere accident ho gya or mere pair ki haddi tut gye mere pair ka operation hua but muje heath ka paisa ni mila ………


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