Is The Truth Out There.. Are THEY Hiding It? (2019-2020)

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Interest in the supernatural and the paranormal is increasing. People are learning to not be afraid of coming forward with their reports of UFO sightings, strange abductions, and bizarre animal mutilations. Everyone wants answers to what is really going on, but all we seem to find are more questions. Eyewitnesses insisting their accounts are true, but these extraordinary claims are impossible to fully verify. We cannot help but wonder if the truth is really out there.

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  • IdPnSD
    Posted February 18, 2019 7:23 pm 0Likes

    Yes, UFO-ETs are absolutely real. They are very high level yogis, and it is possible that their UFOs are creations of their own yogic powers. Modern yogis on earth have demonstrated similar yogic powers, including building a palace out of nothing and then making it to vanish, after the task is completed. Take a look at many examples of yogic powers in the free book on soul theory at

    There are real examples of human-UFO-ET hybrids among us. There are also real cases of testing of extracted body implants performed by UFO-ETs on humans. UFO-ETs can float in the air, they can make human abductees to float also. They can pass through the walls, and they can carry humans through the walls also. They can communicate to any human at any place using telepathy. There are modern yogis who can do these same things. See the above book.

    It must be understood that there are no governments anywhere in the world. All governments are controlled by same money power, originating from the same central bank, using their lobbyists who use carrot and stick polices. Professor Quigley said there are three negatives in our education system – one of them is – “never teach the truth”. Also note that money is false, because it is not an object of nature. Since false can never become true, no matter what you do with it, everything that is known to us must be false, because money controls everything.

    However, truth cannot be hidden. UFO-ETs themselves reveal the truths by injecting many examples in our society and on our planets. A high level yogi, like an UFO-ET, cannot do any harm to anybody including us. They are visiting the earth for millions of years, and they helped us in many ways. There are videos on YouTube that say all our modern technology came from the UFO-ETs.

    All the truths are already and permanently recorded in the memory of the universe. If you can become a high level yogi with the power of third eye, you will be able to see all events of the universe that happened in the past, happening now, and will happen in the future. Memory is not in our brain or in our mind, it is in the universe. Thus the truths about UFO-ETs may already be known to some such yogis on our earth. Things do not happen, they are already there, we just pass through them – says a physics textbook.

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