Anonymous – How Did America Not See This Coming… (2018-2019)

Anonymous – How Did America Not See This Coming… (2018-2019)
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  1. You guys need to be in the front. You have the capability. We know “they” are going to utilize technology. They already are. I have faith in what you do and represent. This election in November is IT. “They know this and will do ANYTHING to take America away from us. If America falls, the world will follow. We see what the top of our intelligence agencies has done and continues to do to our President. There are great people who work in these agencies but the top is rotten and corrupt. When you introduce technology into the mix there has to be some safeguard. You people above all know the magnitude of this technology. America needs your help. I am an average American citizen who served his country and loves his country. People are waking up. We need you to have our backs. You see the corruption in all of the media. They have no good argument. They will use anyone and everyone to achieve their goal, including children, whether it be for gun control or immigration. That’s what I have a hard time understanding, these people families, children loved ones. Don’t they realize what they are potentially leaving for their loved ones if this country goes down. We have only been around a little over 200 years. The Egyptians were around for thousands of years. This can all end in a blink of an eye. Our civilization is not mature enough to have the technology we possess.
    This November is the REAL tipping point. It is obvious that THEY never planned on giving up power. This is a democracy. We accepted the 8 years of Obama. Many of us could see what he was doing to this country and the world. We swallowed it, didn’t riot and did not attack people. This president was elected by the people and has been under constant attacked and so have the people who voted for him. Say what you want about this man, but if you’re truly paying attention to what is going on he is doing good things for this country and it’s people regardless skin color, religion, sexual identification etc. He didn’t need this job. We saw the life he had. He gave all of that up to try and save this country. I believe he is doing just that. I believe that in November we are looking at either a great tragedy in the course of human history or a renaissance for America and the world.
    I mentioned that I served my country but I was never in any conflict. I am fortunate but I will fight for my country on it’s own soil. There is no doubt that we’re are in a revolutionary war within our borders. I believe that the men and women who are our leaders that do the “right ” thing and preserve this country will have their names along side Washington and Lincoln. That is how important this election is. You guys know that or you would not have put out this video. I thank you for it on behalf my family.
    It is obvious to me that Anonymous can and will do something for the sake of the world. I know that I do not have to say this but I implore you to be vigilant in observing social media and and all of the treasonous assholes in our United States government before this election. Keep the videos coming. Spread the truth, you are our Paul Revere.

  2. Elected by the people? Lost by two million votes. Doing good things for our people? Cooperates with the president of Russia and disgraces our people. Lies, lies, lies. If Strzok truly wanted to sabotage Trump he could have done so with a single call to the press during the election. I see that you are the ones who need to wake up. I see that ‘anonymous’ has become nothing more than a propaganda machine. I see that what began as a small group dedicated to the dissemination of information for all has become just as corrupt, greedy, and biased as any news media organization. You sell T-shirts now? You produce professional quality videos with great drama but little to no content, simply for the purpose of YouTube monetization? You prey on people’s fears instead of waking them up? You are not anonymous. You have been violated and warped into something incredibly hypocritical. You are imposters. You are fat and greedy. You are lazy. You don’t speak the truth. You are what you purport to hate. Never.

    • Tell me your views on Hilary and Obama. Please educate me. Put your pussy hat on first, so you can be clear and rational in your thoughts.


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