How Can Anyone Ignore This? (2017-2018)

How Can Anyone Ignore This?
Worldwide Events News 2017-2018


  1. Telling indeed. Environment isn’t fragile–too huge, massive–but Man can have some effect albeit almost insignificant compared with the sun’s slightest changes. Don’t forget–dinosaurs roamed a tropical, greenery-hyper-abundant earth long before the first homo sap. BUT with any “Let us fix things!” comes the caution: what if The Other Guys don’t go along but instead race ahead while exploiting any weakness developing on our side. We–the US and the West–are generally the Good Guys. Only the rise of the West kept the world from another Dark Age or worse. Until the West, how many “great conquerors” ruled (by bloody sword) huge areas and masses of people? If the “other side” can be dealt with so it/they adopt some good behavior, then it will be time for the West to look at itself harder. But to weaken it before that happy time….and unlikely time, knowing mankind’s history so far….surely must be dangerous. (By the way–what should be do about North Korea’s little Genghis/Tamerlane? Seriously.)

  2. Dear Anonymous, please listen to me. The average person doesn’t understand that information. It needs to be simplified for people to take notice of what’s happening. But more importantly, the only way to get people out of their trance state is to hypnotise/manipulate them out of it.

    Use the same tools the elite has been using. Simplified phrases repeated over and over again. People notice that, NOT this.

    • Sorry to inform you this but the average person can understand what’s going on. The problem is that it’s already too late, I myself don’t even know who to believe. I’m totally with anonymous but who am I? Honestly the people can’t change and won’t change anytime soon. They will change when it’s too late… when the earth is finally fed up with mankind. It’s like showing someone what happens to our food from the farm, to the factories, to the store into our mouths. Hours later they’ll be having a Whopper from Burger King or A large pizza with wings from Pizza Hut. Change is inevitable at this point. They’ve become to ignorant and busy to care about others and earths well being. Now that I no this I don’t even know if I wanna look up anymore and I myself love being outside having the wind blow in my face as run after a ball and feel free. Change comes from want, these people won’t care.

      • I honestly think simplying things will make it easier for people to change. Tell people without ordering them (not that anonymous orders anyone) exactly what to do, provide the main sources straight to them. Spoonfeed people. I’m not making people out to be dumb, it’s human psychology. People can only change little by little, they can’t deal with a wall of information (as it appears to them).

        Read the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

  3. Blatant …. totally open chemtrails now. You need to have gone through the Awakening process, or part of it, to accept and understand the consequences and dark energies behind it. I have only just discovered Anonymous……could this group be the light in the dark?

    • Bravo. Some sense in the Comment section!
      Speaking of education–Jack Barsky, pretty solid dude, now US loyal tho once a KBG guy, complains/states/warns that we are ignorant of history bigtime, a great weakness. Yah! It shows more easily to a guy from another/other cultures.


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