Everyone Must See This Before it is Deleted..

Everyone Must See This Before it is Deleted 2019 CURRENT EVENTS WORLD EARTH


  • Anonymous
    Posted May 3, 2019 6:49 pm 0Likes

    Everyone Must See This Before it is Deleted..

    • Sandra
      Posted July 8, 2019 5:49 am 0Likes

      Not sure if you know this but someone used Q and Anonymous to threaten Trump. I think its serious. It looked official. I tweeted that neither Q nor Anonymous condone acts of violence against the President. Jeb Bush sent a threatening tweet to Trump also. Supposedly these 2 incidents prevented JFKJR’s reveal. Also seems strange that Epstein has been arrested and the Clinton’s are visiting Barretstown in Ireland. Smells like they are baiting us to make moves that will bring us down!!!

  • Darious
    Posted May 4, 2019 3:28 pm 0Likes

    I need help a person has somehow chipped my brain or is readingy mind with a device

  • Shirland cardinal
    Posted May 5, 2019 5:43 am 0Likes

    Anonamous and Assange are both just working for Trump. Your get plenty of shit to put out there for some but for some reason Trump is unhackable to you guys, if you can’t put out the truth for both side you’re not reporters of the truth. Just a bunch of hacks trying to sleep your own slant on things and hoping if you get caught Trump will pardon you all. Get real, where’s the dirt on Trump, we all know there’s plenty out there but you never produce that. If you can’t play fair to both sides, get out of the game, real lives are being affected by this so called president but you remain on the Hillary train. Totally lose your credibility.

  • Anoncrypt
    Posted May 5, 2019 7:26 pm 0Likes

    Hey guys.can you please hack srilanka and unlock social media block? Please help.any help appreciated.

  • Sai
    Posted May 15, 2019 2:12 pm 0Likes

    I want to help my people

  • Mian Saif
    Posted May 22, 2019 12:27 pm 0Likes

    anonymous just help the poor peopels and we just want to become over the world anonymous

  • Anonymous
    Posted May 23, 2019 2:42 pm 0Likes

    Türkiye’de bir çok sorun var.
    Hırsız bir başkan ve diğer yandan devrimci örgütlerin terörist örgütü olarak gösterilmesi insana koyuyor. Devrimci örgütlerin içine ajanların girdiğini ve yaptığı kötülükleri gün yüzüne
    Göstermenin tam zamanı olduğunu düşünüyorum.
    Türkiye’ye yeni liderler geldi.
    Lider Maalesef komist değil ama zamanla değişeceğini umut ediyorum. Sizi bekliyorum

  • Anonymous
    Posted May 24, 2019 11:47 pm 0Likes

    Please remove inactivity towards my email. I wrote so many emails. Arabic. There is no response to anything. I will not be a victim in any armed forces killing citizens due to a Green Beret being killed. Please open up my email. Stranded.

  • Hacker_indonesia
    Posted May 25, 2019 2:20 pm 0Likes

    allow me to join an anonymous group…please contact me : email : [email protected]

  • Anonymous
    Posted May 27, 2019 7:50 pm 0Likes

    Abi Türkiye’de işe DHKPC
    başındaki adamın Erdoğana ait oldunu kanıtlasanız yeterli olucak devrimci örgütün terör örgütü olarak gösterip yeni lidere terör örgütü ile bağlantılı göstermeye çalışıyor eğer dikkate alırsanız Türkiye’de işlerin daha kolay çözülenecek oldunu söylemek isterim yardım edebileceğim birşey olursa lütfen bana mesaj atın.

  • Antoine Anona’mouse
    Posted June 2, 2019 11:29 pm 0Likes

    I am a street artist who lives in Frederick, Maryland. If you want, you can contact me through email and I would love to help you with anything you want me to paint. I would even go to jail for my art.

    Antwon Anona’mouse

  • Anonymous
    Posted June 8, 2019 4:55 am 0Likes

    Tibetan Identity Theft Sky-High After Earthquakes–Duplicitous claims of uberly “legitimized” businesses through European sources–Complaints online to burn refugee colony down-

    Posted June 9, 2019 6:29 am 0Likes

    Plz Can I join In u r group!!!

  • Busybrain
    Posted June 25, 2019 12:05 am 0Likes

    We have been casted out from our birthright and freedom by our government and leaders, but I will rather die on my feet, rather than to be on my knees begging to live .

  • Sid rajat
    Posted June 26, 2019 9:44 am 0Likes

    trump hahaaha
    Satta King

  • fuck
    Posted July 14, 2019 10:40 pm 0Likes


  • Octane
    Posted July 22, 2019 8:30 am 0Likes

    DM me On WhatsApp If You Can 🙂

  • Anonymous
    Posted July 24, 2019 2:19 am 0Likes

    No wonder you are irrelevant now

  • James
    Posted July 25, 2019 3:52 am 0Likes

    One aspect of the New Green Deal that no one seems to comprehend is the genocide it will usher in. No more chemical factories means no more chemo therapy, no more antibiotics, no more aspirin. Everyone over 75 will be dead in a year and 100 children will die every month. The New Green Deal is not a policy of the Democratic Left, but the Globalist Agenda of the so-called “Panel of Four” Socialist Freshmen Representatives. These ladies are Globalists first. The first concern of all Globalists is population control. AOC and the rest seek to inspire vapid young Liberals with a smiling genocide that seeks to first reduce humanity’s physical number in order to better govern us.

  • Ali Sher
    Posted July 28, 2019 5:20 am 0Likes

    Dear Anonymous
    Would you and your group be against Donald J. Trump?
    I just need to know, that’s all

  • Anonymous
    Posted July 30, 2019 3:06 am 0Likes

    For inquiries and to start the resistance shoot us a email
    #[email protected]

  • Anonymous
    Posted July 30, 2019 3:09 am 0Likes

    We are against the white power so called by Trump.
    We believe in equality and freedom.
    We will fight till our success.

  • One Friend
    Posted August 20, 2019 12:24 pm 0Likes

    * Help Us Anonymous, please.

    Alternative villages

    We’re going to create alternative villages all over the world

    Basic rules:

    -Be self-sufficient to all levels
    (Agriculture, lawyers, artists, alternative energies, and more)
    -Civism at the highest level, respect for the like, animals and nature.
    -Avoid materialism to the fullest.
    -Learning in various areas: spirituality, culture, New Horizons.
    -Malicious, conflictual and negative spirituality people DO NOT ENTER.
    -This whole community must follow as a standard the general well-being, where everyone is responsible and will collaborate in the most diverse group work, each with its collaboration for the welfare of alternative villages, farmers, lawyers, artists, etc., Etc…

    * The world is going through many bad times and many people are being victims of a corrupt and negative system all over the planet. Corruption, pedophilia, and crimes against humanity caused by the highest hierarchies and bureaucracies are destroying the civilization of this planet. ALTERNATIVE VILLAGES are an alternative to build a better world, of happiness, peace, equality, harmony and all that is good and positive.

    Join us, share, disseminate in all languages, we will create ALTERNATIVE VILLAGES around the world.

  • Ali Sher
    Posted August 30, 2019 7:39 am 0Likes

    If only we have evidence and/or proof against Donald Trump before he ruins the whole world.

  • Audrey Quinn
    Posted September 16, 2019 6:24 am 0Likes

    There’s so much more that can be posted, I know it.
    Where’s the deep gov. Conspiracy shit? False flag operations, conspiracy to dumb the population down for total domination ? I know it’s happening. Prove it!

  • Anonymous
    Posted September 16, 2019 11:24 pm 0Likes

    If you are looking for a hacker then ghost can help you:
    He is a black hat and member of legion crew [email protected]

  • Milly
    Posted September 17, 2019 1:11 am 0Likes

    We will never give up! we have shut down more surface Web child abuse sites than F. B. I. Or interpol.

    N.S.A, CIA, N.R.L. All hacked by us.
    (Anonymisty) ⛔⚠️⚖️🛡️🔐

  • gh
    Posted October 28, 2019 10:08 am 0Likes
  • anonymous
    Posted November 1, 2019 10:55 pm 0Likes

    Enter ase little i would like to join a group i have little knowledge but if anyone is interested in helping me to grow my ignorance will devere much my email is
    [email protected]

    • Aniket
      Posted November 8, 2019 6:40 am 0Likes

      Please help me brother some froud with mee😣

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