Anonymous – What is Happening to Our World… (2018-2019)


  1. Need a strong rebel leader, im your person, you hack tech i hack people… give me 100,000 people and i will take the country.

  2. i know whats wrong with the world and im always stuck in the middle of it and its driving me nuts i beleave that u guys really doing something and i wanna help but im not sure how please contact me at [email protected] thank u

  3. Helo sory engelis is so much bad l want l ask you something about me l relay love and like you anonymous you are dreams l want like you working for world pelas help me givve me pelas anonymous card help me send me mesenger l give my email pelas send me mesenger pelas l love you so much you are my derams you make me like you l ready for thiks l belive this l want you to belive me l love anonymosu pelas me to make hero like you


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