Anonymous – We Told You Something is Coming and Now It’s Here… (2017-2018)

Anonymous – We Told You Something is Coming and Now It’s Here… (2017-2018)


    • Gave up social media as a new year resolution. Cutting back on internet use. Strictly for research and weather. Taking a huge step back to a time I was here for. When people actually had cellular uninterrupted conversations. Where reality was something you can touch, smell, taste, not the virtual world everyone seems to have moved to.

  1. Using email is one of my favorite ways of breaking into an organization!

    Usually, I will send out 10 emails to different employees. Out of those 10 people, 5 will click the link that I included. Of the 5 people, two or three will tell me their real work username and password. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

    Why are they so interested? Why would they give me their passwords? The email that I send does not look like a scam from a rich prince in an African nation. Instead, it looks like a professional email from a company conducting a survey on behalf of the employee’s organization.

    Who wouldn’t be interested in filling out a survey about Salary Satisfaction?

    Once they click on the link, they are taken to a login page. It is then than an average of 25% of the people emailed submit their passwords.

    This is where the fun begins!

    If the company is using Microsoft Exchange (email server), I can use their credentials to synchronize a copy of their email onto my computer.

    Once it is synchronized, I can create a client-side rule that runs a program every time a certain email is received.

    This rule will synchronize over Exchange across all the computers that use that persons account.

    Once they receive the special email, my program runs on the victim’s computer.

    Another option in which i can use to Hack a computer through email is to send a user a malicious Word document. However, that usually requires building up a context where it would make sense for that attachment to be opened.

    Recently, I received a very interesting attachment. It was an obvious attempt to break into my computer using a malicious Word document.

    It came at a time where I was needing a more effective payload to send to my potential victims.

    I was so grateful to the hacker for introducing me to a new technique that I replied with a thank you note.

    The Word document contained an embedded object that appeared to be a another document. But in reality, it was a VB Script that would launch a malicious payload. Fascinating!

    FOR URGENT PROFESSIONAL HACKING ADVICE & HACKING SERVICES, you can reach out to me via [email protected]
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  2. People keep asking “can we?”. They don’t ask “should we?”. Human nature will come into play on a level too high for anyone to comprehend. The more we advance in technical fields, the less caution is taken into account with regards to whether it can be manipulated or not. Any decent hacker can come up with a device that allows them to hack into these chips embedded into people. Will just need to walk around the block, and there you have it, all those whom you have passed are now broke and their funds in that hackers account. I’ll exclude identity theft because people will just shoot me down for that. The term ” you watch too many movies” is a joke. Movies come from imagination, and more often than Not, these movies come to light in different form. AI will destroy humans, or use us as a resource due to our capabilities. Look at what humans do to animals. Why? Because we can

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