13 Comments on Anonymous – We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before! (2017-2018)

    • Not only can he not deny global warming, but he is adding to it with the pipelines he has authorized. This is horrible. Mother Earth cannot heal with all of the destruction going on. These pipelines do not bring jobs, they give us dirty oil and coal which is not solving our energy crisis. We need affordable, clean renewable energy sources that don’t destroy the atmosphere or the planet.

  1. The fires are only partially real. It is Nibiru and it’s solar system causing the fire red and orange color mostly. I screen shot the beginning and Nibiru is present. For real, I’ve been following for awhile. I have seen it with my own eyes. I’m Trying To Post My Videos On YouTube Buy THEY Won’t Let them. How can I get pics to you

  2. what should happen, will happen..eventually..will people learn from that? no..their brain is not prepared for that..it is so sad, heartbreaking..video and reading above

  3. I’m so glad I joined Anonymous as a hacker but after awhile became a freedom fighter to help keep the world save and show that we are doing all this for a great cause.

  4. I have the utmost respect for this group I would like to ask anonymous if there is anything they can do about stopping tiji and the dolphin massicure that is going on thank you

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