Anonymous – Watch This and Know Something is Coming… (2017-2018 EVENTS)

Anonymous – Watch This and Know Something is Coming… (2017-2018 EVENTS)


  1. I wish i could just get a written story on these videos as i enjoy reading more then watching…continue your great work though…also has anyone else read the story on apple just willy nilly handing out data to the “agencies” if asked?

  2. oh please, everything you guys stand for is nonsense.
    i have heard of all these bs revenge stories by anonymous
    doing this and that people…what the hell can you bit…s
    do to me? You know what here is my contact info. do what you
    please amateurs!!!

    Ronald Berry
    General Manager
    Quality Inn Mammoth Lakes
    Choice Hotels/Fine Hospitality Group
    3537 Main Street
    Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
    (760) 934-5114
    [email protected]

  3. Anon, you are my people, the people, the future of change, the future of righteousness. I can only imagine a future of total cooperation of humans as a single race, but I hope to be one of the steps in that direction.

  4. Keep up the gd work and thank you for useing your talents to help people not just personal gain truth is a human right not just wot the rich few decide wot we need to know

  5. i need all my dui records wiped off the face of this planet.please help. my name is dennis eugene leedy ,my social is 189503975,i live in jonestown pennsylvania most of my life and im just a good ol boy never meant any harm to no one,never harmed no one can u please please help me? thank you for the time to read this if you even do read these.thank you killin myself this go round if you cant help.ty

  6. My girl and her pimp are trying to incriminate me by posting all there porn videos they make and his past pictures of his escorts on my gmail account . So if I will get in trouble and she can take my kids. When she escorts she takes my kids with her I just found out . Please help. Her name is Christina Godines.. She was married to Christopher J. Garcia .

    • From what I know about you J.D. from (th) you have not 1 but 3 baby mother’s. You are behind on child support payments for 2 of those baby mother’s. I also heard you like to beat on females even when they are pregnant. Your a deadbeat.


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