Greetings Citizens of the World, we are Anonymous.

It is possible that in the next few years, all citizens of America will eventually be tagged with microchips. These chips will be implanted to help identify individuals immediately. The technology will also be used to answer one question, namely “am I who I say I am”.

RFID chips are small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip is able to store data, while the antenna allows the sending and receiving of information. When such an object is implanted into your body, and particularly your brain, it is unlikely to come with an easily-accessible “off” switch. Other electronics could be attached to the chip, without your knowledge. These could include GPS emitters, or perhaps even neuro-toxin emitters.

Being implanted with brain chips is unlikely to endow you with all the knowledge of the universe, or martial arts prowess in a split-second, however. Instead, it will serve as the ultimate form of surveillance and subjugation. Considering what the US government has done thus far, with regards to NSA spying, we do not believe that this technology is only about “convenience”. It will be marketed as such, at least until everyone has one.

There is a Wisconsin company called Three Square Market, which is offering to implant their employees with a RFID microchip the size of a grain of rice. The chip functions as an NFC-powered multi-purpose key/credit card identification tool that the company sees as the future. This company sells micro market technology running over 2000 kiosks in break rooms and other locations worldwide. The chips that at least 50 company employees had received on August 1st will allow them to make purchases at their company’s own break room market, so it sure seems to be an alpha test of a potential product offering as much as it is an unusual perk.

Employees will also be able to use the chip, implanted between the thumb and index finger, to open doors, use copy machines, log into computers, share business cards and store health information.

Although this company’s chip program is voluntary and directely related to its product offerings, this could lead on other companies to do the same thing until eventually we’re all forced to get these chips implanted into our bodies.

Belgian marketing firm New Fusion is also offering this technology, by giving their employees the chance to replace their existing ID cards with RFID chips implanted under their skin. The chip contains personal information and provides access to the company’s IT systems and headquarters.

The microchips used at NewFusion cost around 100 euros and are inserted between the thumb and index finger, very similar to the ones made by Three Square Market.

Even back in 2015, a Swedish company implanted microchips in its staff which allowed them to use the photocopier, open security doors and even pay for their lunch. This has been going on for years now.

It is believed there are now 10000 people across the world using microchip technology inside their bodies and this number could drastically increase.

A lot of people might see this as a harmless piece of technology, but it could easily turn into something more sinister.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – WARNING about RFID Microchips… (2017-2018)


  1. Of course it will be sinister, it come to this: if do not have the chip you can not buy or sell. People should read Revelation before they naively accept any chip in their bodies.

    • My cousins, oncles and aunts want to destroy me, my parents and siblings.

      They will destroy me when I will be around 35 years old, then will ruin financially my parents, and then will ruin or destroy my siblings.

      I have written dozens of policemen, organizations, lawyers, no one answers. This is fuckin mafia.

  2. What’s the point in warning us about the inevitable when you caused it all to begin with. My daughters telematics, were you hoping to harm her or warn me. I cannot believe your behaviour while you sit here all prophetic and hoping for respect. Utter codswallop. I don’t forget people hounding innocent children and easy targets for no reason. Or hiding behind that immoral excuse for a bitch you used to access my wireless and harm me, hoping to drive me over the edge and put an innocent Muslim in the way of harm. I will be alone soon, give it a few week, you can hound my life out. LEAVE INNOCENTS ALONE… I’m innocent too by the way but after months of stalking and hacking you got nothing, I bet that pissed you off, not finding any dirt on me. That’s because I was a decent law abiding member of the public, see what your loose cannons create… justified anger. Unless you think you are the only ones that have righteous anger or judgements. I didn’t hound you, you hounded and attempted to harm me over long periods. I only did the paper and wow, so there was little scope.. didn’t stop you firing up my screen even though I have nothing on my phone and no cams, you still violated me in bed naked and a child, then tried to use old unrelated emails to harm me. You are a disgrace to Islam, they do not hound innocent people to feed their unfounded hatred. You are extremists and terrorists, acting vigilante when you’re just as bad, violating, acting like self appointed Gods.

    • This is not what they caused anonymous is helping the public by releasing this information, so u can shut ya ass up and never talk again. And no one cares if ur Muslim or not, there not gonna go “omg it’s a Muslim, they’re gonna blow something up” NO!! Thy don’t do that because they want to help the public not hurt them and they didn’t cause this, the people who murder, and steal, and lie caused all this. We’ve all done one of those things a couple times right? So they didn’t cause this! The public did!

  3. Groundless fear. Painkiller injection, medical insertion devices. Pain. Infection in some percentage is assured. Cost. Nope, will not happen in large populations.

  4. Почему вы ничего не делаете, когда в Бирме убивают сотни тысяч мусульман?

  5. Me parece una violación de los derechos y libertades humanos.
    A ninguna persona se le debería violar el derecho absu intimidad y me parece que quieren hacer esto solo para envolsarse millones con este producto.


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