You, you the people have the power. Then in the name of democracy let us use that power – let us all unite.

Anonymous – UNITE


  • Anonymous – UNITE
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    Anonymous – UNITE

    • APLF
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      Please watch Portuguese News: 2 sons of Iraqui Embassador in Portugal place a 15 yrs old Portuguese boy almost death, left him at the street. He was found by garbagemen, and driven to hospital by helicopter. Saad Mohammed Ridha already said that his boys reacted to physical injuries (that are not visible in tv show they gave today) and verbal injuries to their religion. As citizen of the world i would like to know what happened because they can claim political imunity, and before that they can run away from Portugal. I dont know anything about this case, and dont know who is guilty, i just know that everyone talk about it and the truth is not being told. Meanwhile a 15 yrs old kid is trying to stay alive at the hospital and the other kids are giving conferences in tv telling everyone they are all vitims of the circumstances….

    • Mr. Nightmare
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    • Jean Bergman
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      I’m nearly begging someone to help me. I believe I’m being censored (not necessarily blocked/muted/suspended…with ANY real notification) on my Twitter page @MaidNotForYou.
      There are reasons for this. I need to forewarn anyone that a lot of my tweets are going to be offensive. I think this started back when I created @JonHammsSlimJim a couple of years ago. I was actually constantly suspended, before Jack Dorsey and Co. apparently gave up and allowed me to keep that page.

      But by now, after I’ve been calling out Amy Schumer over some issues with my book, I feel as if I’m being ghosted no matter who I tweet to. Please understand I don’t expect anyone to agree with my ‘agenda’ or take my side or what have you over any celeb. I’m merely asking for help in that I firmly believe Twitter, YT, Disqus are censoring me all over the place as of late.

      That is, even if I tweet folks over different matters. I don’t receive any kind of response … and as of late, Disqus is spamming the ==== out of my posts on different sites, even if the sentiments are mundane and nothing to do with a particular celeb.

      This may be typical for many users, and maybe I’m simply being naive here, but I’ve gone hell and back and tweeted over my issues with Amy Schumer and her hackery over my book … and hardly anyone has ever responded lately … even to disagree with me, harangue me, or ANYTHING. Can someone advise or possibly find out what’s going on? Am I wrong about this?

      As well, as of late, I’m being inundated with a bunch of spam and porn to my phone … not sure if this is connected. But my thing is simply this: if I’m going to be censored, why not just “block” or “suspend” me instead? At least notify me that NO ONE IS READING my tweets … or that they’re not even going anywhere. But I guess that’s what effective ghosting is for. Thanks for reading. Please SOS.

      • Yvette laFrance
        Posted September 18, 2016 1:23 pm 0Likes

        I understand what you are saying. I am experiencing the same thing on Facebook. My posts are isolated on my page or deleted; its happening to others as well. I can only get through by posting directly to someone else and asking for sharing. Posts sent to me are blocked and deleted as I try to share.

        • gonzo
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          I have recently been on a three day ban on Craigslist’
          Forums. For posting about 9/11 in the History Forum.
          this is not the first time. They tell me there is no
          Freedom of speech on Craigslist. There is a “Conspiracy theories” forum. I maintain the official story is the conspiracy. I get a lot of flak for that opinion. Come visit;
          the Forums.
          TIA. gonzo

          • Yvette laFrance
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            Thanks, I’ll check it out. I don’t really do conspiracy theories much but I like to hear them. Some are pretty creative and thoughtful. Some I can find basis for and some I can’t. I am searching for information about the land grab that was in the news a couple of years ago. everything gets pushed under the rug and we stop wondering about it while it marches forward; like this and not a conspiracy theory even thought it might have been thought of as one a couple of years ago. I heard it mentioned on CSPAN House of Representatives hearings yesterday; and am looking for information on it. Apparently there is a bill to attempt to halt it. Its hard to find information on it. So what about the donations, I am looking to raise.

        • FireStarter
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          I had the same thing happen to me on facebook so I deactivated my account. I felt as though I was being silenced and my posts were not seen at all, so I figured with such blatant censoring what is the point.

        • Nick Linnear
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          Same here…

    • Stephen Sakellarios
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      I want to call attention, briefly, to an issue which Anonymous may not even take seriously–the systematic suppression of good evidence for paranormal phenomena, in favor of maintaining the predominance of philosophical Materialism as a world view. This is one leg of the stool holding up the corrupt Order; but it is not being addressed. There is not only a deeply ingrained cultural resistance, but now, I believe, there is an organized disinformation campaign. Author Chris Carter has done some investigative work:
      No-one has any idea how large a part this massive scam plays in supporting and maintaining the corrupt world order. It goes to root values, to meaningless, to the ease with which the masses can be fooled via advertising, and to the “votes” that millions of people make with their dollars to keep mega-corporations in business.

    • Bryan Norman
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      Can you help in some way to protest the destruction of culturally and spiritually significant sites in North Dakota? They need you!

      • Yvette laFrance
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        Where are you? I would like to collaborate with others to get food and winter gear into Standing Rock. Keep protesting. Unite your voice with others but more is needed than posts on social media and protests. I am founder of the Blue River Band. We are working to stock the soup kitchen at Sacred Stone Camp. We need what it takes to survive the winter. This problem is going to move around as the pipeline is laid. We need relief agencies that can offer help to the Protectors. I need your help. In your area, can you pull together donations of nonperishable food, winter gear, water, etc? We can organize pickup points and get supplies in to the camps. I have a little access to transportation and can help facilitate pickup and transport. We have to band together on this no matter what your cheek color is. This is about us as a people.

    • Michael
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      You have opened my eyes to so many things. Your message is firm but not directly aggressive. What the government officials that constantly undermine and underestimate us as a whole are unwilling to acknowledge is the very real fact that we have reached a point now I believe at least socioeconomically with the help of social media and electronic communications, and many non-violent people who have children, like me, people who work to feed the debt machine to feed aforementioned family’s in most cases barely making enough to just hang on unconsciously powering the most intricate act of deception we call an economy like me, is that even the small matter, money matters not, hate matter not,race matters not for the end game in their eyes is complete control over the “masses” by any means necessary albeit murder, death threats, jail, deception through politics and mass perversion of the media. These individuals exist seemingly on another level of thinking as we do, however their image of a perfect utopia is one built on a foundation of blood, oil, and greed , I am by no means a violent person nor am I like every soul accountable for the anonymous movement am by no means attempting to issue a call to arms of any kind to any public official or public servant example police, firefighters , lawyers etc. Instead I am offering you a choice as they have for me, for every voice shall reign free and even one voice can shatter a nation. And that voice is ours, the people, the more than 90% of individuals that make up this country that I have grown to love yet hold in contempt for turning away from the soul of our founding beliefs and values, that any man has the right to the pursuit of love, liberty and happiness , our nation has slowly turned into a perversion of the human spirit for behind closed doors, our government (sometimes in collaboration with other world governments) are solely responsible for some of the most horrific violations of human rights and are guilty of attacking even our own country just to gain approval for war, which is just a modern way of saying “oil dollar acquisition operations” which helps literally and figuratively fuel the war they wage every day on us and on thousands of innocent people around the world. Our voice has cried out for far too long just to fall vacantly upon deaf ears, while our goverment cries out “democracy” others cry out in pain as entire family’s are slaughtered like cattle, these acts are indeed horrific but are solely targeted at our human spirit, the one aspect of humanity that time and time again has proven to be maybe the only reason our civilization has survived to this point, but they will fail. They will bomb, torture, maim, mock, and demonize anyone who does not follow their image as history has proven time and time again also. We must accept the horrible truths that have been laid out before us and decide if we as a race capable of far more than they want us to believe are going to sit idly by while plans are set in motion to eradicate or imprison anyone who opposes the image of the future new world order as it has been often referred to as. If history has taught us anything especially with how our government has tainted the taught curriculum to our youth into believing that America stands for what is right in the world it’s that when the oppressed masses cry out just to be met with silence, then, over time the notion for non-violent action will fade away and the need for more direct action is required . this just like any other tactic to demoralize us is no different,and once again,they will be met with failure for taking the many steps that they have taken in this direction will only straighten our resolve and fortify our notion for freedom, freedom that all beings made under God are entitled to, freedom that even though will be tested and even stepped on will survive. For I believe in the strength of my fellow man and I believe in our strength as a nation of men and women who if just given the truth can then make the decision for themselves, the choice is yours entirley, but I will also say that at every moment in the history of america, when they come across anyone or anything that does not agree silently and completely to every whim and action they desire, they are met with horrific violence that is falsely shrouded and hidden behind the word “democracy”. ideals are peaceful my brothers and sisters, but history is violent and written by the winners as it has been shown to us. So I say to you who are reading this, what will you stand for when the time comes? Do you believe the government has been truthful and me and Every consciously awake person who are all finally around the world opening they’re eyes and seeing the powers that be for what they really are all wrong or were all “crazy”? If so then that is your opinion and that means they have won you over as a mindless slave , sadly this will not be uncommon as the measures the government has put into place to misinform and hide in the shadows is almost sickening, for this has been happening for decades, if you truly believe the world powers value you as a contributing individual moving towards the bettering of mandkind and that we are the ones guilty of treason, just remember, these are the people who put people like stalin, Saddam hussein and many other ruthless dictators in power to destabilize entire country’s so we can then have a reason to “intervene” these people have no traces of what we call emotions or even a soul, and if they do have a soul, it embodies the spirit of pure evil, they will kill in masses anyone who does not conform to the modern day lie which is “democracy” even killing our own people as they have admittedly done in the past, all for the sole purpose of enforcing freedom and democracy across the world and gaining the support and means to spread they’re disease across the globe, perverting what were once two strong and long standing values that made this country great into a mask for sinister acts of cruelty and genocide for the gain of oil and securing profits for our cloak and dagger regime. Wake up america, all you need to do is open your eyes and see for yourself all of these things we are mentioning and maybe you as I have will start to put the most elaborate and sickening puzzle built on pain and the suffering of our fellow man together and see that the devil has many names and many faces, the individuals that are in these position of immense power are not human at all, they are abominations against everything we as a species stand for, complete contradictions to every survival instinct that we have as they seem unflinchingly motivated to bring death and suffering to any and all that they do not deem as an asset, this means YOU!!! So I will part by saying that this choice is up to you my brothers and sisters and that the time is rapidly approaching to make a choice, one that will determine the future of our country and indeed our species, I am proud to say that I now consider myself consciously anonymous, I am legion, I will not forgive, and I will not forget.

      • japov
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        imagine the message we could send to our oppressors if the many world wide simply decided to take a day off……..

      • Ian
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        Well said Micheal !!! it’s time everyone who has the guts, to stand and be counted.

    • Janet Ponce
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      Please find and publish financial records on Trump before the election. I already have watched all you have on HRC but we know nothing about Trump as far as his holdings in America and throughout the world. Please post this information.

      • Yvette laFrance
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        I will look around. A lot of stuff you find on the internet is corrupt even on the corrupt. So its hard to tell what is real and what is not sometimes. I was wondering about something I did hear recently and wonder if you heard it as well; regarding a sexual assault committed by Trump on a 13 year old girl. I don’t know if its true or false.

        • Joe
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          Search keywords “Epstein’s island, Trump”

          • Nettie
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            Lot of smarts in that pogsnit!

    • Lou Roman
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      We the people of CT are in need of your help. We are call the Pro Se Group of 692 families who are all in foreclosure by law firms who work with crooked judges to deprive us of our rights while stealing our homes. They use a process that has the appearance of being legal(color of law) but in fact is a kangaroo court. Please help us!!!

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        Your not the boss of me

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          Dickhead! We should stop this shit, stupid troll!

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    مساء الخير انا بحبكم كتير بس اطلب منكم شغله واحده النوم تخرج موقع ويكيليكس انت عقل الكون انا بدي شوف تونس مباشره مع جو معلوف في لبنان الكلمه لعبه تكن ياها بدي قولو لكل العالم انتو ابطال اذا فيكم اخر او كمان وسعيد الليدي جاجا وش فيكم كمان تحكم لانني انا بحبكم كتير انا لبناني بحبك كتير مسيحي قول لكل الاناناس بحبك انا كتير الكون الطلعه على التنزيه لانو انا كتير بحبكم اي لافيو امان امان انت انا بدا لك متيمه فيكون تطلع بث مباشر نهار الاحد من اذاعه الجامعه الرجل طز فيكم البث المباشر على كل الاذاعات في لبنان والعالم لانو انا بدي شوف كونتير وعلى فيس بوك anime احب شوفت صور اذا فيكون اطلعو CNN New York and Detroit plays on animus end النوم بدي شوفك قايز بدل كم كلمه انتو الابطال وانا حلمي شوفك بسام تين لانو انا من لبنان مع قله الشغل اذا في الكون بقدونس لعنكم باسرع وقت لانو انا عندي بامريكا عمتي اسماء تريز غليص هيه التله الدين الهندي اذا فيكون تسرق الفيسبوك تابعوا تريز حلايب هيه عايشه ديترويت مشكن staining هاي شكر الله حريص فهمني ضحكو علينا لاننا جانوفيا غدونا على امريكا اذا فيك وتحدوني لالي لانو انا حابب اتكلم اللغه الانجليزيه انا لا احب اتكلم اللغه العربيه اذا فيكون ياهو اصدقائي في الولايات المتحده الامريكيه سيكون في غضون يلعنكم لانني انا عرفت اللغه العربيه لا احب اللغه العربيه في حياتي احب اللغه الانجليزيه اللغه الفرنسيه اللغه الالمانيه فانا احب تاثير الدوله الامريكانيه الدوله الفرنساويه انا احبك كتير الدوله اللبنانيه بس بدي روح في الولايات المتحده الامريكيه لم لا ينشغل في لبنان طريقه المدرسه في عمر 13 سنه لم اعرف اقرا واكتب في لبنان ودعم بيكون لما لا اشكلون اذا فيكون تجدون العنق من الولايات المتحده الامريكيه في اسرع وقت لانو انا بحاجه اليكم وهلا عمري 20 سنه لا الولايات المتحده الامريكيه لانني لا ارجع الى الكف لبنان في حياتي ابكي كليه المتحده الامريكيه لانهم احسن دوله لا افهم في يوم لاجل عيون لاننا بلبنان ما في الشغل انا اليه 5 سنين دور على شغل بلبنان يقولولي مافيه شغل الكون انت اللبنانيين اذا فيك وتحدوني باسرع وقت على الواتس متحده الامريكانيه اعلى تلفونيا او على لوس انجلوس او على تكسب الاصدقاء وتؤثر وايت واشنطن ما يعني اكل الرضع انا الاخيره خدوني انتو على ولد من تحد الامريكانيه لانني مليكه حياتي انا ما بكون مش بلبنان انا حب كتير الدوله الامريكانيه اسكان عمر السنه كانت احلام لازم اروح على امريكا وزورا انا احب الدوله الامركنيه سوسان الرئيس الامريكي باراك اوباما and الرئيس الجديد في الولايات المتحده الامريكيه 1 كثيرا هل الرجل نت ام اند الانترنت عند كتير الولايات المتحده الامريكيه تستخدم انا هبعتلك من الرساله باسرع وقت الماس خلدون يلعنكم على الواتس متحده الامريكيه فان لبنان ومسيحيه احبك كل الدول الامريكيه لم يعلم لا شرف في لبنان تخرج بدون اون لاين وانا بحبك كتير

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  • Daryn Lanpher
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    We stand and fight as one, or fall and die alone. What shall it be! UNITE!

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    We will stand on a ever growing number, please rest easy, because we’re everywhere.

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    nice fbi honeypot

  • Neil McFarland
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    I have concerns about the situation in North Dakota. Some of the protesters are friends- they are being intimidated. I know you guys have a lot on your plate…this is in our backyard and sets a very bad modern precedent on how people are to be treated for trying to live healthy lives. Please help if you are thusly motivated.

    • Yvette laFrance
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      Where are you? I would like to collaborate with others to get food and winter gear into Standing Rock. Keep protesting. Unite your voice with others but more is needed than posts on social media and protests. I am founder of the Blue River Band. We are working to stock the soup kitchen at Sacred Stone Camp. We need what it takes to survive the winter. This problem is going to move around as the pipeline is laid. We need relief agencies that can offer help to the Protectors. I need your help. In your area, can you pull together donations of nonperishable food, winter gear, water, etc? We can organize pickup points and get supplies in to the camps. I have a little access to transportation and can help facilitate pickup and transport. We have to band together on this no matter what your cheek color is. This is about us as a people.

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  • N Dixit
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    I beg for your help to save my M. For saving my W.

  • Ylem
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    We all need to unite against the global elites in gov’t, media and corporations who work against our unity.

  • Thomas A Marinelli
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    Unity is conformity. Are we to conform to a fictional collective? And who is it who defines this collective? Humans are unique individual beings. To conform to a fictional collective requires widespread aggression and coercion of individual human beings. Thus this “unity” can only be realized by aggression and evil. Humans have a natural right to any action which is not an act of aggression upon another. “Unity” requires some to coerce others. “Unity” is as evil as is any arbitrary dictate imposed upon all. Individual freedom limited only by the non-aggression principle is the only way to arrive at a real form of a moral society. We don’t need imposed “unity”, we simply need the most basic morality, the non-aggression principle. Live and let live.

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    So to respond to unity is only realized by aggression, IDK how you interpret it to that. Realizing that we can unify around good or evil it does not equal aggression. A people turn to make unity peaceful or aggressive. So do Govts. Anonymous is a movement, trust me they are real people with real morals but
    not PC. Sometimes that NON-PC doesn’t read or sound Nice. They expose truths and light on a vast array of issue that affect our way of life. Do you ever hear of them hacking & taking funds, I havent. It is hard to grasp and believe in something so covered yes..however, that is the very basis of anonymity. AA (12 step program) successfully operates as their core mission is the spirit of anonymity to their spiritual foundtion. You dont leave an AA meeting and see another on the street & mention those meetings. AA works, so does anonymous. There r always Naysayers. I agree w you on basic morialty.
    But noone is imposing anything on anyone. Anons are nice to me, very respectful and they listen. I am trying to start a blog on Medium to kind of change hearts and minds because I too, had to kind of have a change on my impression. In 2014 it just got delivered via my 55 inch flatscreen from CNN
    What Anonymous did online stopped me to sit down and then call my husband at work to tell him. It was an answer to genocide and war crimes, I felt American again. Follow them on twitter loosely, get to know what they r about. Perception is not reality. We need to get Citizens United overturned and then we can get back to a more grass roots democracy. We have alot of work to do to Live & Let Live, it will be slow. But we can do it peacefully.


    • Thomas A Marinelli
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      I was just pointing out that “unity” around anything that is not a universal consensus demands that some who disagree must be coerced into “uniting” by those who do agree. “Unity”, democracy, any “system”, government, centralized planning, etc, by necessity MUST be based entirely upon widespread aggression and coercion. This is because human beings are not insects and we do not have a universal mindset, beliefs, interests, or goals.

      Democracy is perhaps the most disgusting form of organized or institutionalized slavery which we call “government”. Two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch… It hides under the guise of “free choice” and a secret ballot as if it were somehow a noble way to create a “society”. In reality, it is no less barbaric than any form of totalitarianism, dictatorship, or “legalized” slavery. The largest group of thugs, tyrants, and sociopaths in society get to impose their personal will upon everyone else through thug government aggression.

      Under democracy, people are brainwashed to believe that they have a right to use initiations of force, aggression, and coercion to impose their personal will upon their neighbors. That is what the “government” is. It is a barbaric criminal organization carrying out the evil of some “citizens” upon other “citizens”. No person, group, or government ever has a right to initiate force upon any person for any reason. “Unity” will never exist without aggression and coercion. Not until man is transformed into mindless insects existing only to serve the Queen.

      The “country”, “government”, “collective”, and any other supposed groups of “common” interests are arbitrary and fictitious creations to benefit the thugs and tyrants who wish to enslave everyone to their personal interests.

      Democracy is no more a “solution” to expand human freedom than is any form of slavery of some for the benefit of others.

      Human freedom is maximized for every human being only when the non-aggression principle is obeyed. Human freedom will always be destroyed by any “system” or “government” that claims a “right” to use initiations of force upon any individual. Maximizing the freedom of individuals is what leads to a just and free society. Protecting the individual from aggression by any other person or group is what is paramount. Being fooled into protecting the fictional collective from individual freedom is what leads to tyranny.

      As for any possibility of man every being free in reality…realizing live and let live. No “movements”, groups, or governments will ever allow that to happen if they have a choice. Only perhaps agorism and people actually practicing moral anarchism will have any chance of producing actual change. Only when all modern forms of government die, ie people do not promote, endorse, or fund, these evil institutions of aggression, will people ever experience true freedom for all.

      • Alex
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        “…Only perhaps agorism and people actually practicing moral anarchism will have any chance of producing actual change…” What does this even MEAN? That is what MOST people reading your comment will think. Did you come here to use “Big political terms” to raise attention to yourself? Congratulations. You succeeded. Everyone is now looking at the Narcissist in the room, with his unrelatible BIG speech, that addressed NOTHING. None of the PEOPLES concerns. None of the issues that have ANY meaning on a “MAJOR” game changing scale. In other words.. No one SEES your POINT, EXCEPT YOU. If that is what you aimed for, you GOT IT. Lulz. If making a DIFFERENCE was your goal, I am sad to announce you FAILED. MISERABLY I might add. Anonymous is US. Humans. WE are the neighbors. WE are the people at the bus stop. We are the slaves, wanting OUT. You see there? No FANCY SUPER Paid for super institute vocabulary. SIMPLICITY. THAT is how you become “HEARD” by the MAJORITY. What have you to CONTRIBUTE to US? All you have done here is say what is WRONG, what you say is WRONG is anything but what is being accomplished HERE. MANY of US have read this statement of yours, and see NOTHING. WE FEEL NO sense of UNITY, PEACE, emerging from your statement. We only sense RAGE, CHAOS, SELF-RIGHTEOUS grand standing. The need to be the CENTER by any means NECESSARY. Even at the expense of looking like a babbling fool. This is not MY, but OUR opinion of your Babbling Protest. NO one is FORCED to be Anonymous. We have forced NOTHING. WE are only as strong as the amount of PEOPLE who CHOOSE to be US. Without multiple DESIRE to BE FREE. There IS no US. Would you stand at a TREE and SHOUT at the LEAVES for being “FORCED” to be part of said TREE? Simply because it is not brown and touching dirt? Why not? Perhaps because the LEAVES ARE THE TREE? Simplicity. Try again. Be understood. Adress REAL LIFE Issues. Come with a SOLUTION. We do not want to hear what is WRONG further. We want to hear SOLUTIONS. IN PLAIN UNDERSTANDABLE NON-POLITICAL Jargon please. Thank you in advance. -ANONYMOUS

        • Thomas Marinelli
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          Sorry that you feel I was using “big words” or attempting to be “elitist”. Perhaps I highly overestimated the general intelligence of the particular audience. None of the above was intentional in any way. So again, I am sorry if I had that impression.

          I believe in maximizing human freedom for every individual human freedom. This freedom can only be achieved if humans (and any so-called “governments” that they form) obey the non-aggression principle. You may view this as the philosophy of intellectual anarchism or philosophical libertarianism if you prefer. (or even voluntaryism :))

          The problems associated with all modern “governments” and modern “societies” is that they are based upon initiations of force, violence, aggression, and coercion. All of the “evil” players, rulers, corporations, elites, “representatives”, governments, etc that abuse, oppress, and enslave the masses exist only because the “governments” and “societies” embrace and are based upon aggression of humans upon other humans.

          No person, group, or government every has a “right” to initiate force (aggression, coercion, etc) upon any person for any reason, outcome, or goal.

          All forms of aggression are evil and immoral. Any initiation of force by anyone against anyone else is evil and immoral.

          The only just form of force is retaliatory in nature and is limited to the amount of force necessary to stop the aggression and to force the aggressor to return their victim to the state that they were in prior to the aggression.

          The problem is that all modern forms of government are based entirely upon initiations of force upon the individual. They are all anti-human and anti-freedom. They are the primary source of virtually all human slavery, misery, deprivation, and death of human beings since their inception. Governments originated (and continue to be) fictional “justifications” for one group to impose their will upon another group. They are all scams to “justify” slavery, theft, extortion of the masses by the looters, parasites, slavers, pirates, and sociopaths who create them.

          Mankind’s greatest enemy at present however are the Central Banking Families (created, supported, and granted omnipotence by the debtor bankrupt, puppet governments) that continually consolidate the wealth of mankind into their private hands with their scams of fiat currency, partial reserve “banking”, and usury.

          The Central Bankers essentially have a world wide Plantation of perpetual human slaves.

          The people can only fight the Money Cartel by abandoning the fiat monetary system and refusing to acknowledge or use the “currency” or money tokens that enslave them (and the so-called “nations” that are the Cartel’s henchmen) The “governments” will not do anything to fight the Banks because at this point in history, they are the only thing that funds the existence of governments.

          Again, agorism and moral anarchism are the only chance mankind has to every experience real human freedom at this point. Only when we starve the State to death, do the Bankers starve to death.

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonmyous
    Posted September 1, 2016 1:46 am 0Likes

    Where are we uniting?

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Posted September 11, 2016 9:18 am 0Likes


    It is high time someone undertakes the Humane effort to publicly exposé and exploit of the millennia-old machinations of rape, sexual abuse and systematic cover up of such behavior by the catholic church at almost every single level (including Pope Francis) by what is undeniably the largest organized crime syndicate in the world; The Roman Catholic Church. This phenom has grown well beyond atrocious, and more fully square in the limelight as grossly impugnant and mockingly flaunting in the face of the public around the world.

    The church and their deployment of systematic rape and sexual assault of primarily young boys, and girls too, DESTROYS LIVES. My life is one that has been destroyed and I’m fighting for it. Many of these victims innocently go about their lives struggling with behavioral and coping problems, yet as life goes on we have little clue if any, of the time bomb planted within us resulting when the foul and corrupt “avatar of christ” selfishly poisoned the innocent child with their shame and vile depravity. By the time this poor child is able to string together enough vague clues from their life to the extent they can suspect what old Fr O’Brien was doing to them each Wednesday after catechism, had now sufficiently destroyed and rotted the now adult from the inside out.

    I am one of these victims, and after losing a five year long civil action against the confessed pig in court due to the statue of limitations, and then the very next week the criminal case was dismissed because the nasty old fuck was diagnosed with dementia (my case was then the OLDEST on the books), I am now left destroyed and without any resources or support, with no way to get the medical treatment I desperately require.

    It’s time to expose this disgusting syndicate of satanic child rapists and their cowardly supporters, which so often includes parishioners who simply claim victims are just wanting to get rich; THEY MUST ALL BE OUTED. These cases still happen every single day. News articles are published everyday from around the world and it’s time we no longer stand by just watching the death and destruction of innocent and young people’s lives around the world.

    We need justice. No child should ever, ever have to struggle with, reconcile and overcome such travesty, especially after becoming an adult whose life becomes utterly destroyed suddenly without warning when the memories come out and suffocate them. This is pure hell and leaves so many of us barely alive having scratched away at the walls for years and years, with all that’s left to show is the dust in the floor.

    Please, please someone help protect the children and help survivors expose this human travesty and hey justice. The Pope ain’t gonna do jack shit, he’s already failed twice. I’ve got specific smoking gun re: total disregard despite public promise otherwise.

    I had a successful career, I was an artist, I have children but I’m a broken and destroyed man—lost and essentially discarded and forgotten.

    Please contact me, I’ve got legit whistleblower info.

    Thank you so much for reading.
    –>> advisowino (at) gmail and dot com

  • Central Scrutinizer
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    Check this scumbag out if you want. It is said one victim took his own life because of this.

    Number twenty from the top with PHOTO.

  • japov
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    The word “LEGION” has a somewhat negative and warlike or “Roman” connotation and doesn’t appeal to many, especially Christians. I believe you guys should think bigger……….
    Be the voice of the 90%………..


  • Yvette laFrance
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    Where are you? I would like to collaborate with others to get food and winter gear into Standing Rock. Keep protesting. Unite your voice with others but more is needed than posts on social media and protests. I am founder of the Blue River Band. We are working to stock the soup kitchen at Sacred Stone Camp. We need what it takes to survive the winter. This problem is going to move around as the pipeline is laid. We need relief agencies that can offer help to the Protectors. I need your help. In your area, can you pull together donations of nonperishable food, winter gear, water, etc? We can organize pickup points and get supplies in to the camps. I have a little access to transportation and can help facilitate pickup and transport. We have to band together on this no matter what your cheek color is. This is about us as a people. You can find me on Facebook. My posts are isolated to my page or deleted. I have to share with others to get my posts out but you can post directly to me or reply here. Thanks.

  • Bayfront
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    But how the heck do we get in real contact with the Anonymous Hackers?

  • monu
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    Why search? My name is Wardriving.
    One anonymus baby photo send???
    Fuck you.

  • Grimm
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    I feel like this could be prevented…Anonymous UNITE

  • antipsychiatry
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    Mossad attack me with chemicals within air ,in my mother home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I read on net, in israel,almost all “Jews” are Antichrist people!!!!! They have Talmud,Judaism,….and are against christians!!!!!!!
    May God help us against this terrorists people!!!

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    I won’t to join anonymous

  • jeffre star
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    Anonofficialdotcom you turned out to be a POS

  • Factory
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    I want to join anonymous and learn more

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