22 Comments on Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know… (2018-2019)

  1. For everytime the human race looks at how the human race works is when people begin to see power advantages that can be taken.

    People who get a hold of the power don’t always start of in greed by our own nature we cannot have only one person in power any that by far is why i believe Anonymous are worthy of having “The Key of god” and power to change things for the better.

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  2. Social media serve one purpose to make it possible for everyone to be able to talk to everyone on the planet. This way there can be no secrets on the planet, because information published on social media spread around the whole world. They are tools and as any tool it is the user that uses the tool that determines what it is used fore.

    • I agree that social media is being used by society at alarming numbers. Individuals that can’t go without using it for n e amount of time are hurting themselves in their ability to publically in person socialize outside of these. If you don’t think you will be addicted you are sadly mistaken. An addiction is first a pleasure as you spend more time using it the pleasure isn’t a pleasure it’s a habit it constantly calls your name thus an addiction. U aren’t in control social media has you hooked. This is dangerous you loose people skills, all you know is the key board as the way to communicate with slang so you loose how to speak correctly to people in person. The children r gonna be screwed and cheated out of socializing out side these places. I know that when I am out in public seeing one person with out their phone in their face it is sad. No one smiles and acknowledges one another or speaks. Is this what society is coming to stuck up individuals that could care less about others can’t even walk down the street and smile. I’m not in that category. These people are in the same boat as drug addicts this is a fact.

      • You from a spiritual point of view they are on their journey of discovering just that what you described. It is a process that must be experienced by all those who don’t understand it, as words don’t teach and as said as it may be, it has to be lived out. When you look at the consumption of tobacco and alcohol world wide the numbers are declining as more and more people have learned their lessons that the consumption of these substances is not a very good idea.

    • Unless what you say on social media is against the mainstream, then the social media infrastructure will censor you or ban your account.

  3. While Trump is watching Iran, after 20 protesters were tragically executed under a theocracy that I do not support because it behaves like our judicial system in America and has had a long history of ” afflicting the afflicted and empowering the powerful ” as a friend put it, who will watch the Americans, who were executed by police at nearly 100 times the rate of Americans executed by terrorists? 1,184 Americans kilked by police in 2017, shows who the tyrrants and the terrorists really are, emboldened by Trump through increased power and military police state equipment!
    This is what hypocrisy looks like!


  4. I’ve had it with people, lying, cheating, even planning against me, I need help learing how to take justice upon my enimes like tools programs and tutorial’s on how to use them, or teach me how to code. any help will help me ive looked every where but i feelt that im being hidden from tools that I can use against the injustice around me. PLease help im calling out to anyone.. please

  5. my wife is addicted to fb and i pray everyday for its downfall maybe we should all do a little less praying and a lot more taking of our lives back stand up to the greedy politicians and social anarchists

  6. Anonymous mission should be to find the hacked Republican emails (hacked by the Russians) and publish them online. This would put a dagger into the hearts of those who have repealed Net N. It would also allow Grandma to not have her SS taken away as well as save countless lives because of lost medical coverage. Wikileaks is useless, we need anonymous.

  7. I smell a rat. The FCC vote on Net Neutrality and now the very people that got us into social media, want us to shut it down ?The state of our society is talked about daily on social media and we are more connected than we ever have been. What they don’t mention in the interview is the vast amounts of genuine information that is shared worldwide, every day, on social media.The lies and corruption that is exposed on social media.Do you think anyone would have heard about the Spanish response in Catalan, without social media ? Scotland ran quite a successful independence campaign based on social media and Donald Trunp took that idea and is now the president of America. Social media is now the biggest and the strongest media outlet on the planet. Why would anyone want to shut it down ???????

  8. I intentionally don’t use FB or other social medias bc l understood, a while back, you’re putting YOUR information out there with pictures, where u go, where you’ll be, what ur doing with whom, etc. What people don’t understand is ur making urself & ur family vulnerable, not only for preditors to prey on u and ur ur children, but for hackers to steel ur Identity. If people looked at it from this perspective they’d think twice about the ramifications of social media.

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