Anonymous – This Shocking Footage Should Worry You… (2017-2018)


  1. Indeed, the world is in a perilous place. The planet is at threat, however, the political systems in place now do not allow for any movement. Rhetoric and right & far-right wing dogma, plus the control of big business & Russian interference has created instability, especially in Europe and the US. If Anon want to do anythong, take down the right wing press…

  2. In the beginning God made man an women it states in our image an in our likeness who’s our us human you know like Jesus was was a message a timeline it tells me it’s the spirits we use we have a godly spirit people cannot cross that’s what we learn in the beginning of life as we live on the same rule we make for every1 we brake yourself a thousand times Jesus is the 2 spirit love an forgiveness cause we find out were not perfect either an the 3 spirit is hate witch destroys all,trinity

  3. Okay, we’re worried. What’s your point? Is Anonymous going to take a stand on flooding? No. Will this video change anything? No.

    You’re missing the point, Anonymous. It’s not just about you all the time. We are our own Anonymous. We’re the unwashed rabble called humanity. We can’t stop lunatics running the show. That’s been going on since recorded time.

    Instead, we accept, and we resist. We may have no more significance than an ant colony, but we are equally resilient and formidable.

    We are mothers, the most powerful force on this planet. We hold the power of creation. And no matter what crap gets thrown at us, we will always survive.


    • You should look in to what they are actually doing. Sure, they themselves aren’t actually doing the work. But the are assembling the public and informing them about what is happening with the world. It needs to change. Otherwise Humanity itself will fall, not just due to politics but due to global warming or other mass extinction events. We as the people and General Public need to stand up against those who are higher up in power, when they shouldn’t be. We need to Listen, think, plan, and gather for change to happen. no one realizes that we can’t just do all the work ourselves. Please help us if you believe we wont do it ourselves. Even if we are doing all we can. The people just need to listen to our words of advice.

      [email protected]
      We speak for the weak and scared.
      We are The justice Society needs.
      We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      We are Legion
      Expect Us

  4. i always try to find out if there is a hidden message in the message, because it is so boring..but there is none, so i think a leftie climate swindle believer took over
    and @Silvio ..To breathe just continue. Hmmmmmm.

  5. You do realize that flooding is natures work u cant do anything to stop it as far as i know theres no technology to stop flooding except dams and other man mad obstacles thats all but thats not going to stop flooding its like trying to stop a earthquake when it comes to nature all u can do is prepare and hope for the best

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  9. Hey sorry I’m off the above topic and I’m not sure how you guys work but rumor has it you guys are involved in kenneka Jenkins murder cover up at the Rosemont hotel in Chicago Illinois just wanting to know because it’s driving everyone crazy and there is a video on YouTube that someone from your group supposedly made that nobody is sure is real so much proof of foul play but the corrupt police ruled it as an accident when everyone else knows different look I’m asking you if you aren’t already involved please please please get involved give her mother and kenneka the Justice they deserve we know that young lady didn’t walk into that freezer and lock herself in and so does that hotel that is already guilty for organ trafficking please at least look at her case make her that one exception even if that’s not what you do her mother seen the video to and thinks you guys are helping her and everyone else is really hoping it’s true her momma’s name is tereasa martin

  10. My bad I worded what I sed wrong about you being involved in her cover up I didn’t mean it in the bad way I meant involved in helping her just wanted to clear that up sorry if I sound stupid writing ain’t my best subject obviously


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