Anonymous – This is the year everything MUST change…

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


    • Anonymous i can join yours group because im an Hacker so plz reply me on my email address about how i can join you . Thank u

    • Anonymous i can join yours group because im an Hacker so plz reply me on my email address about how i can join you . Thank u & plz give permission to join me

  1. 2000 of God’s 2500 Prophecies are complete Jesus must return next then God’s End Times Judgments will hit who’s left on earth & i for one won’t be here THANK YOU JESUS

    • There’s a great deal that Christians do not know about in the Bible. Christians would be very surprised to know that the Bible SUPPORTS SLAVERY.
      ” ….. thy seed shall inherit the gentiles…” Isaiah 54:3

      ….of the children of the strangers…..of them shall ye buy…they shall be your bondmen….and ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever ..

      Before Noah sent his sons out in different directions, to repopulate the earth, he gave them Slavery to take with them, to the ends of the new world; by putting a curse on the descendents of his youngest son, so they would all be slaves. Genesis 9:25

      • So here are my questions to Humanity:

        – Is STEALING the fruits of another person’s labor, Good or Evil ?

        – Is Selling other people’s Children, Good, or Evil ?

        – Is Claiming that you have the God given Right to be the Owner / Slave Master over a Group of other Humans without any Proof; is this Good or Evil
        If all of your answers were Evil, then remember the test that Jesus Christ himself gave his disciples, for discerning Good from Evil:

        A good tree does not produce bad fruit; and a bad tree does not produce good fruit. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.

        But also know this:
        The Fox’s good, is the Rabbit’s evil.
        So, the Slave masters will strive to use every form of evil and desception to save their precious tree. And the Slaves need to be rudely awakened from their centuries of false teachings and brain washing, to know the real Truth.



  2. I always believed people are smart enough to govern themselves, after all, we ourselves live our lifes, pay for our food, make choices that affect our families and ourselves. Why then do we need politicians at the front? If anonymous found a way to infiltrate the education for the people, information about choices, policies, country economies, bank policies. Maybe on the TV. 1 hour a day of general citizen education about their choices and economies. Perhaps after a few years, people would release that we don’t need to keep billionaires at the front. That we don’t need governments at all. Then, matbe the general messages that people receive would change from: “spend money” “f***” “buy” to: “end poverty” “help your neoghbourhood” “take a nap”

    • That is exactly where we are heading. There are alternative news channels and everyone who is interested in finding our the truth will be led to it. Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world and one by one we will shift the global consciousness to a point, where the illusion that the ruling elites are creating for us won’t work anymore. So relax and enjoy the ride. We will get there eventually. Anonymous congratulations on you last three messages!!! Keep it spreading.

    • Anonymous began as a troupe of loosely affiliated ‘trollers’ on 4chan, they swarmed and broke the servers for habbo hotel…if your old enough to remember that social…game..thing, then they banned together to attack Scientology and then they all saw what the power of a group can did the rest of us. After that they then proved their power to the media visa vi the infamous live CNN hack.. since then there have been numerous YouTube videos on the topic of their ideology..which I personally find hard to tell the difference between the real group and a copycat sect. I do know they helped set up an uncensored internet for Egypt during Gaddafi’s reign and well as fighting the distribution and sharing of child pornography on the deep net.. they are the first case of a standalone complex. if anyone else has any thing to add feel free. And if your reading this anon then keep it up

  3. I love what you are doing….I believe what your saying is the truth…this is important fight the good fight!!! I want to join Thanks

  4. You are doing a great job anonymous. This social awareness and the good deeds you are spreading is helping a lot of people. Me and my family ,friends all support you and we like what efforts you are making to make this world a better place. Thank you so much for doing this for a common man. I think everyone should unite and stop the bad deeds happening around us. Once again thank you anonymous. I would like to ask you a question. What consequences can be of what is happening around us? I mean no offence.

    • Don’t worry. We will be fine. Metaphorically speaking we wittiness a battle between light and dark. What is currently going on around us is the falling of all institutions that lack integrity. It looks ugly but if you want to do something for yourself, don’t watch main stream media, as they report only the dark. The good news it that the light is winning but that doesn’t get reported.

  5. The media speaks the words of which many call their own, They study human behaviour.
    Many are frivolously follow these words.
    fundamental differences in brain operations also lie in Introvert extrovert characteristics. Like, The introvert think about content, The extrovert about the way it is said, and the typo’s. Fundamental differences drive people apart. so the only way is through survival of the fittest, it is the way nature wants it, We are with to may people on the planet, the environment is taking heavy damage, some belive in future disaster, I say the disaster comes from our consuming numbers.

    I really do want a better world, But im afraid mankind will mis the the last offramp to prevent WW-III.
    Second reason i think this, is through theological aspect.
    Bible has been pretty acured, if they say tha battle of armageddon will take place, than is has already hapened for them who can see through time.

    Back to the present time, How would the blind change the world, when they prefer following the way of money, and spice to financial independence, through the same educational progress, rather than advice against it. which wil take more or less the introvert characteristics to question their excisting knowlag, and think out of the box.

    It will take time for those 50-50 % to wake up from the dream of propaganda sickness, and I have my doubts the western debt system will give the world enough of it.
    And even if there is, the goverment will not go down without a fight. for Many will remain aside and hypnotized with brainwashed pride.

    In short, I dont see the good in both scenario’s.
    Eighter Average mankind simply disallows it, or our numbers will cause overpopulation.
    If neighter, then we follow status quo, then we know that money rules the world, the mass follows orders in a doomed system.

  6. Please make cryptocurrency without fees, without stupid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.
    All governments will be bankrupt.

  7. I love what Anonymous folks are doing. The only problem for me is that I have no real way of knowing for sure who is doing anything. How am I supposed to know what is really Anonymous and what is some random person? I don’t think I am capable of trusting anyone on that level. I would be more involved with activism if I had some real way of knowing. I just.. Don’t. But go you guys for being ballsy enough to put it all on the line.

    • Learn to discern (not judge) what is true or false by going inward and listening to your inner voice (intuition).

  8. We are Region
    We do not forget
    We do not forgive
    aspect us

    @anonymous official with kind hearted I will like to contact you guys privately

  9. I appreciate anonymous very much. I talk to some friends about what I learn and they are like brain washed cattle that don’t want to hear anything about the truth. It seems to me that more of us need to open our eyes! I wish people would listen without looking at you like your crazy when you speak of human farming or what not.

  10. As much as I disagree with most of it, I agree with parts of it, but those are the true ethics of a lifehacke/”blackhat” no? … here’s my own personal 32 line story in some kind of screwy “badman” lifehack english (yes it IS lengthy but remember where you got the anon tag from anonymous… “anon since 1994” ?!

    right… gimmen a cuppla mins innit james 2 get in n real c shiz
    no threats from da ping mateyz yeah eyes cocked up now
    left front tooth knocked out
    grand magistrates court in CYBERFEN (CB) – postcode 9:30 A.M coming tue ( 11th )
    phat milky galaxy I still don’t give a phuck titz
    wot did me ever do
    beside watch sum dodgy internet porn mates?
    o.k so crim damage 2 sum dik that had been more than pissing me an all the neighbours in this building off day after day or should I say (sadly) night after night like right now…
    call me pissycola
    call me psychotic

    not diagnosed as clinically insane (yet) AND never will be, for the simple fact, I never have been, never am, and never will be.


    wtf do I say in court when I spend the whole cunt day today getting ready with suit, haircut shave and boots when they tell me “charged with 1, 2, 3”

    such a criminal


    they are reposessing my property (tenancy) bedsit (bedshit imho) 6th sep 2017 (yes soon) and there’s nothing I can do…

    I can only see about 3 options here?! …

    1. prison cell
    2. grave
    3. PROPPERLY “SUPPORTED” housing

    nuff said already to the godz innit… thank u 4 ur time, have a gr8 night… I hope I live on and happy without the bottle or the loss of my other cunt tooth.

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