Anonymous – This is Actually Happening Worldwide… (2018-2019)


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  2. Hey,
    Anonymous did you got the latest news about Facebook….
    50 millions profile information are leaked …
    can’t we do anything for it….
    according to my research the information was leaked by Cambridge Analitica….. and they misused it to wrong purposes….. Face always promised to keep our data private plzz help us…………..any way we can be helped…..
    (Don’t try to contact me
    again please)
    I am unknown,I am HackervblTnv01 truly for cyber security….

  3. if you are anonymous hacker = hi , i am human right activist in Iran, our Wild Mulla’s(governoments) going to filter forregn (like north korea) internet all and Telegram , we need anonymous hroup help to hack iran leader and president and SEPPAH site and instagram,facebook, twitter and… ,, pleaeeeeeee help us , for GOD, 99% of iranian hate khamenei , they deforce iran, they are slave of EVIL ,,,,,,, after hack put this sentences sir =

    خامنه ای قبرپرست مشرک درجه یک و بنده شیطان ، عراقی زاده، قاتل پونصدهزار سوری و هزاران ایرانی دشمن واقعی ایناست با فیلتر تلگرام و اینترنت بعد سی سال اعتراض دست خالی ، از این به بعد چوب و چماغ ورخواهیم داشت

  4. I would like to say that what you are doing is exactly what needs to happen more..
    We all need to have a voice if at some point I suggest a campaign Involving some of the polictical tension in the world and the whole parinoa of outside racial groups in country’s. After all We are all human and we all deserve a voice. I trully think if we don’t do something soon Humans won’t even get past leaving this planet.. or keeping it alive.


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