Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes… (NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR THREAT DONALD TRUMP WARNING)


  1. Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes… (NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR THREAT DONALD TRUMP WARNING)

  2. Are there any plans of shutting down attacks on North Korea systems? (DDOS, ethicware tools etc )

    Wait some newxs, im form Portugal here, Im a peace fighter of Anonymous too!

    JUST Involve communities !!!

  3. Thank you for post the nice collection of news spots. Analysis missing is, very arguable, that N.Korea has constructed and voiced major threats of nuclear attack on neighbors and espec. the US and territories and friends, and so should be treated as a loose junkyard dog trying to attack, just waiting for ….what? The right moment.

    What else is a proper response to such dangerous actions but to neutralize the threat, or the worst of it? NK has no reasonable demands, only that the world fear it and stand by for worse. We must speculate–does Un intend to demonstrate nuclear firepower by missile attacks, show that he has a multi-nuclear-missile armament, perhaps thermonuclear, and only then make his (yet-unknown) demands? If so, such demands must surely be great and normally sure to be refused. But with nuclear holocausts apparently likely if refused, the demands must be agreed to…..he hopes. But we know about Hitler and his demands for more territory lest he go to war. Result: WWII. Kim Il Un doesn’t know about that, or thinks that a modern Hitler would have got his demands–Adolf didn’t have the A- or H-bomb. A small man, Un, in a small nation, has a small concept of what must happen if he continues or increases…..and continuing is an increase.

  4. What’s coming with North Korea is not only inevitable but long do. How them people have suffered year after year under a horrible regime is unforgivable. I say let’s handle this and pray innocent casualties are limited.


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