Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (WW3 2017-2018)

Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (WW3 2017-2018)

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


  1. Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (WW3 2017-2018)

    • Everyone, just stop for a minute. If there is to be a WWIII as Anonymous is saying, then preparation for battle is what the Elites WANT.
      Don’t you dare think for a second we are going to raise guns and shoot bullets at people. That is exactly what our army is against.
      We do not HURT people.
      I say we follow Atticus and Ms. Rivera in their search for love. Look up both of them on Pinterest and read their work. That is the vision we must work towards.
      A war of art and music and ‘bittersweet’ as Rivera calls it.
      Bittersweet actually does have power.
      It had power over me.
      Wouldn’t it be amazing if those types of people were our leaders?? I don’t know. Something to think about.
      But be good people, ok? I wouldn’t want to see what I love go down in flames. I’ve only just been woken up to the beauty, and if you all decide to take it away by striking your knives on people instead of locking them up and being more humane about it, I’ll die from heartache. I swear to god. Don’t take it all away. Maybe if you saw the same things you’d know what I mean.
      Do not be like our governments.
      Don’t point guns.
      Rise up using love.
      It works every time.


      • No because Zuckerberg is part of the establishment along with google and bing. Privacy is every Americans right. Stop the Government from spying on everybody. If you use them you are part of the problem.Use the search engine that does not change its results for political reasons and respects your privacy, just good old fashion results that are not tracked. Have a awesome day

    • To who ever if you think a world war going to break surely your other stuff quite erelevant.
      I’m not an hacker but if you was any good at your game you would know Turin left codes in the internet which can not be removed.and on another note your information not up to much
      If you want a start check out ITER Fusion France it’s cost over 3 trillion pounds and it can not be turned on safely because they dont have a safe storage for such amount off energy
      Yet I know this and quite a fair bit moreyet your site talks off dribble
      Kind regards ripped off inventor fusion

    • Tbh im more worried about our planet’s non stop temperature rise which is making the antarctic ice melt faster than anyone expected. Dont get me wrong i am worried about ww3 what we need to do is teach people how badly the current events are maybe just maybe people will start to understand.

  2. sorry for being blind but what can we do here in australia to get ready for what ever is coming our way

  3. We as people need to understand before hand. The rules of anonymous state we cannot form armies but we as people must find a way to stand for the truth. Sadly there are hardly many ways to do such a thing. Politics will only end in your either being demoted or “accidentally” becoming deceased. And i do not believe Anon would support us rioting. But we must consider lir options.

  4. Need some help at indonesia now guys, please show something to make indonesian peoples see how crab politics in our country because they make down one of our clean and good leader called “ahok”. Tks

  5. So this is what Anonymous has become, a tiered joke 13 responses to their prediction of a world apocalypse, well 14 if you include me. The US would obliterate NK in four days without Nukes, China would stay neutral because they cannot survive without US trade. What a joke Anonymous is.

    • If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t be saying that shit. So yeah, the people who respond care. And you’re in that group.

  6. You people disgust me. There is no prevention, there will be no deviation from political power moves. The things you can count on are as follows. Our planet is dying, We’re the cause, we kill everything, all things wrong in The world are because of human existence. The only hope of relief from this endless struggle is that the earth resets itself and kills us as a species all together. Have your little internet rebellion and live out your insignificant lives. Enjoy what you can while you can and love unconditionally. Because another war is the least of our concerns. It will simply make life more Shitty than it already is. We are the problem! With epidemic reproduction on of our species on the rise and resources becoming even more dwindled than they already are, not even Mars will save us. Political Ideology of any kind will always cause war. Flags, money, power, laws, religion, control.. It will never change for the better because we are creatures of habit and history has always repeated itself. It will continue to do so until the end of time. No “gods” will magically appear and save us. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go feed my cat.

    • Not everyone is bad! There are good people out there. All over the world. Yes the majority can be bad and the really wealthy have zero respect for anything less then their selfs. They think everything a game or they are
      free from Responsibility of their actions. Anon is right there is a war coming. Hell its already begun. I just wish it didn’t happen in my lifetime. I don’t worry so much about me, it is my children I worry for and the children of the world. I hope Anon or some one is powerful enough to do something about it.

  7. World War 3 began just before 911 in my opinion. The situation is like a pressure cooker with various volatile ingredients inside it. These ingredients are the Middle East, Islam, refugees, race, prejudice and resources.

    NATO and others are posturing and pushing the boundaries increasing the pressure on WW3 pressure x 1.

    Wars in the Middle East are about resources and regime change causing an exodus which is a double edges sword causing immigration pressures as legions young men of fighting age invade Europe under the banner of “refugees”. The voids in political leadership in the region are creating opportunities for untrustworthy entities (terrorist groups) to try and seize power. WW3 pressure x 2.

    Immigration, driven by wars in the Middle East and corruption and criminal trafficking in African nations is creating massive social pressure on European people, government and resources. WW3 pressure x 3.

    Religion, muslims have seen an opportunity to attack the West in the new persian crusade. The seek a caliphate as we all know. This movement is particularly dangerous and will be a major factor in conflicts at local level. WW3 pressure x 4.

    Race, chaos is brewing in most countries as the black and asian movements along with far left activists grow increasingly angry for almost any reason. When the local level battles begin, the race war will start. WW3 pressure x 5.

    Prejudice and resources, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela/South America and the Middle East for example are all rich in resources of one sort or another. There is prejudice towards and from these regions and one day somebody will strike back. WW3 pressure 6.

    In my opinion civil unrest will create local/social the war on the streets partly driven by o=the other factors above. World War 3 will be nothing like WW1 or WW2 because there has been a passive assisted invasion of Europe. People will fight people and armies will fight armies. There is no solution to WW3 other than conflict because human nature will bring it to us backed by greed and or religion. You cannot negotiate with a warrior, you can only fight a warrior physically.

    Good luck, I know which side I am on and I suggest you make your minds up and prepare for the coming years. It may take 1 to 20yrs to peak and go one way or the other. The only thing I can say is that I predict a very long and very nasty war the like of which mankind has never seen before!

  8. Durte is just talking shit like he always does..China has the islands hands down and russia just took syria while we are left with iraq which im sure weve used up all that oil..So yea were fuked anon is dead on ww3 will be this year or next hav fun while you can

  9. Also i think were just as likely to be dragged into a war with russia because of isreal.A make believe country srry isreal but u know its true with them and our CIA pulling false flag chemical attacks in syria.

  10. I can’t eve tell you how confused these people are. The world is ruled by one supreme leader. Nothing happens unless he gives the go ahead. The real battle will be between jesus and the devil. He is here but has not yet revealed himself.


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