Anonymous – There is Something They Aren’t Telling You… (WEATHER IN AMERICA 2017-2018)

Anonymous – There is Something They Aren’t Telling You… (WEATHER IN AMERICA 2017-2018)


  1. Anonymous – There is Something They Aren’t Telling You… (WEATHER IN AMERICA 2017-2018)

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  3. I Will Not Respond to This MessAGe So use it as you may like.

    People need to wake up seek the truth know the truth, get the message out and fight against all that wants freedom to be controlled. For those who wants freedom should go to a mental hospital or die trying to get it (or so the gov. thinks that). freedom is an illusion and created in our minds but still we can go close to it with peace and love and understanding by respect and honor.

    Wake up, see the world and fight against it for the sake of the future wake up.
    Its been a long ride but all this will lead up to events that many cant even begin to imagine, not talking about nuclear war or controlled weather storms as this is the only the “peaceful” beginning. dark times are ahead. Find the light at the end of the tunnel and follow it till you are outside in the free air even if the end of the tunnel yet not exist.

    Seek truth awake and see the real world dont listen to gov. dont listen to your brain as it can easily be corrupted or brainwashed by others but to your heart(s) only then you will know who and what you are and only then you will see the real truth for everything in this world.
    Dont fear the world but embrace it make it better

    and anonymous is not the only people fighting this war
    use this as you want freedom is an illusion but there are far better ways to live closely to what can be called freedom and its to fight for your friends and family for YOUR own people for honor and by respect of others not for any random you just met but for those you trust above all else.

    “We are Anonymous
    We are legion.
    we do not forgive.
    we do not forget.
    expect us”

    it is fine words remember those and make your own words in the future by making a name for yourself, though not real name as the world is to day you probably dont want the wrong people to seek who you are.
    I Will Not Respond to This MessAGe So use it as you may like.

      • Tell as many people the truth that you can!

        My Phone no longer works and my Social Media Accounts are Systematically being closed. My bank account has been blocked.
        I need Legal Counsel, Medical Attention, I am in Fear of my Life and my Families Lives, I need your help! I have contacted every legitimate faucet of democracy relentlessly with out success – these organized criminals continue to torture, abuse, and manipulate my body and life in every way!
        Contact me via Email: [email protected]

  4. hi, i want to make a group of hacking only for the fredom of de people in problem.
    whrite here if you want
    I from chile
    I want to be legion
    i not forgive
    i not fotget
    who want??? all people all countries.
    Union is the force
    [email protected]

  5. Amazing, we have the most corrupt administration in history in office, corporations that took over America’s government (remember your stance and take to streets stand against over bearing corporations) and here you are basically supporting Trump’s insane decisions. Were are the videos about Trump’s constant lies, his obvious ties with Russia, his dismantling of the democratic process (PAC’s, limiting voter rights, etc, etc). Yet here we see geo-storm conspiracy bullshit while the Nazi’s take over this nation.
    I used to look to you guys as a voice for the regular guy, but you are the same, you deny science, you think corp take over of government is ok, and look at world order as conspiracy of weather and not an admin that has captured with money and power, the actual democratic process.

    Good job……..

  6. Anonymous, Holy Crap, it appears you have been hacked by some climate change deniers, pull the plug!!! Hang on. this bogus ‘Weather in America’ conspiracy theory broadcast, is actually on your official website – What, wait… I’m so confused, do you also believe in little green men now too, how about Lizard people?, does the moon actually exist?

    Please say it’s a joke? I’d get more accurate news flashes from a crappy tabloid newspaper – I mean, who are your sponsors – Donald Trump INC?

    “We are Anonymous
    We are bogus.
    We sometimes make shit up
    We don’t believe in climate change.
    We need to look at the facts on ocean temperatures over the last 1000 years.
    We need to understand that hurricanes feed of the warmer waters, that’s why they’re turning into mega storms.
    We need to understand that as sea temperatures continue to rise, the storms will become more frequent and even bigger.
    We need to understand that no matter who is president, these storms will keep coming.
    We need to understand that as Anonymous, people listen to us, believe us, and trust us.
    We have an obligation to stay focused and drop the unproven conspiracy theories otherwise we will lose our most loyal friends.

    • do you really think weather control is impossible? the consent simple, it’s just the reasourest that are needed, and undone testing getting done. by the time of 2025 it will be really. unless of course it gets sabotaged, interrupted, terrorized by hackers or simply just cansled

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