Anonymous – The Truth May Shock You! (2018-2019)

Anonymous – The Truth May Shock You! (2018-2019)

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  1. I wanted to join you.
    how is it possible? is there a test? a moral kind or skill test kind?
    I seek power and justice and wanna dig down to the hidden layers of society
    i don’t wanna die a dumbass as most of the peaple do, they die ignorant with no influence on the world, like animals, only difference is that they can talk.

    • Teach me something. I am looking for the hiddin message I can feel it I can’t see it I know it’s there but don’t know where.? Dont have an E mail. Thank you.

  2. Just saying, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb, he only claimed the rights to it. He is the Donald Trump of the 19th century.


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