Anonymous – The Truth May Scare You… (Secrets of NWO Rockefeller Family EXPOSED)

Secrets of NWO Rockefeller Family EXPOSED

1. Early life of John D. Rockefeller
This video shows the chronological time-line of the Rockefeller family, starting with how William Avery ‘Devil Bill’ Rockefeller Sr. (1810-1906) schooled his son John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) to be a cunning businessman. ‘Devil Bill’ Rockefeller’s son John D. Rockefeller became successful in the commodities trade at a very young age

2. The creation of the biggest oil monopoly in the world.
John D. Rockefeller then decided to seek his fortune elsewhere and moved to Cleveland Ohio, where the oil business began to boom. There he established an oil refinery and gained prosperity through cunning plots, ruthlessness, conspiracy, shady deals and other criminal deeds. John D’s. “Standard Oil” company would grow and expand to become the biggest oil monopoly in the world. The Standard Oil monopoly got so big and powerful, that in 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the oil company violated the US Antitrust Law and that it had to be split up. This created various new successful Rockefeller oil companies, such as Exxon-Mobil (Esso), Chevron Corporation, Texaco and Gulf Oil. Having a positive effect on the stock market, the 1911 Supreme Court decision in effect made the Rockefeller family even more rich and powerful.

The Rockefellers have always had intimate business and family relations with other powerful family dynasties, such as the Morgan banking family, members of the steel magnates of the Carnegie family, the DuPont family and the Rothschild banking families from Europe. The Rockefellers were connected to the Union Pacific Railroad company of E.H. Harriman. They were involved in the sponsorship of the Kuhn & Loeb bank in the United Kingdom and they had numerous business deals with Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany. There were the instrumental force behind the German chemical company I.G. Farben, which built and controlled the concentration camp Auschwitz, situated around the I.G. Farben chemical factory. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil patented fuel even powered the entire Nazi air force ‘the Luftwaffe’.

3. David Rockefeller in the 20th and 21st century.
During the 20th century David Rockefeller and other descendants of John D. Rockefeller maintained their wealth through banking, oil and expanded their power through politics and think-tanks or other non government organisations (NGOs). David Rockefeller, the oldest member of the Rockefeller family, is one of the founding members of the secretive Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

4. The full dominance of the Rockefeller empire
The power of the Rockefeller family is not limited to the oil industry, they control large portions of the banking industry, the central banking system in the US through the Federal Reserve and overseas the European Central Bank. Through Rockefeller-controlled companies, organisations, think-tanks and other NGO’s the family created The United Nations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Planned Parenthood, the Population Council, the Council of the Americas and the Rockefeller Foundation. Among other Rockefeller companies are: Monsanto, United Airlines, American Airlines, American Railroads, AT&T, Honeywell, Quaker Oats, and AXA Equitable Life Insurance. The estimated combined Rockefeller fortune is so big that it can be expressed in percentages of the entire US economy. The ultimate plan of these international oligarchs is to enslave humanity under a tyrannical one world government, ruled and controlled by them.

Anonymous – The Truth May Scare You… (Secrets of NWO Rockefeller Family EXPOSED)


  1. Anonymous – The Truth May Scare You… (Secrets of NWO Rockefeller Family EXPOSED)

  2. Unbeknownst to most Of the SHEEPLE us that Devil Bill Rockefeller a snake oil salesman used aliases because he fathered 3 different families and was wanted for impregnating another minor
    he bragged at the fact that he cheated his children every chance he got
    members of the Buildeburg group were instrumental in how Doctors are educated divided and isolated
    they also brought Agent Orange back and facilitated it’s use as chemotherapy they also used their power To create the Pharmaceutical conglomeration which is poisoning us all while simultaneously making known natural cures Unethical
    understand just because One more evil Rockefeller died I believe We All need to open our eyes
    educate yourselves educate other’s vaccines GMOs processed foods MD More Drug Drs And Modern Medicine
    Has created a future population that is unsustainable

    • Truth – their involvment in controlling how medicine is practiced may be the most destructive and insidious of all.

  3. HAHAHA! Exposed, Rockefellers. I feel bad for that family. So many secrets, so little time to cover them up.
    But then again, they’re all going to get the payback later, when we begin an actual revolution and take down elites that believe they can control the stupid followers.

  4. Thank you the truth is allways when our spiritual self knows that it must do the right thing “inocense is the divinity of imagination and creativity” love has no boundaries

  5. Recently, I’ve been intrigued about everything this group has been sharing. I completely agree with you all. I wish people weren’t so stupid and would only understand your just trying to help people see the truth.

  6. Hello anonymous I’m a big fan of you I don’t have any other way to contact you. Please sent me your email or contact

  7. My name is Shiva I am from Hyderabad, india I am fan of you your helping people. I am also hacker for awareness to people. We Indians supporting you.

  8. Could someone please email me?
    I just published a book on Kindle that you might enjoy.
    Please send me an email address where I can send you a free copy as a Word doc.



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