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    Hey, I was just curious about this website, I’m also wondering if I can get just a tiny bit of help hahaha, if it’s okay, that is..

  • March
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    There is a psychologist named Holly Joubert who owns Sunlight Center for Change in Tucson Arizona. She sells kids to pedofiles and is protected by Judge Scott Hugh Rash of Pima county court. She is untouchable, and kids are being seriously injured because of her actions. Many officials in the court are in on this sex trafficking ring, making it near impossible to hold her accountable. Her level of protection has kept her from being held accountable on all fronts. Several complaints to both the AZ board and the courts were all dismissed; even complaints from other psychologists. She was even able to have charges of a serious DUI dropped. She was arrested two years ago for a DUI with BAL of .0994 and other dangerous driving charges. The whole encounter was filmed by the arresting officer. Just days before the officer was set to testify during her trial, he was placed on administrative leave without reason and not permitted to testify. The all day hearing was changing into a court briefing that lasted 15 minutes. The following day, the prosecutor dropped charges for “lack of evidence”. She is very well protected, and takes massive amounts of money to give children to their abusers and assist with the facilitation of child pornography and sex trafficking.

    We need help to hold this woman accountable and save these mothers and children.

    Please, please help.

    [email protected]

  • Ward Hendry
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    I was targeted because I was gay and supposedly mentally ill by three correctional guards at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge Tennessee in December 2013. i was held down inside of their observation rooms at the hospital and given an injection by a correctional officer (not a nurse) and then escorted to the mental health hospital. They gave me such a high dose of medication that I had a fuzzy recollection of the memory later, but had no sense that it had actually occurred.

    Three years later, a year after being raped and unable to report it because I somewhat had a memory of being abused I moved to another town. I am a male. I was raped by my neighbor and the ORPD with my rapist in tow had me committed to a mental health hospital.

    I moved to HAWKINs County, and so did they.

    I didn’t know it at the time I took a long walk on a county road that I would end up seeing my attackers in person, but this isn’t the strangest thing that I encountered.

    In 2003 my cousin who was also gay was murdered inside of Perry County Jail, in New Augusta Ms. His ligature mark and hemmorhage suggested alongside with his broken wrist that he didn’t tumble around at the end of his shirt, rather was murdered by a person standing over his body creating a cinch with a uniform cord while standing on his wrist.

    In 2007 I was stopped by a man that I would meet in Hawkins County too. He has red cheeks as if he has rosacea and short blond hair. He is large in stature but not obese. I think sincerely that this is the man who murdered my cousin and I believe also that he might or another person in his ingroup might have murdered an obese black lesbian who died by the same method, only a few years later.

    When he pulled me over, he cited that my car smelled of marijuanna. I hadn’t even smoked weed at this point and I know that he didn’t have a warrant because I asked.

    When I met him inside of Hawkins County, he immediately after searching me took me into a cell, slammed my head into a wall causing a gash and then left.

    The correctional officer that I mentioned before worked here *too*. Alongside a cop that held me down in 2013. I was choked and badly drugged by the man and a woman name Angela Kelley Cortney. They ran the air conditioner in the middle of winter and stripped me naked.

    Upon checking out they trapped me inside the drunk tank in their youtube video, lip synch, and threw me toilet paper telling me to defecate there. I didn’t defecate there. I held it in until I got home. My court case was dismissed. The arresting officer, Amber S. Matthews was also a transplant to the area and had served me in Oak Ridge, though her service was to come in after my rapist began stealing from me, shine a light in my eyes and laugh at my face.

    Amber described my behavior as IRATE. I was never Irate and I never screamed at Matthews or the other police officers. The trust system of civil servants at the local level is very nepotistic here in Tennessee and these people can easily run or transfer.

    When I went home, I knew I had been drugged and I with tomato acid, a sugar solution in a gallon of water witnessed an exothermic result that lasted nine minutes. I attribute the undigested meds to a spaghetti dinner in which Angela Kelley Cortney and my assailant at Methodist and at County had fed me.

    This wasn’t a single pill; they had given me so much that I shocked to death my pet Bearded dragon and was able to engorge its corpse from the electricity emanating from my gut up my left arm.

    They would take me back to jail when I tried reporting them. The first set of cops that came out to my house I was barely able to talk to. The second cop that came to my house had blonde hair, he claimed that he was a federal agent and showed me his MERCHANT Marine license as proof, noting the federal designation on the id.

    I told him several times that he was not a federal agent.

    When Mark Hensley came back and I had had a heart palpitations 9 to twelve days after I first detected that I had been poisoned, he and the EMS conspired not to have me receive any medical care at all. I was frying, because I had taken in Garlic and gatorade thinking that I could flush the drugs out without them reacting in my system.

    Mark Hensley wore a name tag that night that wasn’t his and I was having a hard time remembering his name. I called 911 back to report him, but I couldn’t remember his name. Mark Hensley used this as a basis for an arrest and covered for the correctional officers attempt at HAWKINS COUNTY.

    When I went to court I went there without a lawyer and without any one from the DA side showing up. Dan Armstrong and his staff relied heavily on Todd Ross, the supposed to be impartial esquire into pushing me into accepting my own imprisonment. At one point during a closed room with just a few inmates, Todd Ross told me that he would “Handle the FBI.” and that is a direct quote. Mr. Ross did tamper with me before trial began and didn’t give me access to a lawyer nor mentioned a lawyer. He levied an amount that was as large as my monthly payment amount for bond, and then levied that amount twice as restitution for my supposed crimes. Mr. Ross ignored the fact that I was severely dehyrdrated and comfortable forgot that I had just had my head smashed into a wall (by my cousins murderer) and drugged by pharmaceuticals by two correctional guards, one fleeing his old living space to avoid being identified by me.

    I was arrested in 2017 and sent to Anderson County Sheriff’s office. I had been protesting in Hawkins County and I was interrogated by another face that I witnessed trying to chase me off of the Christmas tree farm in front of the walmart. I don’t have his name but it looked like he was driving a white 2006 chevrolet. I was told by this officer, who wore two separate name tags, one J. Lane and the other A. Lane.

    Lane threatened then to tie me to a restraining chair until I confessed to a domestic assault against Evelyn Collins, the exwife of a correctional officer who lives at Johns Creek Rd, in Clinton, TN. After I told her that I was suing the state, she told me that I no longer could have water inside of her house and that if I wanted to use her appliances I would have to buy my own. She effectually locked me inside of a room by her harrassing and mocked me for being disable, yelling calling me a faggot and pouring water on me for getting water.

    Well I was drugged by J. or A. Lane while inside of my cell in foxtrot, I just wasn’t able to isolate if it was in my toothpaste or inside of my meals. I did block off the air conditioner hole and noticed after wetting some toilet paper the bitterness of AMYL nitrite.

    I was taken to a mental health hospital by MR. Lane because he was a transporting officer, he egregiously filled a conveinece store cup with Amyl and left it to breathe into the backseat. Mr. Lane was hired to murder me I am sure of it. His friends covered for him, because they maced me when I reported that I had been drugged inside of my cell. They wrote in a report that what I smelled was MACE. This was not mace, this was definitely RUSH or poppers.

    I told the FBI prior to going in that I had been drugged in Hawkins County and gave the example of the engorged lizard. I cannot remember if I told them that I suspected it came from the jailers, but when I reported the RUSH incident to either Daniel Read or Daniel Reid, he quickly disqualified my story and called me delusional. Mr. Daniel Reid or Read might be covering for the District Attorney inside of Anderson County named David Clark. David had my lover arrested for a rape that wasn’t supported by medical images and then wrote in his plea agreement that Jacob Daniel Richards had made an allocution, in which he admitted that he had done everything to a polygraph technician and that his confession was on digital media, a recording that had been taped. “Everything”. In reality there is no such tape and Jacob was mislead and is easily mislead. He only escaped special education because he began to read better. I think that Jacob doesn’t understand that evidence must be true, he might be confusing the affidavit system that I discussed with him, because I find criminal justice interesting and inferred that his testimony would unfairly be favored and also Jacob may have adopted an ad absurdum argument that I made that no one but the defendant would have to show up at court, with a detailed afffidavits. However, Jacobs civil rights have changed and he now has the right to question his non victim.

    On a separate occasion after reporting this I was arrested my Frittz the antigay pastor who was a cop in Knoxville. Frittz padded a report with a string of events that didn’t occur while I was staying at a public shelter. He wrote in my arrest report that I had threatened to cut the throats of the people staying at the shelter, when in actuality I had been gay bashed that day by two other people that stayed at the mission.

    Karm officials David Lay and Albert C. had a history of doing this to me, one time putting on a video about exgay therapy and then called a crisis team on me for no reason. I made no complaint about the video. They did so because I was gay.

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