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    • I need help with a bully creating fake profiles on Facebook. I have reported them numerous times and I know who it is. However, There is no proof. But the fake profiles didnt start until the bully became bitter with me for not enabling him. He is my brother and a drug user. He has contacted my kids ,he has created fake profiles in my kids names and my friends names stealing their profile pics and sending nasty messages to their friends and family. This man has contacted the Mva about my car having out of state tags he called them so much.an investigator came to.my home after my.surgery. He has threatened to harm my animals and me verbally. I can’t proof this. He has created a profile page with his dog a chocolate lab (which he has beaten with a metal rod)on it named Buddy Hand on Facebook. My brother Michael shane Hand has spent time in jail for theft and fraud. He has called the DEA on me making false claims . he has called Insurance Company pretending to be my husband to have my insurance cancelled after my major surgery SOMEONE HELP ME. LOOK ON Maryland JUDICIARY CASE SEARCH FOR MICHAEL S. HAND OR MICHAEL SHANE HAND DOB 12/29/1975 -12/19/75. They messed Up on his DOB. On his recent case against him from Baltimore county school. help me please Anonymous. I can’t take it anymore. My kids and I have had to start counseling due to the ever growing phone calls of our friends and family saying he has been harassing them and they live in a different state. He has called our.private Dr office making false claims. He has called my.husbands job posing as a DOT officer. Telling them my husband is on drugs. Someone please help us. It is like fighting a ghost. He has changed his number.I do have the link to his page. I keep blocking him but he.keeps sending messages under another fake.profile https://www.facebook.com/Buddy-Hand-1720113594947251/

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  2. Our system is so corrupt from ourjudicial, banking, politi al, medical, we need to expose and bring them to their knees and take back what belongs to us not the 2% rich. We might as well be in Russia or under the Hitler regime. If you expose them then they infect and play the hedious mind games and disarmament of the people.

    • Please contact me. Help on being accused falsely corrrupt judicial system Judges and D.A. want to help annonyous bring this out to the open millions of families being destroyed by sick false accusers to gain upper hand on divorse and judges da’s doing it for money state gets as grants. Doing this of destroying families with false restraining orders I am a victim of their job security at cost of families. This is a threat to national security and to Anonymous also. These persons or false accusers are getting away with it and they know because the protect them. Please Contact me Or how do I give you evidence in recordind copys or let me know i do Not Fear as long as they get discovered

      • I’m having the same problem with corrupt judges in cahoots with corrupt family law attorneys . Orange County ca . Judge gave 50 % custody to a meth addicted casino prostitute . My brother has been framed by his sociopath soon to be ex wife . She has a criminal history of drugs and felony theft . My heart breaks that the judge let my nephew in her care . I have proof .. casinos keep video records indefinitely and she has left her minor child in the food court several times . Please contact me .

      • Sir….
        Can you help me i am buy amazon product creed card i am buy iphone 6 but not delivered pls help me anonymous group i am indian and anazon not reply pls help me

  3. I’m sure you don’t spend much time replying to old men like me, 71. My daughter notified me that your organization was looking into Florida Governor Rick Scott. As you pull up information on this crook ranging from medical insurance fraud, to state irregularities and cover ups. Take a moment and look at the 10+ years of obstructionist behavior by Scott, the FDLE, the Legislators and Scott’s cabinet relating to the city of Marianne and the Dozier school. On numerous occasions Scott and his corrupt law enforcement agencies and good Ole boys of Jackson County have thoroughly blocked investigations by the DOJ and major law firms and former Governor’s over the issue of dead bodies of children buried in unmarked graves, sexual assualts conducted against children as young as 5 and 6. Brutal beatings with two inch thick leather straps by grown men against children. Caskets returned to families supposedly with the body of a dead child only to be opened and find it filled with wood, dirt and rocks. Lastly, medical, ECT and drug experiments conducted on children without family or FDA approval or knowledge of the experiments. This is but the surface of the cruel and inhuman treatment suffered by children in the state of Florida with full knowledge of governors Childs, Bush, Crist and Scott and other governor’s, judges and staff members for more than a 111 years. The cover up may go as high as upper levels in the federal government. Without sounding melodramatic, please be careful with this issue as it may well reach levels claiming National security. I’m retired military, severely combat disabled and drawings Social Security so I can’t afford to be outed as the source. But am willing to provide all the information I am aware of, to include names, dates, places and how thousands of medical, dental, academic, training records and disciplinary records disappeared, even though a dozen or more members of the court and five or more state employees and five former wards of the state saw them stored in a room with records stacked on the floor and nearly reaching the ceiling have suddenly disappeared with no one’s knowledge of their where abouts. Scott and his cronies know where they are but no one is speaking up. Who in federal and state government has so much authority or power that they can tell the DOJ, FDLE, FBI, FDA, AG’s and GOVERNORS to keep their mouths shut or to mind your own business and stay the hell out of this issue, even though 700 witnesses have come forward to verify these stories. The NAACP, SOUTHERN PROVERITY LAW CENTER, MAJOR LAWYERS, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES are afraid to look into this because it’s a career ending situation no one at any level dares mess with. Corruption at the highest level. I am truly afraid to send this message because of what might happen to my family and me.

  4. Hi Anonymous! There is a strange mystery that has had me confused for months on end. I am @covenheart. Hello.

  5. I really want to join this momvement, im sick of everything that the government do to keep our mouths shut, but no more for me.

  6. Hi. I’m from South Africa and want to know if the group would mind if I try to promote Anonymous by printing Tee shirts or sweaters for our followers? It is too expensive to by from the US due to heavy import costs in to Africa… Please advise if this can be done. I am willing to give back.. Please contact me. Regards Special_K

  7. I am only thirteen I have wanted to join since I was ten I am now starting to understand the basics of hacking any tips

  8. Please answer.
    I am in dire need of your help, please contact me via e-mail. I need your skills to right a wrong that was done against my family.

  9. Have you ever thought of exposing the judges lawyers and false accusers hurting innocent people in courts. I am one accused by ex and they took everything gave it to her but the judge found her v lying under oath and still gave her everything. Now they have criminal charges DA for sending them bible verses on valentines day. On an illegal restraining order against me when i called police to have them talk to her. It was a civil matter and she went coached 2 days la later and accused me if knocking her out and kicking her nonstop they violated my right do not look at nothing we are guilty matter what expose judges DAs please end this once and for all many of us are suffering

  10. I do apologize for your misfortunate situation. The truth is, you were legally bent over the barrel once you said “I do,” forgoing any prenuptial agreements. The restraining order pertains to any and all forms of communication. This sounds like you have become entangled in a narcissists web. The U.S. Justice system is corrupted and ineffective beyond a shadow of a doubt, but in your case the lawyers are doing their jobs as they should. You need a lawyer and a psychologist, and then challenge her credibility through mental health evaluations, although unless kids are involved, run while you can. #JodiArias If you provide more background on her behaviors during the beginning, the middle, and the specific reactivity during the devolution of the relationship. An accurate and proper evaluation of events could illuminate the entire truth and prove to the court that you have been victimized by a manipulative partner.

    That is just my unofficial advice. I do not intend to undermine the efforts of Anonymous, but to waist their talents on such a complex and very powerful defunct entity is a gross misuse of resources. It is independent groups such as Anon that we must begin to provide public support to leverage against the powerful banks and corporations, who have corrupted the very core of our government. We must step aside from the problems of living day-to-day and accept the current state of our Nation and the Nations of the World, as a united assembly of the people, and we must stand for an individual cause if we intend on succeeding. The American Eagle is gasping for its last breath as the snake of the elites constricts the Eagle, removing its freedoms, before engulfing the lifeless remains to strip the bones.

  11. I applaud your exposure of the secret world of power that prefers to operate without notice or accountability. I have been wondering how or if some interested group of people could, in the interest of democracy and popular engagement in the electoral process, find a way to scrutinize the inner workings of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. This shadowy, unelected right-wing policy organization is actively engaged in pushing extreme conservative legislation in the U.S. They are the ideological tip of the spear which is enshrining, among other things, the restrictive voting requirements in Republican lead states that are clearly intended to suppress the vote of Democratic-leaning constituencies, like African-Americans. The states rationale for these new voting requirements is the prevention of voter fraud, but there is no evidence of any such fraud taking place. The real intention is clear, and I am convinced that somewhere inside ALEC, in their email system and internal correspondence, there exists a smoking gun which details the origin and implementation of legislation that was designed to shift the outcome of elections in Republicans’ favor. We are not fools- we know what’s going on. We need proof to take to court. The cynical manipulation of democracy must end.

  12. I just wanted to ask you for some help. You guys might be aware of the planned tumblr raid by 4-chan, of how they plan to put rape, gore, and other things like that onto tumblr because they think it’s funny. Can you please stop them? Please I don’t want them to flood tumblr with these things, for it might trigger someone, maybe a person who was a victim to these things once. I know it’s not as serious as all the other things you guys are doing, and you might think it’s silly and a waste of efforts. But I just wanted to put it out there so you can stop the 4-chan users from hurting someone. Thank you for your time.

  13. Вы лучшие вы все делаете правильно что было-бы с миром если бы вы не вмешивались
    спасибо вам за все что вы сделать) супергерои)!

  14. anonymous plss hack na Leauge of legend games so many children are insane that game plss down the server leauge of legend

  15. Anonymous its urgent when you see this we need to talk over privite you wont like what im going to tell you trust me its very bad, bad bad bad bad bad.

  16. Anonymous its An Emergency the lizzard squad is back i know cause they just text me from my friends instagram NEED HELP FAST THEY SAID THEY ARE GONNA KILL US!!!!!!!!!!

  17. If we can’t change the government, as a collective what are our next steps? We need a plan to take this country back from the 1%. Who is going to come up with this plan? Tyler?

  18. I need everyones support, lawyers, press, media, PLEASE HELP

    Read my story this is the short versuion

    No one know s how corrupt our government is till you have seen what I have. While laid off from a career with a global cargo airline, I worked for a competitor which later fired me and 12 others for raising serious safety concerns. In 2009 I was in an OSHA whistleblower case with that company that also implicated an FAA official for corruption because of lack of oversight. Although we won our 2009 case, the FAA officials in the Garden City NY Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) have been systematically targeting whistleblowers working for Atlas Air.

    The company has bankrupted me twice. They have bought off FAA and OSHA officials and have bullied and harassed me and others who supported me since 2011. For fear of legal action and media coverage, I was allowed to return in 2013. Again they attempted to ban me from the profession. After successfully passing again they had me evaluated nearly every day I worked in hopes of a bad day to document ill performance. After that failed they called in their corrupt FAA friends who then orders me to the simulator where they could control the environment in which I fly in order to induce a failure. Since 2011 they could not find flaws in my abilities so they had to create one cheating their own system and grossly abusing their authority by failing me on task that seasoned pilots could not accomplish. I have over 3000 hours of flying experience, I have not bent any metal, put any lives in jeopardy or violated any regulations. They managed to fail me by harassing and terrorizing me to Ill performance. They stripped me of all of my FAA and DOT certifications to include truck drivers license in order to starve me and my family for testifying against one of their own who was commiting serious crimes to line his bank account. They did fail at taking my truck driver license because it had nothing to do with aviation safety.

    A Federal investigation uncovered wrong doing, however they have been trying to cover it up ever since.

    An OSHA whistleblower case was opened finding merit on the side of the company claiming I was fired cause. However OSHA never even contact or interviewed even one witness out of 20 listed that would have verified my accusations. Furthermore they refused to allow me to submit any evidence to support my claim but yet they say they conducted a thorough investigation. I have proof they did not.

    Like the FAA OSHA was bought off by the company and told that there would be no retribution because I could not afford an attorney. I am representing my own case and now they bully me refusing my right to discovery.

    We pay taxes and although they did conducted an investigation finding wrong doing, not one person has been prosecuted, terminated from service or even suspended.

    To Be Cont.

  19. Dear Anons from 4 chan.

    To be honest, it looks like you have been living in America all this time. I’m saying this because most of your threats and messages are mostly pointed out to Americans and American government. I think this comes out a bit snobbish, or politically i will not say funded, but probably inspired.

    And because we are all Anons, and no one of us are ( i mean, Anons have no structure, of pyramid of higher power ) and the membership ( of sorts ) is determined only by will to help i feel you are a bit too focused. Spread your mindset a bit. Think about this, does Russia has inner problems with goverment ? Do Africa ( i know that most of people of Twi tribe in Ghana have some problems with capitalism ) have some similar problems ?
    Do you know that Serbia has problem because the media are being shut down and laid off because of cancellation of freedom of speech ?
    Do you know that in Croatia similar thing is happening ?
    That people are disappearing from Lithuania ?

    I mean this : Anons from all the world have these kind of problems, and some more. But your website and yt channel is mostly focused on America, but the WORLD is hurting.

    I would suggest the following : give power back to the people, because we all are after all people. These days humans must not be hackers to hack ( script kiddies ). Make algorithm, make software and distribute it to all willing (with instructions ofcorse ) and have faith in people, as people have faith in you. (As you can see in these message boards ) After all they can persecute all people of the world.

    I am not urging you , i am just putting out some food for brain.

    After all, you are legion, you do not forgive, you do not forget. You are the voice of all people who call this WORLD their own.


    • X Delta we can only do it collectively. I am fighting a horrendous battle with corrupt FAA and OSHA officials. And I am doing it alone. I had to found out the hard way no one has a chance alone.

      Talk to me Delta………..

    • Same here. If I may suggest, I am wiling to branch off and build a division of overt followers. I am willing to go to jail for if I have to. This corrupt government has taken everything from me ignoring my constitutional rights under the 14th amendment. I have little or nothing to lose.

      I am all for what Anonymous stands for but I think we need to do more. I want to be a part of this so called movement, but what am I a part of? I am learning by defending myself in federal court that I don’t have a chance alone. the company and government agencies I am battling know that I have no money and cannot afford an attorney and they are eating me alive. NO ONE HAS A CHANCE ALONE I DONT CARE HOW RIGHT YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!

      I am a Constitutionalist and a Patriot. I served mother America and even took a bullet for her only to be shit on by a broken system. And I am willing to take another one if it means preserving the American way of life as it was intended. I looked into the Tea Party, yeah right. Another group of greedy idealist made up of the 1%. Anonymous has the right idea, but where are you going?

      I can understand Anonymous being covert for security reasons, but I think there needs to be a speaker in every area of the media to spread the word and to gain support.

      I ask Anonymous to better organize and establish regional fronts. Im willing to stand up in my region.

      Anonymous, If your interested I will give you a way to contact me. Just ask!

    • This corruption of the world can only end once we have done what we all ways do…DESTROY. unless we can change our ways and forget about religion we are all fated the same as everyone else we are equals and we are…HUMAN and we will destroy this planet regardless of who is in control how would you stop this

  21. I tried to join you 1 year ago, and I found out that everybody can join you. There’s no leader. I tried to to that and to have connection with you with LOIC. I only want to know how to join you. The world collapses. There’s no water, big corporations used it. We must save the Earth, to people from Africa, or other continets can live in peace without crisis, ISIS, Masons, ext. I know how to hack, and I know that “normal” people without hacking can be part of Anonymous. U said that there’s not leader who can “invite” u. But can some Anonymous stay in contact with me, said me that I’m in. The new world order will be there soon, but we must try to give people better life. They mustn’t think that tomorrow they’ll lost their water in their country. They’ll become poor. We must take down this governments, and same shit as it. I need some Anonymous who will said that I’m in, that’ll help me in some actions, and I’ll help ‘im. WE DO NOT FORGIVE! If you want contact me on this mail: [email protected]

    • well, every post from anon has pastebin link to it 😀 doesn’t it… that is a list of websites to be hacked. Ofcourse, i would suggest building some VPN and connecting to some free hotspot. Have fun. Also to prevent possibility that you are 11 years old and are just words, there are some software, Nmap, Cain and Abel, Kali ( use it with VM ) and some information can be found on internet about TCP/IP and FTP protocol. Have fun.

  22. I am anonymous and I am prepared to use my voice and my actions to defeat those who would enslave us and our children. ” Waking People Up ” is no small thing to accomplish. Years of conditioning and diversions have left many dazzled by technology, and the rising cost of living has rendered the populace tired .. physically and emotionally. We must use all of our willpower or else we will eventually become nothing more than livestock tax slaves for the oligarchy.

  23. If you want to counter the New World High Tech dragnet that is cast over demonstrators by Big Brother – counter with primal low technology.
    Big Brother communications will be bombarded.
    Use Cow Bells.
    The cow bells that are used as percussion instruments along with a striking stick make a resounding noise on all open microphones.
    This utterly shuts down all audio transmit and receiving for transmissions and recording.
    You want to drive Big Brother crazy?
    The next time you have a demonstration or protest you can see for yourself.
    Wear ear plugs and hearing protection.

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  25. Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I’ve been ripped off 4 times already, thankfully my friend gave me a reliable contact, he works with discretion and delivers, he does all sorts of hacks, I would prefer to let his services speak for itself, you can contact him at [email protected], if he asks where you got his contact you can say from Charlene.

  26. I have nothing to lose nor nothing gain I am just one in the audience trying observe what u doing anonymous! I am not a fan nor I am against you but for the sake of the world and all it’s living being we need to act quickly not only one country but the world ………….. Am as one
    Trying to do the impossible as anonymous with or against me
    I need to hear it from you…………..

  27. Greetings anonimilor!

    I am J.
    As many above, I desperately need help. I am afraid that a corporation will crush the man I love.
    He is fighting a legal case for many many years yet the case is crystal clear and so many are profiting out of his work while the corporate greed is trying to burry the case.

    You’re the world’s new leaders. I only have hope in you.
    Hack me. Help me.


  28. helo anonymous i have a questions, how you attack together? with your friends ? you live in same city or you have a website chat for attack?

  29. I know I do not have the skills to join you, I’m not very good with computers , but every time I watched your videos, I thought, “They understand me so well,” you Understand me better than the others around me because all my life I feel like I’m living in a robotic world.
    All the time I feel like I’m living in a world were “freedom” is an illusion and I can not fight for it, because I’m stuck in this routine life.
    When I watch your videos for the first time, I’ll be honest, I thought you’re just another one that’s going to talk about conspiracy and stuff like that, but then you talk about everything … I do love your point of view about what happening in this world … I love all the words you say and … I don’t know … As you are my idol or something … You are Anonymous, this is what I really love about You, but I want to know more about what you do and how you do … I do not watch so many videos to say that I’m a constant follower, but all those I saw, I could inspire myself in them.
    I may not become like you, but knowing there’s someone else out there who thinks the same way and says it out loud is too advisory.
    Thank you for reading this long text, I know I was boring with all this and I could write simply in the comments and not in an application, but the moment I started writing, I could not stop.
    Keep up the good work of showing the truth behind the rottenness of this world, where those who destroy it are the politicians and those who cover their eyes just to don’t see what’s happening right in front of them.

    • Greetings, Maria Monteiro. I have read your full text and I speak for all of Anonymous when I say that we appreciate your support. Freedom is not given it is earned, earn yours!

      We Anonymous,

      We are Legion,

      We do not forgive,

      We do not forget,

      Expect us!

  30. I recently started watching your videos, they have really changed my perspective towards our government. You have opened my eyes to what’s really going on in the world. I appreciate you taking the time and courage to do what you do. Thank you!

  31. Sir Please help me as a site “dealinmart.com” – a eshopping site has been taking payment from all and not delivering the products. Many hundreds of people including me is a victim.. please help please. my invoice no is “#IN001715”

  32. Hello,

    Can i have some proof that you actually are able to to anything and not just post videos and write on a site/forum?

  33. Greetings All
    As a South African citizen, im truly concerned about the state of my country. Our president has multiple cases and charges against him, ranging from rape to arms deals, while he builds an over 200 million rand mansion for himself. My country is in constant conflict, I know politicians are just puppets to the elites, but the only way to stop the elites is to break their puppets down to expose them. My beautiful country is being ruined and for the sake of my children and their children, we need to show that our government is elected by the people for the people, not to steal and scam and rob the country from is core values.

    So this is me asking Anonymous to help in any way possible, to expose the corruption of my government and to help open the eyes of my fellow kin. I know we are a small country but if you wanna see what our future could be like , just look at our neighbors, Zimbabwe. that is my future and the future of my family if I keep quiet.

  34. That hire if or if with the horn the end with all its consequences. It’s not a silly thing, I’m talking about something serious. But I do not want to explain it here so that you get in touch with any of us for a safer line. (Yes There is someone from Pontevedra or surroundings, even better in person. Our contacts are: 622 7474 02 / Yudi Gomez.
    Antonio 668829153.
    Aaron 652 30 9323

  35. If this the real anonymous then all I should need to say is that I’m a victim of ELECTRONIC HARRASSMENT. They are in all my electronic devices . They are killing us , my family with frequencies, dirty energy I believe and anything else electricity can do to kill a person . They originally tried murder while sleeping. I found a scam … My son’s pancreas completely shut 5and my daughter is having seizures.And my other son was having suicidal thoughts.They are watching me type this message right now. I been that you help us . PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.

  36. If this the real anonymous then all I should need to say is that I’m a victim of ELECTRONIC HARRASSMENT. They are in all my electronic devices . They are killing us , my family with frequencies, dirty energy I believe and anything else electricity can do to kill a person . They originally tried murder while sleeping. I found a scam … My son’s pancreas completely shut 5and my daughter is having seizures.And my other son was having suicidal thoughts.They are watching me type this message right now. I been that you help us . PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. Is there anything you can do

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