Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

We’re in the wake of the news, that David Rockefeller has passed away at age 101, as has been confirmed by members of the family. Last year Anonymous had given David Rockefeller one last opportunity to come straight forward, while he was alive, and be completely honest with all of us about the goals of Bilderberg. We warned that if he decided not to speak for himself, then we will speak for him.

He either never saw our warning, or chose to remain silent, so this message is a call to action to all Anonymous Intel groups across the world to conduct a massive data release on the entire Rockefeller Family and their political involvements in foreign affairs for the past century relating to population control and attempting to install a centralized one-world government. This, is a calling to all of our localized Anonymous sectors of every State and Country across the planet to release as much information they’ve gathered over the years and make public all the data surfaced through our tools of surveillance to observe all conversations and suppressed information on the Rockefeller name; which the media had been helping to protect, distract, and shield our eyes and ears away from – ever since as far back as when John D Rockefeller began buying out media outlets to control what the press was saying about him – or ANY Rockefeller born after.

This is our opportunity to lay to rest all of the rumors, and hammer the final nail in the coffin on this subject matter, for future generations to review and learn a valuable lesson relating to how wealth and power can grow completely out of control and destroy liberty in the pursuit to gain more centralized Governmental control over the lives of many, to benefit the lives of the few. Thank you for your interest and help to expose corrupt public figures in positions of power, and please standby patiently as we communicate among each other and prepare this data release together. To the Rockefeller Family, though, we do respect a life well-lived, and we respect the very nature of death itself, we are Anonymous, we do not forgive or respect what elite members of your family had attempted to do to us with their power. And we do not forget, just as karma always gives back what it receives – you should had already known to expect us.

Anonymous – The King of NWO Has Fallen! What Happens Now… (Operation Rockefeller)


  1. Anonymous – The King of NWO Has Fallen! What Happens Now… (Operation Rockefeller)

  2. Wow. Very well said… What now?
    I mean, I could form an inspirational reply like usual, but there’s nothing to go on about. We’re all just waiting for a revolution, I suppose.
    Anyways, very good video, no surprise. Anonymous is an incredible organization.

  3. Anonymous I need to speak with any of you that may be able to help. I possess an idea that could transform our slave jobs into a self sustaining system for the people. Only drawback regarding this idea is We need financial assistance to begin this transformation. I believe money in itself is a form of control and manipulation for evil behavior but this corrupt world revolves around money unfortunately. This idea I mentioned would turn that slavery on itself and free the people from the slave masters. Please contact me so we may discuss further. “May we all as human beings return to our true nature of love and unity”

  4. Right now our minds are sucked into this vortex that the government and The Rothchilds have formed, and only a select few have and will wake up and realize that we are living in a place where we are no longer free and the constitution doesn’t matter because the government has made it into a piece of paper instead of the foundation that this country was formed on. Like myself, we all need to wake up realize that what we are told on the news are lies and coverups. The things we trust the most are all monitored by our government. What we are doing now is just a plan by our overseers, everything is just about money and now everything is corrupt. Even our stores and banks. Please, wake up and take action as your right as a citizen.

  5. kossovo serbia, in 1994 cia bnd Create bases in Albania to move to the Middle East.
    I need to understand who are the good and bad, or the world does not divide into good and bad, but free and slaves

  6. Have you ever noticed that The CIA has never once acted in the best interest of The United States or The American People? Its almost as if it was created with the sole intention of slowly turning our country into a Fascist Faceless Dictatorship.

  7. Viel leid auf dieser Welt, sieht NESTLE Konzern, siehe Kriege um Profit zu schlagen oder siehe ihr erfundenes Wort Terror sind in Verbindung mit Ihnen zu bringen. Meine Meinug: Das Böse in Person und mit ein Hauptproblem usnerer Erde, die jedoch leider so mächtig und einflussreich sind, sodass sie Politiker, Richter, Firmen uvm mehr kaufen wie wir das tägliche Brot. Bitte unternimmt was gegen Sie!
    P.S ich finde euch TOP und würde euch gern (wenn auch mit wenigen mitteln) finanziell unterstützen.


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