Anonymous – Something Unexplainable is Going On… (2018-2019)


  • Anonymous
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    Anonymous – Something Unexplainable is Going On… (2018-2019)

    • FATMAT
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      indeed this looks like a burningman parking lot****

    • Curious viewer
      Posted April 27, 2018 12:47 am 0Likes

      I’m curious to learn bout the worlds corruption but not sure if you are good as I heard you was. I like to see demonstration of your hacking abilities. I see you on you tube hacking cod and omegle. Show me something like that. Let me know if you need me to do something for you to be able to prove this

    • venom
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      hmmp mybe this is it…the end of all

  • Emonkhan
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  • Sai vinay
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    I want to join with u

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      How can i take down a public utility

  • Sai vinay
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    What I want to do join u?

  • NM Sha/To Oreo
    Posted May 7, 2018 2:02 am 0Likes

    Port 3.1-Nouveau Mil. A Rep. A- Je pense donc c’est vrai mode- Accusations, none. Amazon numerals? State issued ID? Please email me at [email protected]. Call me, please. Write to me. I want an Anonymous pen pal. I want a group of Anony friends….
    Heart you. Heart-“Cookie”-Black Screen-by Smooth…

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    Cool this news article is on my favorite day.

  • ceaser_pr
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    i want join with you.

  • Le Defarge Knit is Over.
    Posted June 5, 2018 2:16 am 0Likes

    DO NOT EVER TRUST THE ROYAL FAMILY. Due to loss of popularity and power, they use stealth tactics if you question them. Psychosomatic ops.If you have dared to question or critique them lightly or verbosely, you WILL be attacked. They know how to encrypt, use their special ops army and are united in force against the public. They are parts of high military and can turn renegade whenever they wish. They use spy ops, black light psycho soma or getting “familiar” by giving you suggestion, and all types of assasination threats on others. I believe in this message- use black light or night vision goggles. “Spirits resurrecting”- no, they are an elite army who wish to be petty because they think money is all. Absolute control. “Putting blocks on financing” will not work. Telling military. Utilize psycho somatic overpowering control. It is the honeycomb. Knock. “Do not dare criticize to face” is over.
    They utilize bad cop good cop method. They are torture prone and BDS at times to suit. Some family members may be Israel oriented. They will utilize whipping boys to whip your noggin into shape. They will appear genuine after torturing you. Hacking is little if it doesn’t hurt so psyche-ly.

  • Domination and Control
    Posted June 5, 2018 2:54 am 0Likes

    These Royals utilizing intense amounts of money to spy on you. They will. They overtake if they wish. Legally, they are not even citizenry. They are never arrested. They rarely sit down while talking and fidget none. This means they are used to berating and torturing you. You will never know who is talking from within. They are heavily in arms deals and beauty queen drug trafficking. They play with emotions and have mastered it all. They know how to make you suffer. They can choke the life out of you by getting at you by taking your pride away. You cannot question authority over the palace is over. Delving into a fishy marriage called lovey lovey within six months- high snoots who pretend they are not utilizing a desperate woman who will do anything– six months at the ring!- while pretending to backstab her with the public is not a form of torturing her for daring to enter the palace. Pampering so smooth until she doesn’t even receive a proper princess title. Mockery. We cannot ascertain that this step is not some foul play to offend or rip apart the black rights group. Now, the desperate woman- some actress- rushes to marry while holding onto her ex husband. Headlines called “He has your leftovers” by the ex husband and topless photo. Do we forget that there is no damned wedding with a divorcee? How are we having three in tow? Former Bishop who is not even English. FORMER bishop, mind you. Dignitaries skipping out. Desperate bride who clings to a “happily ever after” with the “he has your leftovers” comment published on internet by ex husband and friend fb chat. That bad of a bride, already. Shady as heck gal pal who goes to a easy as lake pie refugee internment camp. What mockery on the prince called three titles to the point of being some earl, baron of northern ireland! and duke of somewhere unremarkable. And the desperate bride gets detrothed as a princess. She can’t get any title without him in tow. The amount of farce that this is not a game to laugh, mock at a woman all day is hilarious. The bride must absolutely take it on her to keep this up. Keeping up with up do and up keep. DO NOT TRUST ENTERTAINMENT AGENDA. We know what glossing over blaring errors is the media’s job. They hate papparazzi but need them. “Painfully unaware Royal of black rights”- no. How about shady as hell duke of saucy saucy? Some alliance between future UK and America? Royals will pretend “Far off from meddling. I have no power” but they do. “Just figurehead” until they whap you completely with cold brutal “half way genuine to half way farce”.
    So here is the insane truth- Humans who make your brains that crazy over discerning are experts at sociopathy and torture. You will end up trusting 50 percent and something will emerge as something so nefariously wrong that your psyche may collapse. They plan this shit years ahead. They will utilize all types of killing your integrity. You may questiom yourself. You will sound racist if you doubt the new bride. Huge tactic-: Utilizing socio-cultural overpowering. “You don’t want a black person in Buckingham Palace, then? We have to ADJUST- you see” and then, you realize mind chess games. Can you shout about superiority issues in them? They changed all of a sudden. Those crowns are all laced with murder, annihilation of the indigeneous and tribes. How can you go there to take it? You are reversing history or inflicting torture from Cosmo Karma?
    You get perplexed and then, you recognize trauma. In you. “Clearly, you need rest”- Hasanat Khan. Always harangued. Now, you don’t want to be “politically incorrect” by doubting what they are cooking up. It is wrong to question a mixed race duchy because you know this family that way. Bells are ringing. Ding ding ding. Psy ops tactic- Fatigue out the opponent by battling their own disposition. Make sure their appears to be taken aback. Fatigue their logic. Fatigue their entire family values. Why are we actually watching joyously when we are so averse to them? They will always abuse societies or groups who are patriarchal and subservient- much like decorum oriented societies such as shy Hindustan who honor them and middle eastern cultures.
    More to delve into- More domination tactics-

  • Domination and Power Control II
    Posted June 5, 2018 3:02 am 0Likes

    Ultimate Invalidation Tactic-
    Then, invalidate the discerning depth of observer or protestor if they are female by saying “You must be jealous” or “My, my, we must be obsessed all our lives to know that much”…..Take everything of backbone.
    Make enmity with the new bride and fail. Awful glaring warning signs.

  • Domimation and Power Control III
    Posted June 5, 2018 3:12 am 0Likes

    Huge Glaring Black Light on This-
    The amount of English to American decorum, society, etiquette to translate, to discern properly for the public is so out there. Can’t see nothing but happy crown. How much one upmanship can you have? How about ultimate domination and control? Can anybody understand?
    No, you must be unhappy and you can’t be happy for fucked up wedding customs- while I say ” your other family members have way more proper and attentive wedding rituals.” Now, we cry. We are the spoiled bride for a few days before you realize what hierarchy means. Yes, yes. Mock from up there at the public. The public vitriol, you can’t handle. Your mother in law has been in the public hearts and minds for years now and you delighted to be up there within a week of meeting your in laws. Is the duchy able to discern or have intuition? Another sign why they need a blocked up duchy. Submission to the hilt. Overpower. Control. Retort- “Nice wedding. I will see you at the marriage if it works out”

    • Domination and Control IV
      Posted June 5, 2018 3:44 am 0Likes

      More on decorum oriented cultutes versus freewill ones-
      Decorum oriented culture females are that easy to manipulate. There are seven billion people on the planet. The Royals demand so much from you. Do the Royals attack any rude and swearing like a sailor alpha male or female? No. Regardless of whether they are married, they are uncontrollable. They see a very submissive, docile easy target when a woman, they need- not want, is married with a kid in decorum infested societies. She cannot speak about who they are but see them being accomplices. Can be entertainment industry, or the normal public. They create infidelities by behaving intimately. Are they even on your team? Is The Prince going to leave his immediate family, riches, status, honor for a fling with decorum oriented baggage? What are these domination tactics again? They leave you to be maimed in your own society. Do they bother?
      Stop hurting yourself by behaving you are so intrepid, group. Never have one group member tackle this. You have to spread shit out. “You cannot be serious that you are a victim” in All Caps by The Royal Team.
      Then, Royal Team grabs closest psychopaths and sociopaths to harangue you over and over again. Understand tactics. All forms of strength coming in. Must learn psychological defense in all forms. This fight will have you hurling bricks before breakdowns due to them. They will pit you against your enemy. To seethe for years, you thought. They control.
      Never fear the label of “crazy.” Ever. EVER.

      • Domination and Control V
        Posted June 5, 2018 4:03 am 0Likes

        Faith Driven Tactics- They cover the gamut. They can talk smoothly. What works for them? Poker face cold brute. Able to contain emotions. Able to communicate intuitively with body language with each other. And a power tactic is never let victimized be without somebody in the Royal family backing them but will never help you in the way you wish. “They know better than you” “We’ve psychoanalyzed to a T” and “we know people” – ET tactics of sophisticated psy ops while sleeping. Utilizing emotional control to make you oversee how much harm they have caused. “Fatigue? You don’t know the sort”-response. Royals who have inequality in their family are not alright. They should never have all princesses and one token duchy.
        Now, reach out to victim, duchy. She knows better than you. Now, both women are berserk. Psy manipulation tactics are shown as spontaneous downing of two at the same time. I would call it- “the two headed demon”-
        Now, enter Anonymois atheists who will completely skip over Christian talk. “But it’s real, you see”……Valide, Valide, Valide…
        As you take all this in, watch for psy ops tactics all around you. Your family members might be against you. Psy ops control. Just know of what you may lose-

        • Domination and Power Back VI
          Posted June 5, 2018 4:13 am 0Likes

          HEAR YE HEAR YE- Just because you can’t name it does not mean it does not exist.
          Know this- TRUST YOUR EXPERIENCE ….

          Describe it. Don’t lie to yourself. Herd mentality out.

  • Domination and Control VII
    Posted June 5, 2018 4:52 am 0Likes

    Honor shaming labels and blow ups of HUGE media figures. “You get all that, crazy, isn’t it”- Royalists. “Like why would you understand them that way? You’re pretty weird, (insert another gaffe and insult” Mock, jeer, insult. For what long term consequence? “It was time to”- and they don’t have one on them? Any from overseas?
    Who is the next President? What is the end goal here?
    Then, retort against The Royal Team with screw up comment back called “Do you want a MeToo# on your ass?” They fear paparazzo. Papparazi. Invasion of Privacy. Invasion with sneaky cameras. Invasion of stealth. They turn inward.
    “What is up with The Royal experiment, eh?”
    Any other sway? Throw with sins of Genocide, not helping out everyone enough, throw their sins against them.
    And more evil ways-
    Voodoo. Juju. Hex Spells. Ha. Anything since they don’t have boundaries.

  • Domination and Control VIII
    Posted June 5, 2018 5:23 am 0Likes

    The Greatest Satanic Tactic by a Royal Team-
    Throw public off by inflicting pain on trained psyche to dismiss the royal team as predictable. Then, they start the mayhem on you by making sure the woman on a great trick of treachery on herself is relegated to being questioned nonstop as to what she is doing. The father is missing- has King Richard I ancestry going to Scotland but is American as hell- snark by royal opposers, the mother has slave ancestry, they say, the sister is missing. There is no maid of honor. He picks an impulsive love at first sight, they say, lover off the sets of a lawyer cast iron skillet grille. She is black-excuse but she is mixed race-blame the realists for the demise of the relationship- and is monumental, they say. But they don’t crown her properly. She is duchy but who elsewhere trusts her? She was topless in the beginning of her relationship. She clearly can’t qualify to be princess, they say. Divorcee to boot- theory. Yet ex husband is constantly around. Overbearing burden to explain. Them taking over. Connect the dotted lines. Go with train of thought. We are left warring with the royal team for years.
    PS- Just because you are beloved figure’s offspring does not guarantee sinless existence. Just know that, royal team. Suck ups. Brit slang to American slang congruency.

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    I want to join u

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