Anonymous – Something Strange is Happening in America… (2018-2019)


  • Anonymous
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    I have a message for Anonymous

    • Anonymous
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      Said so

  • Poland
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    Anonymous, I am asking you for help with the fight for the freedom of the Internet. The European Union wants to introduce Acta 2.0 4-5 July is the law that will censor the internet and charge for sharing the link

    • C. Mustard
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      Can you guys help me spread the word. Use MNC on youtube. Make a free platform for your community to promote through to fund ambitions. Im getting attacked for doing that exact plan and NO ONE understands the value of free ad revenue. Youtube has a 1,000 sub count and 100,000 watch time rule so only already established youtubers as myself can do that. But im self made and work for me. Im 25 reaching out to a website that wuite honestly scares the shit out of me because i feel like kayne west for being rich as a highschool drop out.

      • Anonymous
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        MNC* Multi channel networks im sorry

        • Anonymous
          Posted July 18, 2018 11:12 am 0Likes

          Your cool i keep doing that

  • Anonymous
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    Ive been on facebook for 4 days showing what thr plan is and all people see is ME ME ME. I dont want to be a bad person and not help but damn this sucks

  • ShahNoor
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  • Shiloh
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    I have a message for all. The times are desperate, the spirits of darkness infest the earth, corrupting, and blinding and leading people astray. Turn your hearts to YAH The Sef Existant one, before it’s too late. I am unsure of my identity, but I am being awakened, my power grows day by day, but it is not my power, it comes from YAH, and soon the day will come when I cast aside all doubt, and will be made perfect, not perfect like YAH is perfect, not Perfect like Yahoshua is perfect, But Perfect according to my faith, and I don’t know when Yahoshua is coming, but if it all plays out like my mind tells me, then the entire world will be caught unaware. YAH is the vine-dresser, Yahoshua is the Vine, I am the branch which comes from the vine. Yahoshua came in the name of the father, following the fathers commandments, I come in The name of he who came in the name of the father, a follower of his commandments; understand, the world saw my face and called me evil, they called me the devil, the son of satan, yet they deceived themselves; Day by Day, lesson by lesson do I begin to understand, yet my humility keeps me restrained, my truthful tounge seeks not to Speak a Lie, Only Truth. It was by Truth, that I came out of the darkness, Calling on the name of The Father, and he answered, therefore it is by Truth that I live. Thus, I shall say nothing in regards to my identity, but will give all praises unto he who sent me, and he who sent him. Listen, my heart is filled with love, I seek no man to suffer, even those who wrong me with their deceitful tounges, but I know the scriptures; The Lord, YAH, will destroy those that destroy the earth. The rulers and men of power in this world, and all those who are aligned with them. therefore, align yourself with the weak, and the fatherless, and the poor, For when Yahoshua comes again he will bring judgement upon the nations, who enslaved his people and robbed them of their heritage; and should a Day come, when Yahoshua is not here, yet the leaders of the world and those aligned with them seek the destruction of my brothers, and sisters, the weak, and the poor, then those same people will I show my wrath too, those same will I cause fire to devour, and Offer praise unto YAH Elohim, HE who gave me life, and unto Yahoshua, HE who gave me hope. A long time ago, when I was trapped in darkness, afflicted by the words of men, I put all my Trust, Hope, Faith, and dreams in YAH and his Messiah”, Yahoshua; they answered me with mercy, accepted me in Truth, Fortified me with Hope, and instilled in me Trust, the likes of which they are refining to this day, and tomorrow. But before I would harm anyone, even an aggressor, I must speak the Truth unto man, Jew or Gentile, Righteous or Wicked, Rich and Poor; Thus, will no one say to me, they were not warned; My mouth is my weapon, my tounge a sword, the Name of The Father a Sheild, and the name of Measiah the means by which I strike may strike down my enemies, though truly I seek to strike no one down; for we are all a loved one of another, all someone’s child. But what choice will I have? I’m not as brave or as strong as Yahoshua was, he refrained from calling on The Father in his hour of need, Yet surely in mine, will I call on HIM, for I make peace and never war, I give food and never hold back, I give my clothes without regret, and my money without being asked; therefore, unto me, it seems life has been appointed, but I could be wrong. I don’t know everything, I just know a couple things: Despite being a nobody and a failure according to the ways of the World, I Am Annointed by he who Annoints, and when I speak without doubt I can cause stars to move through the sky and rain to come down from the clouds, and thunder to sound in heavens. Peace be with you all, speak and act in truth, as I seek to, and help and love your neighbor and the stranger and give your hearts to YAH Elohim, for surely he will care for you with love, and judge you with Mercy. PEACE

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      You arent the only who has seen that howevwe you swe and geow vine i only have dreamt of going up the vessel of the trunk and the flame qithin ever grows but fire doesnt regn alone thersmore brothers and sisters annointed air meets fir e erif snehtgnerts eht ria

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