Anonymous – Something Strange is Happening in America… (2018-2019)

Anonymous – Something Strange is Happening in America… (2018-2019)

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  1. Anonymous, I am asking you for help with the fight for the freedom of the Internet. The European Union wants to introduce Acta 2.0 4-5 July is the law that will censor the internet and charge for sharing the link

    • Can you guys help me spread the word. Use MNC on youtube. Make a free platform for your community to promote through to fund ambitions. Im getting attacked for doing that exact plan and NO ONE understands the value of free ad revenue. Youtube has a 1,000 sub count and 100,000 watch time rule so only already established youtubers as myself can do that. But im self made and work for me. Im 25 reaching out to a website that wuite honestly scares the shit out of me because i feel like kayne west for being rich as a highschool drop out.

  2. Ive been on facebook for 4 days showing what thr plan is and all people see is ME ME ME. I dont want to be a bad person and not help but damn this sucks


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