Anonymous – Something is Coming! (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019)

Anonymous – Something is Coming! (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019)

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  1. Of course we aren’t alone in the universe,we can’t be, but are we actually going to make contact on a global scale here because its getting weird all over and for me personally. I’ve been having intensely painful sleep paralysis like events where my bones in my arms/cardio region especially have been vibrating so fast I feel like I’m melting from them. I’m unable to move and fighting to move my body so the vibration stops. I know its not a dream,though its tricky bouncing in and out of states of lucidity with only the vibration pain as a constant, because when I do get up and am out of bed it still hurts as a phantom pain for a few minutes.

    I’ve had SP events for most of my life, but they have been increasing and its almost on a weekly basis now. I feel I’m being watched during these events and sometimes during the day it’s similar. I’m also having increases in deja vu. I can do something for the first time I’m sure of it like read an article and swear I have memory of having already done it. Very stressful, feel I’m running in loop mode sometimes. It’s taking its toll on me mentally, I’m getting strong prolonged auditory hallucinations and brief flashes of visual ones,but nothing I can’t discard and physically when the sp is happening, I don’t know what I could’ve possibly done to deserve that level of torture. I feel at the mercy of something here. Not necessarily evil but I don’t know. Mad?

  2. Omg don’t know if we are all the same but I feel that too, I constantly feel watched.. nearly 24/7 if I’m honest but just thought that’s Cos I’m nuts or something. And I get sleep paralysis too, it’s the worst thing ever.. maybe it’s not that maybe it’s a seizure I don’t know but it’s hsppened about 8-10 times and each and every time I feel like I’m going to die.. I get these electrical things in my brain it’s like electrical waves or shocks and I cannot move I cannot scream, I don’t know if I’m awake or not (I hope not) but in the beginning it was always a dark figure, it used to stand away from me but eventually it would be next to me, then in my next flat when it happened I floated (not sure if was real/awake or sleep again) but this figure was there and it floated me around the room and pushed me into the ceiling (I have a hard time remembering all details as it’s so traumatising and intense think my brain blocks it out I don’t know) that one when I was floating was particularly bad, the worst one I think. Then I was having a old witchy looking woman going back and forth into my face and the last episode I had there was a blonde haired man (cannot picture the face) over me. It’s honestky the most bizarre thing, so bizarre I don’t really tell anyone unless they have the same thing for fear of being thought of as a insane person. It’s probably unrelated to the video but reading that comment above I had to also share. Tbh I really just think they’re very bad dreams I can’t explsin it any other way, I know it feels very real (I crap myself trying to sleep the following nights) but in all honesty I’m really not so sure. Hope you feel better to know your not alone.


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