• Anonymous – NORTH KOREA FALSE FLAG ⚠
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    Anonymous – NORTH KOREA FALSE FLAG ⚠

    • YouDontWhanaKnow
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      Everybody anonymous is real… this website is long on internet (i would say) if you think this is fake, why you even on here i am 12 years old and i hack internet connetions games and data of people. i am here to know the truth of the world Anonymous is not a rebel but a hacker hero he can expose donald trump of hes secrets what he going to do. i am here thats why.
      We are Anonymous We are not rebels We are hero’s.
      We are legion.
      we do not forgive.
      we do not forgot.
      expect us

      • Anonymas
        Posted September 27, 2017 3:57 pm 0Likes

        Nice skills but never expose your age or what you do it too match info about You.
        And kid try to do something more to help more you do more you can be like as and if you do not read this or do something agents as we will find you for are safety.

        {Code 129}

      • Anonymous_brother02
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        I am Person who is wonder if you could teach me basic ways of hacks or Cracking if you do teach me then i will thank you and fight for your side, and if you dont then Thank you fr putting time into looking at my post and pondering the idea of teacheing me

      • jacob
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      • new member
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        really, real hackers dnt expose any info about their selves, in my defense u r nat one

      • ADOLF HITLER 911
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        ALA AKBAR

    • AnonymousX
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      Hello Anon you are AnonymousX

    • AnonymousX
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      Dear Anonymous — i You are AnonymousX i have recently descovered this from a fellow coding freind copy the codes below paste them in note pad++ or in normal notepad then save it as TeLazah.bat

      @echo off
      mode 67,16
      title TeLazah v.04
      color 0b
      echo TeLazah
      set /p x=Server-Target:
      color 0D
      ping %x%
      @ping.exe -n 5 -w 1000 > nul
      goto Next
      set /p m=IP Host:
      color E
      set /p n=Packet Size:
      ping -i %n% -t -l 5000>nul
      color d
      color 0a
      Color c
      color d

  • William Sekera
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    I agree completely with that, and as usual our so call government continues to lie to us.

    • jose soto
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      people are not ready to be unplugged.

      • anonymous
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        if not now then when

  • J. Prudomme
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    The pure capitalists among us would like to dominate all, but surely not destroy. That would be stupid, unthinking. Destroyed nations do not become customers, do not buy Made in America goods. And few here are unthinking sociopathic “pure” (aka primitive beast sociopaths/psychopathis) capitalists. Plenty of good people exist who want to do well for themselves but will share some of the bounty (reasonable amount, if taxes aren’t too high doing so) Even the (Kremlin based) writer has good will, it seems, as they do. The writer wants to warn us, purportedly, and that is his good deed. So he proves that goodness is wider than he says.

  • amirhossein
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    I want to be a member of your group, I also know the skills, but I do not know how to become member of your group

    • Goergy
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      I agree with you.

    • Anonymas
      Posted September 27, 2017 4:01 pm 0Likes

      Do good and do things that will help the world
      if more info needed Email down below.
      You need to use your skills for good.

      [email protected]
      {Code ~098}

  • Anonymous
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    • amirhossein
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      What is EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon
      Did you accept me

  • 010101
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    we are anonymous

  • 010101
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    we are anonymous

    • amirhossein
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      I also want to be anonymous
      What should I do

      • Michael Pinch
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        You want to join these losers? Really?

        • Amirhossein
          Posted September 12, 2017 5:50 am 0Likes

          You have a better group?

        • FIROZ KHAN
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          Do you know more than anonymous group

          • FIROZ KHAN
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    • Anonymas
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      Only if you say you anonymas witch I chacked you are not and not on are Anonymas_LINE keep your skills of saying you are anonymas to your self.

      And no spaming
      {Code 098}

      the real one

  • Michael Pinch
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    Anonymous is DEAD! They’re just a bunch of snot nosed script kiddies in their parent’s basements that can’t even touch the hardened Info Sec at the University of Rochester. Anonymous idiots should shut up and get real jobs…losers.

  • The Prophet
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    ”'”The United States is the final beast depicted in the bible. ‘The king of the north’ hasn’t been revealed. World Religions, specifiacally ones with political ties are compared to a ‘harlot’. The harlot riding the beast, means powerful religions controlling where the beast goes, i.e. how it does things, through lies. the time is coming. Beware of ‘Peace and Security'””’

    • Amirhossein
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      You have a better group?

  • Anonymous
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    [[File:i want to be a soldier need help to help]]

    • Amirhossein
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    • amirhossein
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      I want to be a member of your group
      I want to be a soldier

    • Anonymous
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      With what ill may take some time and help you.


      • Pearl
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        HI pls help me to in being a helper. Upon receiving the truth I did Sealy mistakes and felt like I was going mad. BUT am in control now and ready to fight for human kind and I know am protected but shouldn’t be stupid. Please advice me on how to secure my phone and becoming anonymous. Thanks in advance.

  • confused
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    if you look at the world stage with a open mind you can see the the cons going on everywhere. Right now it is easy to see private families positioning for neutral protection to evade mass depopulation. My concern is for my children not myself unfortunately i am part of the useless majority. conflict is the key to distraction yet somehow we gained 2 trillion dollars in debt since the election. Our courts are only working for the top 10 percent the rest is on hold. it seems to be a join a group or die senario. i wish i could find a safe place for my children a farm and just cut ties with the world. knowledge is a waste if not understood and today it only matters who you know. i must protect my children before i go.

  • putra
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    can you help me? im comform indonesia region,

  • putra
    Posted September 12, 2017 8:34 pm 0Likes

    i have problem about mistakes in registering birth certificates that have been stored in government databases and can not be changed.
    please helm me please

    i want just change birth certificates before/wrong “LAMPUNG UTARA” be/to “TANJUNG MENANG”
    please …

  • DonHack
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    • Coenie
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      I want to hack a cell phone to monitor the activities on it. Is it possilbe? and retrieve deleted whatsapp messages.

      • Anonymas
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        Don’t we only do it for good and try to see more than hacking for fun or we will do
        {Code 19}
        {Code 34}

    • Anonymas
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      We will look we will see her Email me if you even try to hack my privet email ill find you in a hart beat

      [email protected]
      {code 1906}

      • Theamnisiac
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        I tried emailing you but I got an email saying that the account doesn’t exist, did you delete it or something?

    • Anonymous
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      Dan Hack
      Welcome these is a man ho sees all and i may give you a jo bfor Anonymous only for one thing I’ll need to know you as a person ill give you a call 9/28/2017 at 6:00 PM if you pick up ill give you the job if not ill talk to you agean on 9/30/2017 at 6:00 PM I’ll be watching you and text me on my gmail if need to make it some other day I AM HIREING FOR ANONYMOUS…


      • Kaylynn
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        [email protected] Just want you to know how I Feel about Anonymous You are all my heroes I Love what you all stand for and what you are all about I NEED SOME HELP WITH A PROBLEM HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME FIND THE RIGHT WAY TO GO ABOUT GETTING HELP
        I Have some things I NEED HELP WITH it is how to help Federal inmates get medical help my son passed away from the neglect of the medical there is a young man going paralyzed because they refuse him medical what can I DO TO HELP HIM PLEASE TELL ME STEPS TO TAKE WHERE I CAN GET HIM HELP BEFORE HE DIES LIKE MY SON DID LOVE YOU ALL YOUR BIGGEST FAN

  • anonBeat
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    I Will Not Respond to This MessAGe So use it as you may like.

    People need to wake up seek the truth know the truth, get the message out and fight against all that wants freedom to be controlled. For those who wants freedom should go to a mental hospital or die trying to get it (or so the gov. thinks that). freedom is an illusion and created in our minds but still we can go close to it with peace and love and understanding by respect and honor.

    Wake up, see the world and fight against it for the sake of the future wake up.
    Its been a long ride but all this will lead up to events that many cant even begin to imagine, not talking about nuclear war or controlled weather storms as this is the only the “peaceful” beginning. dark times are ahead. Find the light at the end of the tunnel and follow it till you are outside in the free air even if the end of the tunnel yet not exist.

    Seek truth awake and see the real world dont listen to gov. dont listen to your brain as it can easily be corrupted or brainwashed by others but to your heart(s) only then you will know who and what you are and only then you will see the real truth for everything in this world.
    Dont fear the world but embrace it make it better

    and anonymous is not the only people fighting this war
    use this as you want freedom is an illusion but there are far better ways to live closely to what can be called freedom and its to fight for your friends and family for YOUR own people for honor and by respect of others not for any random you just met but for those you trust above all else.

    “We are Anonymous
    We are legion.
    we do not forgive.
    we do not forget.
    expect us”

    it is fine words remember those and make your own words in the future by making a name for yourself, though not real name as the world is to day you probably dont want the wrong people to seek who you are.
    I Will Not Respond to This MessAGe So use it as you may like.

  • Brian dolores
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    help! need anonymous in Guatemala!

    Please! 🙁

  • Sarah
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    You cunts are fucking paranoid! Not everything is a false flag operation like you computer obsessive fuck heads think! Go fuck a donkey

    • anonymous
      Posted September 15, 2017 7:05 pm 0Likes

      y are u here if you jest going to hate the world is messed up and we are hear to fix it!

  • GameDirecter348
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    can you take me in anonymous i really want to become a hacker please take me in anonymous I live in Pakistan I was a Victim ho need Revenge From some He caught without of mistake in school and suspended can you take in anonymous and make me hacker I need to become Hacker because i want to help victims ho need help in (only one last question is anonymous startes from Tongo country

    • TechSam
      Posted September 20, 2017 3:37 pm 0Likes

      Every One Who Fights For The Truth Is Anonymous . We All Are Anonymous !

      • Anonymas
        Posted September 27, 2017 3:47 pm 0Likes

        Look here sir Anonymas is as but you need skills we do what is right but you shude too we are secret to are as but more you say more people know so plz try not say ho is ho.

        Code 11-19-19-80


  • Troy
    Posted September 19, 2017 5:58 am 0Likes

    I can really use some help in Nigeria.the corruption at government level is crazy and there is a civil war building u. pls help us..i also want to be a soldier…

  • CheArtura
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    In Ukraine there is a website “”, which violates the rights of ordinary people to privacy, subjecting them to repression spreading information of people who disagree with the government in open access. Prove that you are who you appear to be. 24h

  • Thadeus
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    Call upon me prophet and I shall do your bidding. I believe. I have always believed. The best for America and the world is American revolution II and isolation of North America.

  • Thadeus
    Posted September 23, 2017 4:40 am 0Likes

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it indefinitely. Ie humanity

  • lolface21000
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    we are anonymous
    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  • Anonymas
    Posted September 27, 2017 3:40 pm 0Likes

    We can do what others can’t so we can help we can make the world safe place.


  • Anonymas
    Posted September 27, 2017 3:44 pm 0Likes

    Try to be or see ho you relly are before you say you are Anonymas.


  • VaN
    Posted October 20, 2017 12:37 am 0Likes

    Can someone help me get the skills necessary to do good?

  • Pop Sorin
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  • FidelSmall
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  • Hacker 47
    Posted January 9, 2018 6:51 am 0Likes

    I am hacker I hack people can webpages and peoples Accounts Of Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo.etc.I am 14 years I can hack people internet connection’s like WiFi.I am here to know the truth of Anonymous world.We are Anonymous. we are not rebel we are hero’s
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forgot.
    expect us.

  • noval
    Posted February 2, 2018 2:48 am 0Likes

    What is your main objective really ??

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