Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of Turkey

Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

Recent events show the suppression of education in the media in Turkey, these practices are undemocratic and gives us the idea the citizens of Turkey are being indoctrinated. As Turkish people said, Erdoğan was democratically elected, but democratic values go beyond the electoral system. Opposition should always have a voice and the free flow of information should be encouraged.

WikiLeaks has sustained denial of service attacks after announcing they will release internal emails of the Turkish government, and we suspect the Turkish government will try to censor any information WikiLeaks will release. Erdoğan has already ordered Wiki leaks to be blocked nationwide in Turkey.

We ask of the people in Turkey to take interest in the material WikiLeaks is releasing and to not dismiss it because a leader tells them too. We advocate the use of anti-censorship tools such as Tor Browser. We will do our best to translate the material WikiLeaks releases for the international community to consume and to provide a better understanding of the ongoing situation in Turkey.

Check the description of this video for more details.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.

Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of Turkey

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  1. I’m in with you anonymous but i have a problem my school district is not doing anything for kids with special needs. they say there are able to do so and they treat them like trash i have been in those classes. contact me if you see this i will explain more

  2. I’m new in the page but, I like the focus I do see some people with mask but I didn’t know for what (if they’re joking), today I’ll see with a tv program from Spain that is a serious movement, that can transmite a message to everyone, and using the internet like a good plataform. So, I am anonymous! And I’m glad to. Thanks from Chile.

  3. If you need any help in the translation…I can help you..I trust in you and I believe that our lives belong on you guys…I would love to help you.

  4. We checked some Wikileaks Turkey AKP mails. They are mostly google group chats sharing some scientific articles and some newspaper articles with their personal thoughts. There is really not much in them showing an evil conspiracy and so on.
    Can we have an email for private chat Anonymous?

  5. motherfuckers we said the whole world was formed, we have read the blow or escape from the tank in front of you, like you’re ready to attack

    ‘Rights and Justice Warriors’

    Turkish Tim

    orospu çocukları biz tüm dünyaya meydan okuduk darbe oldu sizin gibi kaçmadan tankların önüne yattık sözüm size bir saldırıya hazır olun

    ‘ Hak Ve Adaletin Savaşçıları ‘
    Turkish Tim

  6. raga io vorrei solo dir una cosa
    a seguito del terremoto del 24 che era stato di 6.2 scritto da tutti i media e anche dagli stati esteri , invece lo stato italiano ha fatto cambiare da 6.2 a 6 di magnitudo perche se è superiore a 6 lo stato deve provvedere a un risarcimento totale delle strotture, io vorrei che sia fatta chiarezza su questo…

  7. Ulan göt zarar vermeye çalışma test yapcaksan biz serbest değiliz gidip fetöyü sikebilirsin. Anonymous kimmiş amına koyım havan kime göt ayyıldız tim sikti bizi diye video çek amık malı Türkiye bir bütün sana toplu sokar toplu yalatırız sana tek sokan bin çıkan son cümle bir biter bin başlarız OOORRRRSSPPUU ÇOCUUĞUU


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  9. Gerçekci olalım arkadaşlar Ayyıldız Tim olağanüstü hackerlar barındırıyor ama Ananonymous daha iyi tarafsız olun beyler dünyanın en iyisi anonymous hack olarak ama orospu çocukları orası ayrı

  10. Hey Aneymous What are you waiting for? DDOS Attack Moody Blee Shayin We are such a mile that we make ourselves under the tanks, we are such a milestone that our chest is hiding, you are suspicious that turkey is this attack your neck will see your sickness do not break the saddle,

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