Message to Hillary Clinton.


  1. I love what Anonymous is about and I would like to create a podcast that could help bring us all together as Americans instead of divide. I would like Anonymous members to help feed me topics so I can continue to do better for the world. If you have any suggestions contact me on Facebook.

  2. You are a disgrace to peace keepers.Your cowardice and your childish comments shall be rendered absolete in the sea of noise made by the likes of you.

    • Dear Null: I cant tell if you are talking to The leader of Anonymous and you’re saying that he is a disgrace to peace keepers then what does that make you. If you wanted peace then you would’ve never said anything. But if you were just talking to another commenter then I really don’t care. But the last thing I am going to say is that if you wanted peace, your best option is to just stay quiet and let us take care of it because all you’re doing is causing trouble.

  3. Here’s to the people who want Hillary as their presedent. This Woman has been caught lying again and again. She lied about our people in benghazi. She has lied in the past in the present, do you really believe that she won’t lie in the future, do you want this lady that had classified information in her emails that put our nation at risk, left our people to die in Benghazi, as your presedent. God help us if she is elected

  4. You could fold the fans but you can’t for the players Hillary Clinton is a disgrace. On the half of me and my family would you please put the pedal to the metal and release her transcripts from her Wall Street speeches. The American people deserve to know. We deserve better. She so smog you can tell that she lies with every movement of her lips. Her body language screens deception. I am a concerned citizen and American. The time has come if you’ve got the goods please make them public it’s time.


  6. Anonymous,
    I love what you stand for and what you do to change the world,I have felt the same way scene about 11 and have noticed the corruption of the government and the inequality of the wealthy and the poor and I would love to change that in anyway possible, even if that something is making this comment and supporting what you guys do for us.

  7. I love what Anonymous is doing. They are a vital component to the movement that is building up around the world to put an end to the neoliberal era that has wrought so much destruction across the globe over the past 40 years. (Which Naomi Klein documents extremely well in her book “The Shock Doctrine.”) But they are way off base with their statement “To all the future and present Zionist puppets in the White House.”

    None of what’s going on has anything to do with a Zionist conspiracy. In fact, this is the same kind of stuff Hitler ranted about. Sure the Israelis are committing crimes against humanity. Terrorism makes people do crazy things. Just look at America’s response to 9/11. None of it is acceptable. None of it is excusable. And none of it has anything to do with what is actually going on.

    What is really going on is establishment corruption. Milton Friedman’s free-market reforms, plus harsh anti-inflation measures by the US Federal Reserve, have made the rich exceedingly wealthy. That gave them the money to buy the US government. Politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton take bribes through speaking fees, consulting fees and token board positions. Bill Clinton deregulated the banks which laid the ground work for the 2000s Bust Out: a complex web of fraud involving predatory-lending commercial bankers, trust-liquidating bond-rating agencies, Ponzi-scheming investment bankers, Big Shorting hedge-fund managers, and Masters of the Universe playing musical chairs with the global financial system (a pump-and-dump market manipulation scheme.)

    Plutocrats and bankers are the real enemies — as well as their pet bribe-taking politicians. They do it for no other reason than being insatiably greedy sociopaths. So please don’t refer to Zionism again. It only kills the effectiveness of the message and leads people down the wrong path. Otherwise, loved everything about the video. Keep up the good work! Together we can get this done: remove the establishment’s control over democracy and put it back into the hands of the people.

    BTW, “The Young Turks” is an honest source of journalism in a world of corrupt, captured, establishment news media pretending to be the fourth estate. They expose all the corruption and liars in public places and are also helping to organize the movement. So they are the go-to guys on how to make this happen.

  8. Hello. I am not sure how to ask for help, not for me, but for the people of Paraguay. I am but one citizen of a nation that has sunken into corruption deeply. Politicians steal alot of money from funds that are supposed to go to relief aid after the floods and public schools that are in such bad shape that even the roofs collapse. There is basically no education and children beg on the streets while their parents sit o their asses just wasting the little money they get in drugs and alcohol while their kids cant even get a proper education.. not that there is really any proper education. Only private schools give decent education and they cost way too much for the average family. So the kids eventually grow up never learning a thing, and they also dont take care of their future kids. It is a cycle that goes on and on. All while the leaders steal money for their own benefit while Paraguay keeps to deteriorate faster and faster each day. Many have lost hope that anything will get better. And each day more people are giving up on making a difference that will benefit the country. I dont want to give up on Paraguay yet and i am in need of guidance or help in order to make a difference.

  9. It’s time to take back our liberty and freedom. Fuck the capitalist’s and the 1%. Anonymous is on the forefront.

  10. Well, If you have anything else to bring forth now is the time to do so. We don’t need her impeached and be stuck with her running mate!

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