Anonymous – Message to Corrupt Media and the World

Anonymous – Message to Corrupt Media and the World

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.


    • There is a FAKE “Anonymous to Trump” message I saw tonight. It accuses President Elect Trump of conspiring with Putin since before he started running, and many more fake news lies. I wish I was a hacker. They are using your name, your mask, your background, but, they can’t get your voice right. Please, take these fakers down.

    • What is real and WHO can be trusted??????????

      Hos can anyone be trusted?????

      Everyone has something to hide.

      The antichrist is a wise person who is educated and political. He will approach as a friendly soul who want the best for the mankind and earth but it will all be a lie.

      They say that his number is 666(=18= 9?). He Will have contacts in politics and wealthy society.
      His rooths are in Egypt or is raised and thought in Egypt but is borned somewhere else(?)

      Nostradamus named him MABUS but maby it’s something else( KABUS? It’s a last name in some countries and in astrology and numerology KABUS number is 9) (In Arabic KABUS means nightmare)



    • I felt so happy reading this. I am writing from Cameroon in the sub-Saharan/central African region where there is a very serious crisis going on. The government in league with mobile telecommunication network providers have cut off internet access in the two Anglophone (English-speaking) regions that have been protesting for over 2 months now, demanding for federalism or restoration to the pre-independence state of affairs as a sustainable solution to the marginalization they have faced from the French backed francophone dominated government. Please, the people are desperate especially as the leaders of the Consortium (lawyers and teachers) are being arbitrarily arrested amidst gross human rights violations on peaceful protesters and unwarranted military intimidation. Blocking internet access has made it impossible for communication especially on social media to tell the world the truth about what is happening, and economic activities and businesses are frustrating as the people continue to cry out against these oppressive regime amidst the continuous dissemmination of false information by the state owned and run media channels. You may also want to know that the other 8 Francophone regions are not affected in all this. If you want to know more, check out these on Facebook: Mark Bareta, BaretaNews, Tapang Ivo Tanku, ambazonians freedom fighers, Cameroon Concord and
      I’m only asking that “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” – Thomas Jefferson…SO please help the oppressed by taking the fight to the oppressor.

    • it would be nice if someone could hack into fox news and destroy their subliminal programming. All the watchers could wake up one day and realize what kind of human being they have been turned into.

      • Just curious, do you actauactually watch the news or did you get this info from a meme. All liberals own all news and media sources!!!! Most republicans do not sit around watching fox all day. They go to work church raise their family’s read books. Your actually beloved liberal news hid a fuxking rape story about harvey for 10 years! Then Bill Cosby tries to buy cannot cbs, makes speech about black people and bettering them selves…all a sudden he’s rapist . Coming from irrelevant women who are now on and out of jail, drug addiction and prostitutes! You are the brain washed one dude. Do you have idea why liberal keep pushing this rasicst shit on rebulicans. At the end of slavery it was only and i mean ONLY dems who had slaves . Andrew Jackson the Democrat is the reason behind the trail of tears. this vullahit about parties switching is not true. Black people didn’t start voting dems until the 80s during a depression when dems were offering goverment ass, and after that black unemployment, dropout rate, single mothers , all increased. If you honestly think Democrat care about black people look at Detroit. Ran by dems. If ypu actually knew a single police by republicans. Like thw voucher program, every thing we support has always helpehelped minorities

  1. Hey Anonymous If you are really for the small people the persecuted people the torchured people the spied on continious harrassed people, the people who are the most victimized people in the WORLD by the Rich the evil ones. Then shutdown the Evil NSA and all those that are responsibe for ruthlessly attacking over 400 Thousand and growing rapidly Inncent men women and children 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are not guiny pigs for the rich to do as there will with us. we have the same color of blood as all, we have hearts we have minds we think, and we are tired. Please if you have the power i might think you do then Shut there computer systems down Shut there satilite systems down. Please help the hurting and the forgoten. A Innocent man in Kansas

    • It won’t be as simple through hacking because they would require actual physical access to completely disable them. Disrupting them could be possible but it won’t be easy it would take immense computing power to brute force and penetrate those organization’s network defenses. Those rich bastards you’re talking about, the people that own and run the large private banks created a rigged system where we are all enslaved by this system. They intentionally made the financial system debt-based so that there is absolutely no way to even pay off those debts no matter what, because the way the system is designed there will always be MORE debts than the money that is actually in circulation. They literally made money off everyone by loaning money to the government and everyone else, and they had been loaning money that they don’t even have in the first place!

      This debt-based financial rigged system affects worldwide because for 2 reasons.

      The US dollar is the World Reserve Currency, meaning it’s universally used and recognized worldwide.

      And secondly because it’s value is tied to petroleum being bought and sold on the global market, and had always been this way for a very long time ever since President Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard in 1971, turning the dollar from a gold-backed currency into a fiat currency.

      This is known as the Petrodollar Recycling System and had been a monopoly and worked amazingly at first, since the deal with the OPEC nations was that they would price and sell their oil in ONLY US dollars and not accept anything else for purchase or trade of their oil in exchange for military protection by the US. That was where all of the problems we are experiencing now in the world had all began.

      Thus the demand for dollars would be guaranteed worldwide as long as the world needed oil, any other nation on the planet that wants to buy oil or needs oil would have to obtain dollars FIRST before they are able to import any oil.

      But because of this, the never ending demand and need for oil would always be there, and it would meant the never ending printing of the dollars became absolutely necessary.

      But guess what? Because the supply of dollars had been increased constantly then the value of it would eventually become inflated because of it, and the Federal Reserve continues to print bills over and over again.

      This inflationary consequence affects the entire world since every nation on the planet that needed oil need to obtain dollars first through trade, sending their own goods, products and services, or by exchanging their own currencies BEFORE they are able to purchase and import oil from the OPEC nations.

      The last couple of wars happened because some of those countries in the Middle East had tried to abandon and stop using the US dollar for their oil transactions, namely Saddam and Gaddafi. Right now, Iran is in trouble for the same real reason, because they have their own independent oil market and stopped accepting dollars for their oil transactions. The entire narrative of Iran developing and pursuing the development nuclear weapons is entirely a smoke screen, the conflicts there had always been about the maintaining the Petrodollar Recycling System, and forbid anyone from ever abandoning the dollar for their oil transactions as it would disrupt the value of the dollar and cause serious economic consequences.

      But too many people’s minds are still plugged into this system, many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. They would rather completely believe what the media tells them than question and doubt what is presented to them as “facts” or the “truth”, because they are so dependent on the media and it brings them comfort.

  2. Hello I wrote two weeks ago about corrupt legal system and CPS in Elkhart Indiana i mentioned how juvenile judge has special program for Foster kids she the head of and about case worker who lied about parents drug test when the proof was shown by parents attorney the case worker got fired but the kid were not returned to parents I also mentioned how in town there writing on the chalk wall there is no Anonymous or movement I asked if you could make move hack there system let them know the truth is known there not above the law and in our Constitution we the people give them power that they have no right to take people children we cannot give the courts or any single group the power to do something we cannot do ourself we can not go into our neighbors house and take there family it’s against the law its against our Constitution they are violating civilian rights please STEP UP for the children the innocent parents the ones being forced to believe and follow there will because there children are held over there head this country makeing thousands off it’s victims and innocent youth every child taken the state gets a check and the case managers get bonus check then when there not returned it’s pay day a even bigger bonus check and the juvenile judge well her little agency don’t make money if there no foster kids I’m asking Step Up Announce Yourself expose them, hack them so they know I have email address if that will help please make a move, make A STAND, LET THEM HEAR YOUR VOICE,SAVE THE INNOCENT, you know how to announce yourself in there systems and expose them please DO IT THEN LETS MARCH TOGETHER STRAIGHT INFRONT THERE CURRUPT COURT HOUSE and CPS BUILDING I Can gather several groups to MARCH The SK’S,DIRTY WHITE BOYS,THE ESCOURTS,THIRTEENS, non affiliated independent groups I am way in these groups or advocate there believes or what ever it is they do lol but I’ve always believed never let anyone go hungry or without place sleep so through friends of friends ext over years by doing what is right and Humane I Do But BELIEVE it is GODLY to see a fellow human suffering or need if I Have The Means To Help and if I Don’t I Figure Out A Way So This Time I’m Asking Someone For Help Thank You Please Email Me

  3. So I Made A Post In Regards to post few weeks ago that was unanswered trying get your attion trying get you STEP UP I hit the post it option message pops up I already posted similar message well ya I Did I Want You To Hear Me Too Answer Me acknowlege and Step Up I’m not meaning sound shitty I’m Just serious about what I said. I do appreciate how ever my second post was still posted thank you have good day hope hear from you

  4. The Kingdom of God is in man. Only if man choses the kingdom of God There is no other way to heaven but through Jesus Christ. We can do all things through Jesus who gives us strenght. Jesus is our Lord and God. God is Love, God is Righteousness, God is Justice. Jesus is the way the truth and the light. The Lord is our Creater and our Saviour. The only way to go to heaven when we leave this world is to ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and come into our heart. Then Trust Jesus and have Faith in Jesus because eternity is forever and it say’s in God’s word. Matthew Chapter 7 verses 13 and 14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction. and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life. and only a few find it. Please be wise people let Jesus save you and then transform your hearts and minds. Choose the wonderfull amazing free gift of Salvation. Blessings PS never let anyone put a 666 chip in your wrist or forehead. Don’t willingly let anyone put a chip in you! period! Be wise and don’t sell your soul to Satan. And Anonymous keep doing the right thing. Oh one more thing There is only life on Earth Don’t be deceived With the technology out there it is easy to project a false image anywhere, and also do not be surprised if the liers that pretty much rule the world right now try and deceive people in saying we have made contact with another world. Do Not! believe it!

  5. So will we see a change in “corrupt media”? “die Lügenpresse”???

    Bringing down their sites??? Or: Exposing their lies? Exposing their favored celebs? Or favoring someone they will not favor??? – Or just bringing good stories that make people feel good (for a change)?

    If I wrote a story about “The Media Attacked” I think people would laugh and like it, if I made the hackers take over prime time, sending their own stuff instead.

    Still if they then send “UFO-revelations” or “Truths about Corrupt, Murderous Power-Elite” and such, people would not laugh and love it for long. Good people do not really want to wake up to the facts of the bad folks, but just want them to go away, I think.

    We want something: an app or so, so that we too can save the world with just our computers and phones … then we the people might still laugh and love it, and you would have a kind of kind world-revolution going.

    The support (IMHO) “expect” one thing from Anonymous, something possible but perhaps not really cool:

    It would make a story of the century, if Anon hacked the bank-accounts of some of the wealthy “bad guys” and “corrupt corporations” transferring part of their money to the personal accounts held by millions of poor people around the world from Rosebud and Pine Ridge in America to the slums in Europe and the far East.

    The banks would stop it, but we the people would love that Robin Hood Story …

    Anonymous do not do that, and I think I know why, but anyway many people have thought that, I guess. AND YOU WOULD STILL GET MEDIA COVERAGE (to quote in your vids 🙂 )

    Personally I would love to see you survive getting the shovel under “the corrupt media” in some way or other, and you might stand a chance, seeing the fact, that only the old folks think of news-papers and tv-channels as their prime source of information.

    Today folks go to the internet, and the “almighty ruling power” does not rest with what you now call “corrupt media” – They fall – you want to push??? 😉

    … bad press can do a lot of harm, and you do get in harms way if you attack the great media outlets … good luck anyway … 🙂

  6. Hi there I am from nz and I want to take out power supply for auckland for a while I know it’s going to be hard for people to understand but I want people to unite not be strangers to each other

  7. Dear Anonymous…How will things unfold for our country now that Mr. Trump has been elected. Is this a right wing coup? Why did this happen? Where have you been? Will you still help our nation with respect to these matters?

    You have been a great hope for so many…will you be here to give us hope again. Hope all is well with you.

  8. Thank you for the Colectiv news! You are right! Romanians in their majority do not care about their dead and about history! If you really stand for the small opressed people, I pray that God watch over you and help you in your ways!If there was a way our country could unite…I just hope I’m not naive as usual 🙁

  9. Please help Americans keep the Electoral Collage from being corrupted! Someone has to stop the Clinton machine from running over us!

  10. How about the corrupt education system? People paying college tuition for most of their lives or having to default on their college loans. People are being deceived! The promise of a better career, of a better life. A promise that is nothing but smoke. In fact, many people with a bachelors or masters degree do not land jobs in their field of study. It’s sad that Americans are fed this American dream that is not a reality and they pay for it the rest of their lives. You talk about corporate corruption the American education system is as corrupt as can be.

  11. Please check out this YouTube channel DaddyOFive and tell me what you think about this kid because im pretty sure his family picks on him and im tired of watching it but the part is i got picked on by my brother non stop when he was living here and almost drove me to suicide acouple times so please look into this

    • Salut, sa sti ca am incercat ambele variante. Dar ma straduiesc sa impac si pe cei care doresc articole mai scurte si pe cei care imi spun ca vor ritm mai lent. Din cauza asta am lasat si forma scrisa. Cineva imi spunea ca ii place cand asculta sa si citeasca si asta ajuta mult la decodarea informatiei rapid si clar. O sa mai vad pe viitor cum o sa fac. Pe curand.

    • diyor ki:Hamile deÄŸilsiniz, ancak geçmeyen bir rahatsızlığınız olduÄŸu anlaşılıyor.Ä°liÅŸki sonrası partnerizden vaginal bir enfeksiyon etkeni veya bir üretrit etkeni geçmiÅŸ olabilir.Bir kadın doÄŸum uzmanına tekrar baÅŸvurun ve akıntı ÅŸikayetinizin devam ettiÄŸi söyleyin.Tahlilleri tekrar ettirecektir.

    • A sneak attack took him out by surprise. ‘Cause tricky Lebron James switched sides. Then Mr. MacGregor started duking it out. With Peter Rabbit when the Joe came about. And wiped off his makeup (He was really Harry Potter). Then blew the? Black Pearl out of the water

  12. I’m confused. You say you’re “for the people” but you support Wikileaks which helped Donald Trump – a clear threat to the country and the world – get elected. How can you justify these conflicting philosophies…?

  13. Anonymous, in order to do more for those wishing anonymity through the inter-web of their personal lives. You have to allow or create packages in which programs can easily help protect and if need be defend against hack attacks from government organizations. I believe if you wish to do more good, you need to start do organization through democratic processes and start helping more and more people wanting anonymity and freedom of speech through the web. In recollection, to those who understand this inside the movement you might have to be the ones to push through to the others. It doesn’t mean give away your secrets but give out freely to those who support anonymous and know how to handle and mandate themselves so they don’t damage the image of freedom such as those who rioted in the streets of the US after the election of Donald Trump(example).

  14. if you see this comment please read it are you happy about whathappen in arab country are you happy of killing people are you happy of this pleas help them they are sufferd from any thin please help them


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