Anonymous – Message to Charlottesville #OPDOMESTICTERRORISM
Opeartion Domestic Terrorism


    • This world has shifted towards lucifer’s ideologies. This world has now embraced the ideology of hate, deceit and chaos. People find Lucifer’s words more soothing to their sick, dark souls that gets fueled, even by our President. How sad that Jesus’s word of love truthfulness and compassion has drowned out. I pray and hope that God’s light takes over this corrupt world. I thank you anonymous for trying to keep God’s light of love flowing.

    • Anonymous, I like what you are doing, I want to join, but I’m afraid my family will disapprove, still I will watch you, and stand by you.

      • Benji, Dems have guns.. if you speak with ignorance about such things, maybe you are better off leaving..your missing the point, of everything.

    • I see many comments on wanting to join. But I want to be apart, I want to fight, i want to reveal all the lies they tell. I want to fight for the human race and fight against the lie and lies we are taught and told everyday, especially the so called “American dream.” I don’t want to be heard because they aren’t listening and do not care. Put the protest sign down and not demand laws be changed because they will not. I want to help fight against those that decided because of their wealth, last name or where they come from the own this planet and all in it. I am not the smartest, nor fastest, nor strongest but I am a warrior and I will fight until i breathe my last breath. Please.

  1. How do get in on the joint effort? Power is in numbers, uniting black, white, and brown is the biggest power there is. And also the biggest problem for the government.

  2. From Chile the web is very slow, I don’t believe a fail on my system :/
    We´re with Anonymous, FPR warnin’ !!!!!!!!

    Anonymous we are legion, you’re not alone, we’ll defend the reason.

    La Pintana says PRESENT !!!

  3. August 26 in San Francisco at Crissy Field a White Supremacist is staging a protest.
    My question; Will Anonymous be there to cleanse the demons of hatred?
    Will anyone be there to stand up against the generations of racism and help with the bathing and cleansing of these poor souls?
    Please, come join us as we dispatch these demons.

  4. If you are as good at hacking, and as devoted to combatting evil as you say (and i believe) you are, then you need to bring down the Rense Radio Network. Now. And keep it down.

  5. Please look into exposing Virginia Freeman…
    Jesse James is actually Andrew James and his wife who fully supports his cause is a school teacher (irony, I know)……his skin head buddies are in his wedding pictures but I have no info on them. They deserve to be exposed .
    This is their home

  6. You act like heros, have a base need to be worshipped or valued, but you’re no different to ISIS really, only they are honest about what they are, you still hide behind your screens like cowards. I didn’t read your paranoid dribble, if I wanted to hear bravado and bullshit I’d go down the local pub and prop the bar up with the bitter drunks. Now, one of yours violated me and my child. You know who she is. So, I ask you, what makes you any different to ISIS?
    I thought about this. You’ve only had my attention for a week, I still haven’t read about you, I just have better instinct than you, if you pull my focus, I can see you. So, you’re mostly a pile of disgruntled rejected kids from school that were told you were special and frankly you’re the second and third generation so you’re feeling a bit comfortable and empowered. That’s what happened with the Middle East, they slowly moved into the Jews and decimated them and their land before they met the gas chamber in Europe. Now you came here, they leave in droves. You exploit other rejects, minorities, mental health, race. You have no love, you are just pulling tikiya on them. You want the world to be Muslim right? Reaching the four corners was never enough really was it.
    So I got thinking, what makes you different to ISIS? They violate children, women, elderly, innocents. They think nothing of rape camps that spread here, like I don’t know what Leeds prostitution the government pushes is about. That’s rather revolting, I note they aren’t Muslim girls.. there would be honour killings right? I note you only turned on ISIS because they killed Muslim children. Here’s the difference between us. I hated them for killing those children too. But I didn’t care they were Muslim, I cared they were innocent children. I cared they were defenceless, I cared they were terrorised and I was raging they harmed so many people. The fact that they were Muslim didn’t register with me because I’m not into that kind of malice or judgement or hate like you lot. I would still step in to protect one if I thought they were good people. That’s the difference between us.
    Then, you take it upon yourselves to act like hoodies, come and terrorise a lone female with serious mental health, and do your best to drive her to suicide, knowing the odds were good. Not once, not twice, but watched her depressed in bed, naked, beaming her and violating her for ‘fun’ waiting for her to harm herself. Knowing the torture that mental health can inflict. And you got pleasure from that, a real buzz stalking and trying to push her into dark places. Did you hope I’d commit terrorism on my way out? Did you hope I’d harm other Muslims? Did you secretly hope I’d harm the Afghanistan refugee your bitch tried to set up? The same one I saw run a Muslim man over in the road while I ran to his aid to protect him and helped him and called an ambulance and wouldn’t leave him for? While I didn’t grass when she turned up, lied, and dragged him off in a car? See the difference between us? One of you said we are the same. How wrong you were. You’re self appointed gods, when in reality you’re fucked up mental health that doesn’t know you have severe addiction and mental health issues. You don’t realise you have internet addictions because you were forced into bedrooms like Rapunzel. So sit rummaging with yourself while switching on endless cams violating endless children and women for your sad fuck pleasure. You’re no different to those bringing in the rape epidemic to be fair, they too think it’s okay to rape someone or their privacy.
    But here is the real difference between us… I know I’m mental health, I’ve the courage to face it, isolation, take rejection and be judged by all while patronised and humiliated in the vain hope I can help the next generation and gain trust by protecting society. You, you have no interest really apart from your narcissistic need to be worshipped as some bravado cartoon hero. You’re not, you’re post fucked up kids that spread hate, create monsters, destroy trust and play good cop bad cop with intel and authorities. You’re a fucking disgrace to Islam.
    The other neighbours, if you knew the truth, you’d hang your head in shame, but I don’t need to validate myself or explain what really happened. I didn’t come here to patronise, big it up, or get revenge. I came here to call you out, and I hope to see you some day soon at a mosque near you, look you in the face, then talk to your elders and IMAM. That’s if they’re not borderline extremist terrorists too. You know who I am, your bitch is aware I know. Me, I made my choices a long time ago. It’s time for you lot to sit and reflect on what you are, what you could be, and what you did, created and border on while brap brapping yourself because you have an inherent need to be worshipped or looked up to as you haven’t figured out your narcissism or your attempts to play God. The authorities are happy to raft off your work to create the illusion to the public they are doing something about ISIS. I strongly suspect you’re playing them, and good cop bad cop, while those that die are just another jihad suicider to you right? I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen how grubby you are, your social conditioning and your desperation to dominate minds. Trying to drive a single broken woman to suicide, then wreck her mind, while violating an innocent child. Yet sit trying to get respect off people, you’re not heros, you’re inverted ISIS.
    Fuck you very much, my fucking innocent child naked, you dirty filthy nasty bastards 🙂
    Deborah (I think you’ll find me in the old testament)
    P.S. Carry through your threats, show your community what you really are, more importantly, show the authorities what they are in bed with to con the public. I bet that’s why Trump cleared intel huh, they were too happy with your work, easily sold off like the rest of the traitors selling out to you. Even the animals, that was you too huh? Wow, how tough. Cowardice, you wouldn’t last two minutes in real combat. I know you can take yourself out, but you can’t take the pressure, distress or mental torture I’ve had to withstand, not just from you, but you were the first to stalk me openly and try to drive me to suicide threatening me, my kid and family. Hero’s huh? How proud your elders would be. I think ISIS would hi five you, not them.

  7. White Supremacist? Anyone that is Christian and White falls into this catagory I suppose. Anyone that supports free speech is this as well. Ok you win, no more free speech. Now you can’t say what you want either. Get it? I mean who determines what can and cannot be said? Can someone tell me this? If you say something that offends me, then you can’t say it anymore, right? My father is Puerto Rican and my mother is Irish, my skin looks like my mothers. My father and I are Christians and we support Trump. So are we White Supremacist, or just sell outs? When are people going to wake up? My guess is that all the crazy liberals spreading this garbage, will turn on each other. It has actually already begun. When you don’t believe in God and the world has gone to crap. Who or what will you turn to? Me, it doesn’t matter for me, because the Lord Jesus Christ will take care of me. But, I will do my part and pray for everyone. That’s what Christians really do, we pray.

    • Jos’e, I think you are a bit confused. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Take some World History courses, then study American History, in a FACT based setting, with FACT based text books,for some solid, REAL information. It sounds like your knowledge is based only in Good Book teachings, and changes, with how your influenced…, fine if you want to stay uninformed. To keep current,and to know what’s going on, take your blinders off..You will see the abomination you so readily align with. And hopefully, change your course. Your words make you a hypocrite..You reap what you sow..

  8. Thank you. I came to your site with the intention of asking Anonymous to help save America from these terrorist organizations. I should have known that you were already on it and I was grateful to see the oppression’s name reflected my exact feelings. While urging you to take action to stop these terrorists from poisoning the minds of our children is not needed I would like to still offer an open challenge to each and every one of you.

    Impress the World! Show us what you can do! I offer a gentleman’s bet of one dollar to the first member that can make David Duke cry on television. Hit this bastard with everything you’ve got and do not relent until our government recognizes him as the leader of a terrorist organization and him them shipped to Guantanamo Bay and water boarded till he confesses to treason.

    Alas I am but a photographer and believe I would be of little use in you your organization but if you do ever find yourselves in need of anything I would be happy to help. Again, thank you.

  9. Faggot CIAnigger LARPing as actual anonymous shoot yourself twice in the back of the head, stuff yourself into a duffle bag, and throw yourself into a river.


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