Anonymous – Message for all of Humanity

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


    • 3.33 mins of unadulterated, beautiful truth. The truth isn’t out there, it’s here. Right here, right now, in this video.

    • If we were to take all of the good pieces in this world, put them together and then add what was left of the good in us, perhaps there would be no war to solve, no conflict to beat, yet we constantly let history repeat itself and, within and without, we allow the division of race, religion and gender identity to reach our hearts and corrupt what we know as love.
      Do not throw aside the hope.
      Do not step away so you remain safe, unnoticed, as the years pass while nothing is done.
      If you do not help
      Or wake up
      It will never get better
      And still you will get out of bed at five every morning for work, to go get paid nothing, wishing away the tomorrows and trying to get through the todays.
      Fight alongside the rest of the world
      Or be a shadow
      In the crowds of lies.

      • Contact my email im trying to creting a new legion , anounymous are legions of good and bad guys , i can provide you informations and skills to be an anounymous im from the good side but Work alone is a shit , if somebody wants to entry thats my real email just for initial conversations next we talk from a encrypted adress , [email protected]

    • Thank you for being some of the only TRUE protecters of this world. IDK if you’ve already heard, but Coca-Cola has been taking water from locals all over India and Pakistan, and illegally dumping toxic chemicals into the water, And dasani is illegally taking water from a lake at a state park, which only gives them a $500 dollar fine. they refuse to stop taking Californian water, which Californians need.You must do something about this!

      • I hate those cause and do war and any violation against the peace of the beautiful world; Islamic religousfoes of all kinds, in particular!
        What a shame!!

    • Peace… after years of time to think I can find two paths for peace.

      Mind-control of the entire humanity with one man/woman leading them. Or solitude.(Through the destruction of all sentient beings except you yourself.)

      That will be “peace”.

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    • If you are Humanity’s Hacktivists can you please do the world a favour and shut down Nicki Swift ; the web site dedicated to Hollywood’s trashy slander against people so low life scum can feel better about their shallow lives.

    • I am sure people are always asked for help and I dont know if you do can you help me I am a father and its hell to survive making end meat for my family, I make so little and my loans are so much sometimes I just feel like dying but I have my daughter. [email protected] 18683850808

    • I seen about your doing good things sir just now… God bless you anonymous … I hope u will help people like this. God be with you .. train me to do help some people more

  1. Yes, yes, yes. This is what humnity needs. Hack all news channels and broadcast this message to the World. Let everbody see and hear this. Peace love and light to the World.

  2. anonymous you are top hacker in the world thats do ethics hacking thats good but there too many black amount or money which is of public and they are not getting it in different countries.all money is in hand of minister and corrupted officer i request you to help us by creating your one trustable student in every country so they can do good for country and take out fake minister

  3. I agree 100% this group as an entity has inspired me over the past few years and I would support them all the way. I would like to help

  4. Get rid off microwave towers, Smart meters,WiFi and NBN as we are slowly being fried to death, please, anonymous we are all sick to death.

    • Somebody please hack the shit out of any company or government department that is withholding information about the Grenfell fire. Get those emails published, lets see what’s being hidden before the paper trail is wiped.

  5. Great care, thought and best wisdom possible are needed so as to best direct this power. Many focii of evil exist in the world, and surely the worst and most dangerous are not in this country. Of course, we do have our share, operating at one depth/level or another. Easily coming to mind lately are persons in government who would sacrifice the public good, the tens of millions, to further their own lives/careers. They should be corrected so their ill effect is minimized or removed. (All nonviolently, of course.)

    • You don’t really officially join, you just claim yourself as part of the army. Learn to hack by doing research, buy a mask and attend protests. Show what support you can give.

  6. Well if all those agencies need to let know to humans that alien life is real, then we can suppose they found that water in liquid…… do you want to speak with some of them?

  7. How positively perfect! If only everyone embraced such a realistic and peaceful approach to our world. I love this.

  8. Applicants for membership should be screened, examined, watched, and culled out very carefully before probationary admission (I suggest covert extended probation well beyond initial joining/acceptance). Have no doubt but that undesirable agents for one organization or another (KGB/MVD, NKorea, J. Birch, even/especially Scientology, or of one poor motive or another, will attempt to join. They will be quiet awhile but eventually dilute, warp, expose, or harm your good intentions/work. Consider: Who minds, collects, preserves your files, personnel lists? Critical and often-penetrated area! Secretaries are prime targets or agents of enemy/undesirable agencies. And so on.

  9. So, how can be interested a human in a monkie? Do you think that 15,000 years of difference can be enough to say we are like monkies, for them? It looks as the “planet of apes”. They are not interested in talking with “Presidents”!

  10. I hate peolpe these days so that’s why i am joining the strongest ANONYMOUS
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  11. What’s the url for the declassified document I the fbi website? I’m not able to catch the complete address…

  12. if u really are anonymous i just want one thing from u that i play one game cs1.6 on which ugc server (united gaming community)
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    >>>- ! {A.$.h} ! -<<>>- ! {~L E G I O N~} ! -<< We are Anonymous.
    > We are Legion.
    > We do not Forgive.
    > We do not Forget.

  14. Please, I need your help.
    As much as I can, I will pay for it. Or I will give you something in return, if you succeed. Please contact me on my email address (for further details) or how you think it’s best for you. Thank you!

  15. Anonymous illumini songs has saying someting on below links at 2:55 to 2:56 GOD WHO?What this is all about?
    After all all the people hopefully punished as hell who does the sneaky mind reading.Cos it has been said symbolically by Prophet Jesus also Muhammed. SEE below

    First of all understanding of the function of the frontal lobe; Involves the ability to project future consequences resulting from current actions, the choice between good and bad actions (or better and best) (also known as conscience), the override and suppression of socially unacceptable responses, and the determination of similarities and differences between things or events. (Ref: Wikipedia)
    Beside the ethics, human rights, law etc there is a massive problem comes with synthetic thelephaty wich is that ”Imposisible to know the core fact which drives you thinking or feeling (address of thoughs or feeling)”. That will be the breaking point of the system.
    Association with the Revelation 9 is that chapter ” 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.”
    Ones you know the technology it is not difficult to figure out who is mentioning there, the people without the seal of God. That’s why I explain the function of frontal lob & synthetic thelephaty.Ones you took of the GOD’s seal from your frontal lob by enabiling synthetic telephaty with your own will YOU WILL BE PUNISH AS HELL.

  16. hi!:)
    What do you want to do?how you wanna fight with them?
    and sorry do you have any information about their secret army or chrono linked to illuminati?
    i like to help you 🙂
    and this is nice to see you guys and other people still care about humanity and good things.

    • We fight the illuminati just by ignoring their tricks. Their main weapon is fear so don’t be scared by the misinformation of main stream media. They like to divide us and play against each other. So don’t let them divide us. They draw us into boxes and convince that the other box is our enemy. As example take the box of democrats against the box of republicans or the box of Trump followers against the box of his opponents. Don’t let them put you in any kind of box and fight the opposing one. We are all one. Accept the differences between individuals and groups and you disarm them. They like to work in the shadow so shine light on them and there will be no secrets. It is easy to accomplish in a world, in which anybody can talk to any body. Just don’t fight them with force as they have all the weapons to kill you. Anonymous are fighting them just releasing this message and exposing their secrets. That is all it takes to make them lose ground.

  17. I’m a little confused… you clearly state in this video “you should forgive…” but your motto is we “don’t forgive.” Which is it? I liked the video, but when I heard that line it caused me to question whether the group Anonymous actually made it, since that statement is a direct contradiction to Anonymous mission statement.


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