Anonymous – It’s Time You Know This and Wake Up… (NWO Elites EXPOSED 2017)

A network of very powerful and influential individuals are ruling the world. They are in contact through secret societies, and they place themselves or their agents in key positions of the most important institutions of our societies. These individuals control the central banks, the U.S government, the intelligence agencies, and even the NGOs.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – It’s Time You Know This and Wake Up… (NWO Elites EXPOSED 2017)

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  1. Anonymous – It’s Time You Know This and Wake Up… (NWO Elites EXPOSED 2017)

    • Ironic fact!
      Even when the opportunity to expose,pursue and prosecute the pedophile,racketeering and criminal gangs presents itself little can be done.
      The source of their power doesnt just lie in their money,it lies equally in their control at the local level.
      Some of these oppurtinities would yield much needed financial resources.
      The main reason they prey on the disadvantaged is because they know theres no one for these people to turn too. Over and over,daily i read emails from innocent parents being preyed on,many have RICO cases that would yield millions in damages and dislodge the criminals that have seized their communities courthouses these criminals operate out of.
      All the talk in the world does little without action.
      It is easy to see why and how it continues.

      • no-one whether moneyed or poverty-stricken would want their children harmed. That particular topic is not economic-specific. Kids of rich parents get stolen too don’t forget.

        I agree that ”all the talk in the world does little without action” but on the one hand so many people; moneyed people; are doing unbelievably good work; they just aren’t advertising it. And on the other hand, action through solely emotion – call it love – is destructive without wisdom.

        Think well and hard before you act; and when you do act, let it be to HELP not HARM.

        Don’t forget ”anyone can go outside and stand on ants” in ignorance of their ‘worth’ and ‘value’.

        And be VERY sure of your facts before you act. You may find you have to swallow it; apologise for the wrong beliefs and thoughts where needed; but the bottom line is this –

        ”You cannot create life; so don’t be too quick to extinguish it.”

    • open our eyes and be aware ? yea ok what are we suppose to do ? march against the elites then draw martial law and be separated from our families etc etc

        • Realistically, you need to;
          1. Hack your systems finding your own elite group of psychopathic assassins’ – draw your list
          2. Hack banks or systems for liquid assets, send meticulously packaged leaflets a child could understand to inform even the stupidest Americans of what’s going on (911, bohemian grove, rosewell) – video presented above psychologically perfected in mail format
          3. Or hack news stations for faster coverage, just not full

          I believe with the right planning this dismantling will be easier than you think

      • Exactly that. How else would we make a difference? The ones who do march have nothing to lose anymore, and people who doubt us are the problem we’re standing to face. How funny that you should oppose this organization. Honestly.

    • you are the REAL anonymous? Good. How about dealing with a real nasty big money landlord on behalf on the poor and little folks?

      Here’s the evil family who threaten and treat their tenants real bad AND wont do any repairs –

      I am going to email his ‘clients’ to let them know the truth of his underbelly; this family is a nasty piece of work; real nasty.

      Green – Alan; andrew; david;

      like to have tenants living in sewage/ try to kick in doors/ endlessly threaten.

      I am going to contact ‘Orange’; ‘Fujitsu’; and all their other ‘big’ clients, and tell them the truth of these people.

  2. I love this site, the information I learn is invaluable. BUT the people with all the money/power are so deeply entrenched globally, my question is, what is the solution? How do we give the power back to the people? I feel like I have the key, (the information), but where is the door to unlock to freedom?

    • honestly; the door is in my heart/your heart/….. we have so very little in the way of money or material things – no power in the conventional way; fight all our lives; it is a way of life.

      The power is one person in front of a tank.

      It is the simple saying NO; no; of us the nobodies;

      No. You wont do this to me; or to that person; and laugh anf get away with it. i will at least speak. at least stand up. at least try.

      no matter the outcome.

      i will.

      because i care. because i love.

      and thankfully i do not have the ability to be otherwise.

  3. Many of us have the key (information) but those who police the pedophile,racketeers and criminal gangs are also in charge of protecting,defending and shielding the corporation from liabilities-financial and exposure. Most are promoted from within and they all protect each others interests. Many of us know what needs to be done,eventho we cant express it for obvious reasons!

  4. Picture of Kim and Trump riding both a nuke saying mines bigger then yours is absurd. Tell them to go to the negotiating tables before they strap them to each other.

  5. The executive branch is too weak to arrest, charge and imprison the career criminals doing business as politican, federal judge, state judge, local judge, so it rolls on.
    The next engineered stock market takedown by the federal reserve and its banks could very likely be the spark that ignites the hot civil war inside the US. The tin foil hat media of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and others are on the side of the judicial mob and its politicians.
    Those politicians doing business as judge are not the type of character that is going to move away from their career criminal status. The victim Citizens of the black robe cowards have every right to overthrow the judicial terrorists under the law of the land and seize all their holdings from their career of crime as judge of the State of Federal mob operation.
    It’s a genocide carried out by judges headquartered at 3300 plus courthouses across the United States backed fully by congress and the senate. The United States judicial mob has a more efficient system of human liquidation than the Nazi’s ever had and entirely funded by U.S. taxpayers and American Citizens.

  6. If you go by media coverage,it is unrelated to the subject of the posted video,however the man in the video could have been selected for reasons other that to make room.
    Possibly to affect the airlines bottom line.
    Racism is used heavily
    and well in America to divert the attention of the masses because most of us are
    very easily distracted! The real truth is that there is no difference between the
    masses but as a collective group, the Slave Drivers couldn’t control us and so
    racism is used to, “divide and conquer” the slaves!
    The Federal Government’s usual motive of operation is to cause a problem, blow
    it out of proportion in the media, and then provide for and adopt a remedy that
    only they can control! This is never the “Exception” but rather the “Rule” and
    each time a little more of our humanity and liberty is subtly stolen by
    government without the public ever taking notice of it! Most people are easily
    entertained and distracted, which is the same reason why people are so
    fascinated with Magicians and Hypnotists!
    America’s judiciary are smaller corporate branches called courts. The judges are
    actually business administrators called judges and all of America’s laws are civil
    corporate regulations called statutes. People are treated as corporations in these
    courts and these so-called bastions of justice are all about commerce and fraud!
    Everyone needs to be on the same page and so precedents become their safety
    This next question doesn’t constitute any proof but think about this: If American
    judges truly are the “Good Guys,” why don’t they all wear white robes.
    However the man in the video was a doctor that was convicted and on probation for a number of narcotics charges that involved his ability to write prescriptions.
    What was he doing with those narcotics??????

  7. You cannot all be serious. Everything is a massive conspiracy to you all. Time to grow up and realise you are the real master of your own destiny. Not everything bad that happens to you or others is the fault of the ‘Masters’ pulling strings behind the scenes. That is just juvenile.
    I bet this doesn’t get shared on your website.

  8. I’m glad I could help, now you know the truth… their headquarters are based in London, U.K as for the freedom of SUPG lets just wait and see…

  9. hola amigos les escribe un venezolano amante de la libertad necesitamos ayuda en venezuela nos esta matando la dictadura y el regimen y no tenemos el poder para vencerlos solos necesitamos la mayor ayuda posible espero que alguien aca pueda ayudarnos de cualquier forma posible dentro de sus posibilidades
    muchas gracias amigos
    apoyo 100% al grupo anonymous algun dia quisiera formar parte de ustedes

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