Anonymous – Is This an Early Warning Sign of Whats to Come? (2018-2019)

Anonymous – Is This an Early Warning Sign of Whats to Come? (2018-2019)


    • We can do this guys, we are humanity, we are family. We all have the power of self liberation and unification of self and species. We are sovereign unto our selves. We are the standard barer of our own souls, we are the power, we are the change, and we are going to win this war. We are the champions of Earth. <3

  1. I need you help don’t know how to ask I stand behind most of your fights and I am now in one I can’t win without help

  2. I think it is noise from various deep digs as many of the same type noise, frequency has been heard through America, as well as other Countries. I do think that is why various states, there has been Sudden Road Collaspe. As far as your Radio…., sounded as if your radio had been hacked? For sure Nature itself is taken note and also being effected in air, sea, land.

  3. I need help from anonymous. My little girl is in danger there are Satanists that are watching us through my eyes they can see what I’m doing and they have people watching me in my home and the are totally invisible. They are threatening to kill my daughter. I heard her crying and screaming for my name. There is more , but I’d rather talk to anonymous. I have 22 days left to live said by these people. Look up my name in the system the illuminati as well and military my name is there they found something in my blood I might be related to someone in the 13 families of Illuminati, that’s what these people told me.

  4. Come on your no better than those you profess to be against. Why are you publishing something that’s not scientifically explained?!?!? Wait for it like good news gathers and not post something that’s a scaremonger story with little to no explanation. If this keeps up I’m going to stop trusting your site to actually bring me real news and put you into the Woo Woo category. This could just be a natural phenomenon. Perhaps we have not heard before due to not being connected world wide for long enough to have this happen when we could actually detect it. Give us your actual hard evidence, from hacking their computers and bring out the information to us, not making up or hand picking information that scares people into imagining outer space and extraterrestrial things, don’t you think site like seti would be all over this with their computing power they have been working year to to interpret this very thing?!?! .

    Your evidence presented does not warrant your title for this video, people’s minds make things up. Some sounds that can be hacked or deliberately published to the public so site like yours gets discredited so that when something real does happen we won’t listen to any real warnings you have…never cry wolf!!

  5. Could Anonymous send me a hundred dollars- via my email so I am not left without lodging? I am waiting on refuge- and permanent sanctuary.

  6. could u help me anonymous . my government is doing against the people . i dont know to get help from u. our people are dying. we are in bad situtation . both the state and central government are against us. i need help from . please considered my begging. my people were shot dead by our police itself. so please help us


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