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  1. If we want change we must stop being afraid of standing up not as an individual but as a whole. Take off the blindfolds that the orchestrated master minds that controle the money the race wars and our fear to come togather and see that like ants we are legion we are many and if we stand togather there is nothing we can accomplish. Will it happen doughtful we lack that ablity tho some may come togather but we need everyone to literly lock arms and walk up to our goverments and say enough. Lets go to the rich who wanna make it harder for any one to make it that isnt even born with just a bronze spoon. When we come togather and put aside all color religion and who likes pepperione and who likes canadin bacon only then will we save our selfs and our world or just let it continue and your kids and grandkids and more and more will follow the same pattern def of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting diffrent results but how many times must we repeat this cycle i feel bad for the future of the world

  2. I’m better
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  3. you guys look honestly childish jesus have any of you done any hacking? I’ve been doing research on this for a documentary and you dicks think you’ve done something for anonymous by talking about it online and spreading scaremongering and calling fox news scaremongering you’re both doing the same thing

    • Go screw your self there with what you call childes bull shit its not about makeinga diffence for annoymes its about comeing to gather with people all around people you never even meet as seeing that we share one thing in common and that is we are all at the way bottom of the totem poll or we not even on it that some one in this world is going threw what i am going threw and that were not alone and that as a colletive we out number them a millon to one and these people are just expressing there selfs beacuse unlike your gold spoon ass we know what real struggel is i served my counrty and what thanks do i get not a dam thing but sniffing douche bags like you who think they know it all you dont when you have to live on the streets and develop streets smarts oike the rest of us then you can talk till then sit there and watch us multiple we are getting stronger and like any other war or fight when you back us in to a corner we lash out the only thing is yall thought it was a smart idea to put us all in on spot.. New flash wrong we are many amd we are growwing and there is nothing you or any one else can do but for onces in yall misable life do the right thing amd shut up and watch this dame move as if youvhave never seen it before as if your rich ass didnt have any money to see it before any one else as tom hanks said in my favoret movie life is like a box of chocolots you never know what your going to get witha twist in this box for once it may be diffents varitys but we are all the same here but you so take your proerganda repoting ass an for once help instead of hindering… I promiss i can point out on any one were in there life their voice and life was screwed up by the way this world is

        • I would push you off the cliff cunt.
          Life is about working together not following, but your mentality will never know that.
          Don’think you are anonymously protected from people like me.
          You can’t expect to abuse people and get away with.
          You are easily found.
          Be seeing you 😉

      • Put your computers down your phone stop all movement and for once open your eyes and see the world for what it really is. You are a puppet and are controlled by others but will you be pinoocio and cut those strings. I promiss you can sing the song afterwards (i got no stings to hold me down)

    • you must need more time for research. November 5th is this sunday. if you actually want to say you know what is happening. then sure. try us.

      • Were is the event i would go but no money or mode of transprtaion and i surely would make it in a wheel chair hahah funny but yes every one should go and voice what you belive to be wrong with this world only we can make the change

        • If you go to the video on youtube, go to the description and you can see where the closest march is for you. Look at the links in the description, thank you kind sir for asking.

          • No money can’t go…what a piss weak excuse… you can afford a computer. Or does someone else pay for that too?So I’m meant to support you andsend you money ya ucking scammer?STOP WASTING OUR PRECIOUS TIME.

          • All you need is a mask and transportation to the closest area… not a scam at all as we arent costing you thousands of dollars for nothing. We need support not as a few. But as the whole general public.

          • For your info you ignorant moron i dont have a comupter i use a phone nittwit and no one pays it for me i get a check from ss. Do to being disable in f-ing wheel after 3 strokes and heart surgery. I served in the USMC and they had no problem sending me to war but have a big issuse about helping out vets like this in my perdicument so i have to survive off 800 all month long till the 3rd of every month i wasn asking for any ones help for shit just info. So take your inconsiderate ass get off your moms couch or out of her basement and show compasion for once in your misable exsetince as a human being and do some thing to help those who need it even if it is just for info dont bash them beacuse you feel like your inadequate ass has something to prove to the world. Anonymous may have started out as a hacker group but blossemened in to something even bigger then they are fool

          • I am in Houston Tx USA The Gov’t is corrupt stealing Americans money. We need change please look up Leo Wanta read about the corruption. Ck out Unleashed Jeremy Hanson on the Executive order signed by Trump and why I believe it will interest your cause. Is there a way to contact you so I can get involved so Americans can come together to speak out against Gov’t corruption aimed at us. Happy New Year

          • listen anonymous i need help. a guy who has been abusing me and my mom for 9 years needs to be screwed backed with.
            his name is DOUG KIRT WALLACE.

            his address is 5314 LANCELOT DR. WELDON SPRINGS MISSOURI

          • Please help me too Anonymous!!! I believe that someone hacked my smart meter! Loghts turn off and on by themselves, and appliances sing crazy songs 24/7 that are annoying as hell in a form of electronic torture harassment! The songs are ridiculous asnd don’t make sense! For example; apples learning how to fly. I trust that you can figure out my location.

          • If you could please help me too Anonymous I would really appreciate It! I believe that someone has hacked my smart meter. Lights turn off and on by themselves, and appliances sing loud and torturously nerve racking songs that don’t make any sense, like apples learning how to fly.

          • If you could please help me too Anonymous I would really appreciate It! I believe that someone has hacked my smart meter. Lights turn off and on by themselves, and appliances sing loud and torturously nerve racking songs that don’t make any sense, like apples learning how to fly. ……

  4. What people respect is one thing, what people envy is the other. What people respect they do not always want to do, be or have. If, then, you want to be respected, and respect yourself, you sometimes need to do more than you want to

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  6. i think we need to continue our war against politics no matter the obstacles they put on our way my father told me about this even though i only have 11 years i know the truth

  7. Hello and don’t forget that just because Anonymous is know for hacking doesn’t mean we as a whole don’t have people out on the front lines for us and be our so called Freedom Fighters​.

  8. Best wishes with the fellow marchers today, every year something more happens, and I hope 2017 marks history (for a good reason).
    Love you all.
    (Except the people who yell at each other, what the fuck do you even stand for in this world?)

  9. I need my old twitter account to be hacked & deleted, the email was deleted a while back & I can’t access it. I contacted twitter asking them to remove my account but they wouldn’t. can anyone do this for me

  10. It has been days since the Paradise Papers were leaked, yet I feel like I am the only person outraged by the uncovering – yet again – of systematic oppression, income inequality, and abuse of privilege and power. I wrote a four page blog about it and then tried to find any place on Reddit where people were discussing this, but so far I don’t think I’ll be able to compete with one of the most popular posts about Easy Beef Stroganoff. Nobody is outraged anywhere, as far as I can see. WTF?

    • There has to be something you are looking for somewhere, after all it is the World of Internet. just keep looking. otherwise keep talking about it here.

      >[email protected]<

      Email me to get a hold of me personally, even though i am not an official of this website. i might be able to help in some way.

  11. Desearía q alguien lea este msj y se una a la causa de algo idiota pero con fundamento
    Quitarle el poder al q lo tiene y brindarlo al q lo necesita
    Unos anónimous robin hood
    Tengo erramientas para ello
    Pero la mayoría hace la fuerza
    Contácteme ustedes saben cómo hacerlo

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  13. Sometimes i feel like GIVING UP !!
    Then i remember

    i have a lot of Motherfucker
    to prove wrong

    Please help me to improve my self and punish them

  14. this is a message to anonymous i was wondering if i could talk to you as a group via email where we could talk more about anonymous the group ,the people and the idea so i can further educate myself. i would also like to know if their is a way to join the group to get better experience.

  15. I also want to help with this change and help those who do not know how. I want change and i believe in you the anonymous. Do you have any way to help me to be able to do the things you do i have tried with no further knowledge

  16. What I can’t understand is why a hacker cooperative dedicated to resisting seems completely unable to hack the really bad players. Take down Russia. Make all their money disappear. Same for North Korea. Shut down the IRS. All the hand wringing I see on this site isn’t doing a damn thing.

      • Well, it’s a matter of priorities. Seems to me that going after the really bad guys should be pretty much at the top. And, I assume, the Anonymous motto isn’t “We only tackle the easy stuff.”

        • Our motto also is not “we take one or two sides” as we see that we are all to blame for this world dying sonner than predicted.

        • Has anyone experienced all of their appliances singing crazy songs that have no logic or meaning, possibly as a result of their smart meter? I have called the energy provider and the doors are telling me to buy all new appliances. This started after my iPhone gmail, zero hedge, linked , iTunes, disqus, and other news outlet accounts were hacked and disabled in June 2017. We Energies is the provider.

        • ….Has anyone experienced all of their appliances singing crazy songs that have no logic or meaning, possibly as a result of their smart meter? I have called the energy provider and the doors are telling me to buy all new appliances. This started after my iPhone gmail, zero hedge, linked , iTunes, disqus, and other news outlet accounts were hacked and disabled in June 2017. We Energies is the provider.

  17. Either way I turn .if it’sa nuke war.or solar flare.or fema camp has gas chamber.polar shift.. what’s the use.im discouraged…

  18. DRCongo is hearing your crucial message. since 20 years 6000000 innoncent females, males, and children have been killed for no reasons by Ougandan, Rwandan, kinshasa regime’s militia. I need you to withdrawal kabila regime in DRcongo by massive hacks against their power, telephone and banking infrastructures in Kinshasa.

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