Anonymous – How can Anyone Ignore This… (2018-2019)


  1. How?
    Because 99.999% of humans don’t give a shit about anyone except themselves.
    Out of the squillions of people who populate the planet, I have not found one single just human being.
    I have encountered many who CLAIM to be just but none who are.
    Yap yap yap. Empty hot air.
    Gutless hypocrites.

  2. This is one side o new world order right?if you are against them,they simply can stop you;so this is the question how much time do we have to stop this technology before its getting the world completly?

  3. I don’t understand.
    Even though we are all human, and sometimes we do wrong things.
    This passes the line, how CAN people ignore this?
    I’m 15 and I give more shits about this situation then adults!
    What is wrong with the world today!
    My anonymous career has been a bit foggy lately.
    I know this goes against the subject, but I have been isolating myself for about two months now, I left my career in the dust and I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me get it started again. I love both anonymous and its people as a human being. If you are willing to help let me know on my twitter at bamburgh2001

    • Hi Jojehhni,
      I am 42 years old and I do care. This is a day to day work for all of us. But as I ever said and always will say: “This is an educational issue!” We, adults, have to help kids understand the world with different tools than Internet. Go to see your grandfathers and ask them how they used to live before and try to reproduce it. Don’t use your smartphone to say hello, go ring their door to see if they are there and have moments with them!
      I have 2 young kids and I fear the worst for them !! If I can leave you few comments:
      – If you have a bank account, your fathers, your friends, change it to a Ethical Bank ( Really Important !!
      – Leave most social media and keep just one for urgent IM like whatsapp or call your friends!! I left facebook so many years ago and despite of everything I was going to fall again with Instagram !!
      – Again, you and only you can help your friends to rebuild a real social world where people meet and not on a screen !! You will probably know less people than ever BUT this people will know you as you really are and you will really know them 🙂

  4. Of course all technologies will be used to leave you a slave problem to be solved at the level of the psychology of the sociology of the culture of idiology and not mechanically!

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