Hillary Clinton undeniable ties to terrorists, and the truth about her aide Huma Abedin

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – Hillary Clinton UNDENIABLE ties to TERRORISTS 2016


          • Way to let us down. You have lost all your clout. Hillary will be president. Apparently you made up videos that didn’t exist. Are you just as corrupt as the Clintons? I hope not, but at this point it doesn’t even matter unfortunately…

          • Way to let us down. You have lost all your clout. Hillary will be president. Apparently you made up videos that didn’t exist. Are you just as corrupt as the Clintons? I hope not, but at this point it doesn’t even matter unfortunately…

      • Haven’t seen any emails, letters, pictures or videos as stated in the video… I was expecting Anonymous to be the only thing Sunday morning talk shows…

      • I wonder if the references they were making to November 5th had to do with it being the million mask global gathering that they hold each year on that date? I did see last night, though, that they were saying they hoped the video would be released within hours. These are the most serious days this nation has ever faced and timing is very important. I think we need to be patient and not be quick to judge or assume anything. These guys have been amazing. They’ve even provided some of the leaks to Wikileaks. I believe they’re the real deal but in order to maintain their credibility they have to use wisdom in releasing things. Maybe they’ve been shut down? Maybe FB is blocking them? Think about it. They said in advance that they’re going to release a video of BC raping a 13 year old. That had to have gotten some pretty serious attention. I say we just hang in there and pray that they’re okay.

        • I totally agree with Donna, Just hope they have’nt been hacked themselves or blocked by FB. But, time is running short for their announcement only 2 days left to go. The Clintons need to be hanged for what they have done, despicable perverted people ( couldn’t really call them people ) more like Animals.

    • Time is running out one might suggest the four landlords of information gathering make an astonishing global press release i.e.; Anonymous,Wikileaks, CIA.FBI.
      U.S. Election ???????????????????????????????????????????

    • Anonomous could look through wikileaks emails and find incriminating emails and release to press today. This should seal the deal that she is unfit to be president.

  1. ok anonymous you all kept saying big news starting november.. so far we have not seen much of shit… you say you have dirt on bill clinton and 6 other government officials well lets see it.. you said you can prove human trafficking..lets see it

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Per the Anon video voice’s logic:
    Everyone who works for the US government has ties to terrorists since the US, itself, has committed so many terrorist acts(drone strikes, genocide of Native Americans, oppression of different peoples & cultures that aren’t Christian based, etc.) throughtout history.
    As well, anybody who has paid taxes, also, has ties to terrorists and terrorism as some of those tax dollars were used to fund said terrorist acts.
    Seems legit… Right?

  3. Assuming arguendo that all the facts are actually true, most of their case is based on conclusions that are not supported by the facts. They are over-reaching logically. I think HRC is horrible, but this doesn´t establish anything close to ties or that HRC will let Islam dominate the world. My daughter probably was in college with Huma Abedin, so my daughter must be a terrorist. Glad to finally learn that.

  4. I’m most disappointed… What happened to the “big news on Nov 5”? I’ve actually been anxiously waiting for it all day… A big letdown

  5. Where the washington sex ring you promised to release? What was that all just a scam? You integrity is becoming highly questionable!!

  6. After another deadline passes without any delivery of your, or someone masquerading as you, bold claims you should either stop exaggerating or at least be able to hack and shut down those claiming to speak for you. Just what you doing or able to do besides selling masks? Asking for a friend.

  7. Unless you produce the video of clinton raping the 13 year old girl your credibility is shot. I think house are just another poser!

  8. Is anyone @ anonymous reading these comments…telling people you have something so damming and then not producing it or even explaining it is rediculous…thats how you loose credibility and support. This sucks

  9. Anonymous sucks. WTF happened to nov 5 big surprise? Credibility GONE to me. Fuck you and your stupid mask, at least wiki-leaks provides factual evidence. I’m still hoping Anonymous will release what it had promised to… If not, I am undoubtedly finished with this stupid integrity-lacking group. Waste of time… Was really hoping for you to come through, I had big hopes for it. Way to disappoint the whole of the nation who actually researches for themselves.

  10. All of these comments seem very repetitive and almost like Clinton foundation employees trying to silence whatever was gonna be released on the 5th. Something tells me someone either got killed or paid a lot of money to keep quiet

    • Someone did get killed! They found an FBI AGENT and his wife DEAD today. They said he was one of the guys who was leaking emails and info to the public. It’s being dubbed a ‘murder/suicide,’ but we all know that equals ‘assassination’ when it relates to the Clintons. Their house was set on fire, too. I think it was in Maryland or Virginia. Can’t remember. 🙁

  11. Im no scholar but i would think if you had any real dirt on the cunt hillary you would get it out before the election and not after. All those brains and it looks to me like no one is using them. Burn that bitch up!!! What are you waiting for? America desperately needs you guys!

  12. Where is it Anonymous? We need you! You say you are for the people but where is the bombshell you promised? Super big let down! Please release today people need to know!


  14. As the video states, the story is unbelievable. As in not believable. As in its all made up. You people have been played in the biggest troll ever.

  15. I have been patiently waiting on the proof showing the Clintons are involved in underage sex scandals. I refuse to post anything relating to it until I see proof that I am posting legitimate information. I hope and pray this is not just a ploy because many people have been depending on this to put the nail in their coffin. Me being one of those people. The election is in 2 short days. Time is running out. If it does indeed exist please release it so we have enough time to spread the word and expose them for what they are!!

  16. I agree her terrorist ties are terrible, but it’s not a revation. You were hyping this video like it was the biggest and baddest roller coaster. I felt like it was more like the “line ride” on South Park.

  17. Comey has just let Clinton off the hook again.. WTF!!

    Anonymous, you gave the FBI every chance to do its job.. are you gonna data dumps everything you’ve got not that they have proven themselves to be a keystone cops organisation??

  18. We have to remember that they are risking their lives by getting this info to us. I’m sure they have to meticulously plan the release of these things to stay safe. And they are probably working with others to do this. I’m pretty sure they know what their doing. Please be patient and THANKFUL that they are trying to help us.

  19. It’s odd that I’m posting at 7:46 pm on Nov. 6th and I see comments showing times 3 and 4 hours later. Sounds strange to me. Someone messing with your site?

  20. Yea the Wikileaks emails were interesting but people are so use to Hitliary being in the SH*t it was going to take something really sensational to wake voters up …. I was really hoping it would be Anonymous that broke something really earth-shattering … I think it’s too late now …. Don’t see a future for free speech or people like Assange if Hitliery is elected … and it’s going to affect the whole world

  21. These guys are a joke! I have no idea why anyone believes them. What I have noticed is they ride on the skirt tails of other info being reported and then try to take credit for it lol. If they had actually been responsible for anything Assange put out he would have given them credit, after all they are Anonymous!!It isn’t like he would be exposing anyone or having to protect anyone. Use some common sense people. They miss deadline after deadline and then post conspiracy theory crap. I noticed a while back them taking credit for something they acted like they were just then putting out and I had seen it from original source a week before! In fact it was the stuff about tracking down the person doing the polling that is affiliated with Hillary…. ridiculous.

  22. I will have to say, this video is provocative and interesting, however let’s not forget that our own government aside from Clinton had a lot more to do with 9-11 than anyone will admit to.

  23. Anonymous, I have stopped expecting of you. You promised 5th November suprise. You promised Bill Clinton’s child rape video. You published nothing… You are making fun of yourselves. Throw a bone before the election’s deadline or you have lost many of your fans forever.

    • Yep I call fuckin bullshit, we not gonna see anything damning from here or wikileaks. It’s gonna be same ole same ole. Spewing that I got excited. There ain’t no Robin Hood’s in the world.

  24. I dont know what you’ve been told, but man this election is getting old.?
    Hillary Clinton is an evil hoe, all those smiles are just for show.?
    And what about her quid-pro-quo? How did we let ALL this shit go???
    She’s behind Isis and all things mean, even involved in a pedophile ring!!✈
    Hillary Clinton is a liar and cheat, but the election is rigged so she cant be beat!?
    She is a murderer and cant be trusted! Wikileaks proves it! Hillary’s busted!!?
    But what is America going to do? That’s what I want to know, dont you????
    Will we sit around and cry boo hoo, while our country dies in the hands of poo???
    Im NOT a Trump supporter either, so slow down now, lets take a breather..?
    America it’s time to fight, to take a stand and make things right!?
    I am talking about a Revolution, because I believe in our Constitution!?
    We the people have the power, so lets not waste another hour!⏰
    Together we stand, Join hand in hand!
    With Liberty, and Justice for ALL!!

    Just randomly wrote this this morning, but I actually like it lol. ?b-RaNd 831

  25. Anonymous – a bunch of liars and losers on par with HilLIARy. You and Wikileaks got Jack and deceived millions. The bigger question is whether you are a bunch of kiddie scripters or plants of the globalists and elites.

  26. There goes your credibility.

    Used to think you guys were the standard in truth.

    Disappointing that it seems nobody can live up to their word anymore.

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  28. Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility. -Robin Morgan

    We need to be patient. The information that Anon has probably comes from sources that put their entire lives on the line to give information out regarding very powerful people. This will take time. PATIENCE IS VIRTUOUS.

  29. Here’s the thing, I know there is no Anonymous, we are legion. Seeing all the ads on this page makes me believe this site might be ran by something else. Specially when AnonHQ.com goes much more in depth and doesn’t have these “fake” news stories.

  30. Revelaran información Confidencial sobre los extraterrestre,sobre sus naves/ovni,sus bases y sus propositos? Estare esperando ese mensaje ? bye anonymous.

  31. hi anonymous i have read about the governments and their lies keep coming it will never change they need to stop because world war 3 is on its way with mexico and if Hillary Clinton was president it would start war with Russia their is no president good for the people.

  32. This isn’t an Anonymous web site. This is a fake site. Anonymous does not sell T shirts to make money. They have no Head Quarters and are not organized. They act individually. The true Anonymous posted about them



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