Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: Root of all Corruption

Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: Root of all Corruption


    • Trump is just as corrupt RE tax scandal,child rape lawsuit that has been going on since before he became The nominee of Republican party, Scam Trump University, scandal using family charitable foundation as a personal piggybank for him and his businesses believe to be done to avoid paying taxes on all his income. The tax and fraud charges he could get are punishable by jail time. This is how we help ourselves. Vote third party !!!!!! Anyone who has not voted yet do not vote for these two criminals Hillary & Trump. If you are a Liberal or progressive or believe there should be a social safety net at all vote for Jill Stein if you believe in no Social safety net if your that extreme conservative then vote for Johnson. I no longer think their is a lesser of two evils with these two Hillary & Trump. Either one will be a disaster for America. I was a Hillary Supporter previously I truly believed in her but my illusions have been shattered. Let this be the year of the third party the year we break out of the two party system. If you really want this to be the time for the first woman President vote for Jill Stein. Anonymous thank you for opening our eyes but in order to truly break out of this terrorist Government, the illuminati, secret government must be publicly exposed what ever information you have on them put it out on your websites expose it to wiki leaks get it out to the public before the election. Put someone in a guy Fawk’s mask on mainstream news stations to get them to focus on this. Next time run an Anonymous candidate anonymously not with a guy Fawk’s mask saying they are Anonyous but a member of your group the most qualified member as their self.

    • Yes I do think America is about to get worse I don’t agree with either of those fools being in the white house I think we need people with actual sense sadly theirs not many people with sense and Donald trump let me get started on him he bashes anyone who doesn’t agree with him he says things that will never happen and he wants to kick out immigrants I can understand if they don’t have a green card or break laws a lot but you can’t just throw people out back in to a worse situation a hillary Clinton the only thing I can say are her scandals but as I see and this my opinion America is screwed either way.

  1. Here in Cheyenne Wyoming there is a guy named Jason White on Facebook who wears a Anonymous Mask but is part of a child rape trafficking group. They Hack but to take intellectual property and cause poverty for Christians with children to take their children. The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children said 75% of trafficked children are in the Foster Care System. Brenda Lyttle and John Lyttle, Tony Ross of Wyoming, and many child rapists felons. I believe in parallel worlds. That what is happening in my small town is happening mirrorly in other towns….as for around the world… nightmares that evil people exist are happening. Please go and ask the senators to give the death penalty to all child rapists….their the root of deception to the world. You can steal to survive, murder to survive, but you can’t rape a child to survive. Military rapes, Prison rapes, and child rapes all lead to rapists………………

    • You make absolutely no sense. You are always talking about pedophiles, it makes me think that you’re the one who is a pedophile and are the ring leader.

      • I feel there is no need to speak to eachother like that once again we can’t make a difference either way if we aren’t willing to work together for a greater caused.

      • I feel there is no need to speak to each other like that once again we can’t make a difference either way if we aren’t willing to work together for a greater caused.

    • Surely you anonymous is an idea, not a person or entity. It doesn’t speak for all Anons. Surely people can formulate their own opinions. Surely Anons can give info to other Anons without a political agenda. Surely people don’t need a man in a mask to tell them who to support.

  2. Perhaps you could remind the government that the people are a far greater threat than they realize. Seems they have grown pompous and ignorant to the masses of sheeple shuffling helpless and blind to their lies and deceit. Feeding us empty promises and shearing our rights under the false pretensions that it is for our own good. They have suffered so little ramifications for the leagues of betrayal and dishonesty they have sown on the American people. Remind them the errors of their ways. Remind them why they should fear the people.

    • @Michael -I couldn’t agree more & I couldn’t have said it better! I wish there were a lot more people who shared your views. America is in trouble, especially if Hillary gets in. Both parties have their own agenda and can not be trusted. I wish people can take off their blinders and open their eyes to what is really going on. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”… Point is that their is so much Corruption and Evil in our Government that I don’t know if we will ever Recover!

  3. Come to City Elizabethtown, Ky, the City government is very corrupt. Fraudulent raises, pension spiking and retirement fraud. You all seem very interested in stopping corruption. You gotta start somewhere, why not here. I support our police officers, military and veterans, not government corruption! They’re the ones who risk/risked their lives everyday for our country. Not corrupt politicians! Brbiery and intimidation is the problem in our government.

  4. Liebe Weltbürgerinnen und Weltbürger! Suchen die Amerikaner/innen den wahren Weg des Lebens, werden Sie Native Americans verbessern! Deshalb fordere ich: LEONARD PELTIER FOR PRESIDENT! Hillary Rhodan-Clinton ist zur Mittäterin an den Morden an Osama Bin Laden, seiner Ehefrau, seines 1. Sohnes und Freunden geworden. Ich fordere für die USA, für Hillary Rhodan-Clinton und Barack Obama, für diese und andere Morde, in USA und weltweit, ein Verfahren vor dem UN-GERICHT in Den Haag! BILL CLINTON UND BARACK OBAMA SIND ZEICHEN DER NOFRETETE UND DES ECHNATON, WIE OSAMA BIN LADEN! ICH FORDERE DIREKTE DEMOKRATIE IN DER GANZEN WELT, UM ALLE KRIEGE ZU BEENDEN, UM ALLE ATOMANLAGEN ABZUBAUEN, UM ALLE ATOMWAFFEN U. A. WAFFEN ZU ZERSTÖREN! DIE RADIOAKTIVITÄT BERUFT DEN PROTONENZERFALL IN UNSEREN WASSERMOLEKÜLEN! ANONYMOUS IST KEINE IDEE! DIE ANONYMOUSMASKE ZEICHNET DAS GESICHT DER KINDER NOFRETETE’S. SNOWDEN IST ZEICHEN VON NOFRETETE UND MARIA, DIE 5 KINDER GEBAR, WIE ICH UND MILLIONEN ANDERE! MENA NOFRETETE!

  5. Forget whining about the THEFT of the American Election process. Forget about all the sabre rattling garbage. We need to destroy the current cartel’s illusion of control.

    We need to completely shutdown:
    – the Commission on Presidential Debates
    – Fox News
    – CNN
    – MSNBC
    – ABC
    – CBS

    Because, fuck Rupert Murdoch, fuck Ted Turner – this is our fucking country. There are more of us than there are of them and it’s about time we took control of OUR democracy!!!


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