Just a few of the scandals, lies, and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton.


    • No, she is a confirmed Bilderberg puppet.
      Pay special attention when she gives a speech or makes comments with the CFR backdrop behind her.
      CFR = COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (executive arm of our shadow government or the front offices of the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Warburgs etc. all agents for the criminal Rothschild).

  1. I wonder if there’s any way we can reach the delegates left in the race
    And show them the corruption that Hilary has caused

  2. greetings…….
    we know that there are multiple problems……
    but we cannot find solutions for everyone of those probs….
    we have to get together and solve those probs one by one….
    remember anonymous are unbeatable …

    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  3. greetings
    hilary should be shut down…
    she do not care about our warning
    anonymous get ready for a crysis

    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  4. I would like you to call out the Republicans that are trying to make Puerto Rico go through austerity measures in Congress. Also, I would like for you to investigate the Governor of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Assembly, and everyone in the Puerto Rican government that are going against the will of the people. I need your help. Also, I would like for you to shock the Puerto Rican people by making an appearance on live national TV. The people need your message. The people blindly support the two major political parties (PNP and PPD). We need to wake up Puerto Rico, and tell the truth about our elected official. And by the way, can you make the telecast in Spanish.

  5. I searched for Donald Trump and there is nothing here. When I think of career criminal in the current race, he is the first I think of. How many lives has he destroyed (financially and otherwise) over the past 30 years?
    This country is overrun by corporations, yet the front-runner is a CEO (or involved in) 5000 companies.
    I am not saying Hilary should not be looked at, but let’s look at who the real threat is here; the one that will actually divide us more, the one who will also segregate us from the rest of the world with blind international relation policy, and the one who said he would “push the button” on the Middle East if he had the chance.

  6. Hello my name is Edwin,
    You a huge inspiration for me and my friends as fellow young adults
    we are freshman at moanalua high school and would like to say thank u for what ur doing
    i would like u to personally contact me as the nations future generation
    for i to would like to learn to teach ur ways to other

  7. hello
    I am not one of you,but i would
    like to say i agree with almost everything
    that you people/we the people, have started.
    There needs to be a change so everyone needs to
    come to gather and face the government, to change
    the nation, and what happens to it. With that said
    I would want to say, I hope people will try to stop
    the government, and global warming.
    with this said
    i will not forgive
    or forget
    you people

  8. I have done my research, and by the way hope I don’t have a federal offense against me after I have spoken my mind, which case I am sure that this organization will take care of. We need to wake up this is no longer conspiracy theory. America is mobilizing, in every state there are camps being put up,there are (mass convoys moving,via YouTube). They are readying for the New world order. Stop lying to your selves and do your reaserch. Guess who is ending up in those camps Christians. Because in the New world order they want one religion. Any one who refuses, go ahead and guess. If we where to strike it would be now cuz they are all most ready. We must over throw are government. And I’m not going to sit around and wait for things to turn to shit. We must act now. We must gather together and join forces, plan and fight are corrupt government. I will not let this country lose its freedom. That we faught for so long ago. We are anonymous, it is not something you can join. Its an idea, way of mind. We the people for the people. I will do my part. But the real question is will you stand up for your rights. And fight!!!


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