Anonymous – HAVE WE FORGOTTEN?? (September 11th *MUST SEE* Video)

Have we forgotten about September 11th?

We as Anons say we will never forget
and this day we have never forgot
it is the day the world changed

This is a compilation of videos, some old, some new on the subject
of September 11th 2001. NEVER FORGET.


  1. Scott Michelin of the kjqe news said he will not listen. Hes media revoke his credentials now. Hes neither a man or a reporter. End his career. He has no value. If you need to hack my emails. If not ill post them to his affiliates.

  2. This is not America. This is amerikkka. No constitution. Why did I graduate high school if we just get to change constitution at will. Revolt. Revolt now if your American. This should be a 3 sided war. Nazis, anons, and immigrant who should be most invested. Or tear that worthless whore down in New York harbor.

  3. HI! I’ve started following your campaing due to the lack of safeness and faith of countries we live in. either if you live in the countries in Europe, America. It doesn’t matter. There are always racist movement everywhere and people behind it are always Elites. The world is so similar to the serial GAME OF THRONES, there a evil mastermind is behind everything.

    I’m so grateful for you anonymous. You give me hope and faith. I wish you the best fortune. I would love to be a part of your movement.

  4. What about WTC7? It has just been proven that this building was taken down by other causes thab fire. Controlled demolition? Wake up please!

  5. если бы я хоть что то понимал из этого видео.. очень жаль Америку в этот день и тех кто погиб.

  6. I would like to ask Anonymous what is the group’s opinion on 9/11, do you believe it was an inside job with controlled demolition? Thank you, from Brazil.

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  8. I’d like to ask Anonymous I’m only 12 how can I assist your cause currently learning coding languages so one day I can join your ranks

  9. Reply @ will but no-one deserves misinformation no-one day is like the bullshit we decide we can decifer the code is self understanding ask questions,ask to no people but you it’s you alone who then find the truth! ONE LOVE!


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