Anonymous – Have They Kept it Hidden For This Long..? (2018-2019)


  1. Yo escribo en este post por desesperacion y realmente en busqueda de algo que me pueda ayudar visto que España es una mafia organizada

    • If you gave me Some Info I will everything in my power too help the Mafia problem in Spain, If you take any action against them then be ready to make a way too get out of there. and loose all contact with people they may go after, or bring them with you.


  2. Hello!
    Some of you guys met me in Portugal in Porto in November of 2016. I wanted to know why you met me and why you never write to me?

    • I Myself, am looking into this and will try to help as much as I can, and have found out that “a special police officer” and a “juvenile” we the ones who did this Horrific deed and as of now have been Arrested and Sentenced as of recent, there is little I can do now the Accused have been caught. As of April 14 2018, her funeral is over and is layed too rest, as of her religion and faith.

  3. Anonymous i need your help i have been trying to contact you. I am being hacked. My phone my computer and no one will beleive me. They even have fake wifi on my phone saying fbi van b. Trying to intimidate me and silence me. Somehow people are hacing people like the navy yard, fsu and cuba. They are doing this to people all over. I dont know if this will get to you but i need you to help law enforcement thinks im jyst crazy. Im not if you look up the police reports you will see i am being targeted and bullied. Please contact me. I think i got whats going on.

    • I Have Looked at ‘sources’ and have found nothing, that doesn’t mean that you yourself are being Targeted, I do not speak for Anonymous, or any member Associated with them, I myself have looked into the Attacks on The Navy yard, FSU, or Cuba, and have found little no nothing, and that FBI Van and the FBI Van B, is also in my location so that is not faking the WIFI they are connecting you too their Internet too see what you are doing. and if you posted and at the end ” I think I got whats going on.” then if you do then contact Police, they will look into the WIFI, and all the other things you are having. and for your phone, take it too your support user, like Verzion, AT&T, T-Mobile, or anything you use.

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  4. Anonymous? This organization has opened many eyes! But still too few to have a chance of getting any sort of truth out there indefinitely. You’ve proven your power before if I remember correctly! You’ve some power. But have you more power than the bullet? Has anyone ever considered being some bulk to your computers?

    Has anyone ever offered to be a guardian and protector? A gunman to defend you and/or the weak of importance?

    I feel like an organization like yours could spread the truth and obtain serious power immediately if there was some sort of army at your will.
    I know that I would raise a gun in the name of the cause! Even if I’m not as experienced as, let’s say, special forces.

    If a rebellion was to start, they’d need help! They wouldn’t have serious training or an Air Force. They wouldn’t have much of a cavalry! But it IS a possibility.

    A rebellion could gain its hands in success if they had protection from the people. If a new faction could arise and arm itself, and then protect itself from immediate harm with anything useful in politics, they would stand a chance. Don’t you think?

    If not, would an organization ever be willing to help an organization of the sorts make a standing example at the very least. To be heroic figures for future generations.

  5. #justiceforasifa Anonymous if you are really anonymous then please help to ASIFA. In India because of the FUCKING politics people can’t do anything please please please help ASIFA .
    Four members raped a 8 year girl for 4 days but the Indian government not taking any action on them.
    #justice for ASIFA
    Anonymous if you really read this comment just give reply or a like plzzzzzzzz………

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