Greetings citizens of the world. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We Are Anonymous.

This is a call to all the outraged people in Brazil and from around the world.

The happening of the World Cup in 2014 was used as a justification for all kinds of atrocities, such as the forced displacement of thousands of families from their homes, the military occupation of certain regions in our cities, the persecution of critics and opposers of the event. And a security policy based on the extermination of youngsters in the suburbs.

The event was not planned to benefit the population. It was not dedicated to Brazilian sports fans, and neither was it a spectacle for tourists visiting the country. The winners, were not the Germans who took the trophy,

but the corrupt–the contractors and FIFA–who profited millions in the most expensive Wold Cup in history.

The public debt, hidden and reinforced by the generalized corruption in Brazil, is evidence that shows how decayed the State is. Which only prioritize the rights of the most rich, while systematically ignoring, and downgrading, its obligation to promote the basic rights of healthcare, education, housing and public services.

The forthcoming of another mega event: The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, reignites the greed for acquiring public money through partnerships with the same big companies responsible for the renovations related to the World Cup, and in the meanwhile, it is evident how abonded the rest of the population is. This, is a precarious situation, in which we will not stand idly by. The bullying and neglect of this has led to public policies of ruthless urbanization. Healthcare and basic sanitation has had consequences as well, with thousands of cases of Dengue, Chikungunya and the Zika virus.

Society responds in many ways to such a horror. Countless strokes within several public servers such as health, military police, and firefighters, erupted in the state of Rio de Janeiro because of this Olympic farce. The Olympic games, your delegations, media and tourists from all over the world can’t ignore this “carioca” reality that isn’t an exemption, but a constant. The state tries desperately to make up, conceal, and disguise the situation, and the shortfall in the public coffers caused by the event, in combination with a low global scenario of oil prices, would’ve ultimately ushered the erupting war we now have in the streets of Rio.

But there is no trick, or cash, sufficient enough to silence the people and make this invisible, or minimally eatable chaos, disappear. We have observed political authorities organize a huge circus for the Olympic torch relay in some cities of the country; we have also seen a spontaneous reaction of the population in trying to extinguish the Olympic torch, a clear demonstration of revolt against the realization of this mega event, and the whole situation of theft and violence by the state because of it. We have followed the political class using newspapers from traditional media to try to soften the impact of its crimes, not even being intimidated by the investigations that are ongoing. But so far, the people of Rio, are winning.

Therefore, we have been vigilant and we are here at this time to say that we will not wait, it is time to step up actions. We will react within and outside the network. We urge all Brazilian citizens. and also from abroad who come to Brazil during the period of the Olympic Games, to join us. It’s time the people take control of their streets. We will act also through the internet, exposing scandals and knaveries of prominent personalities of our policy so that the world can see what we have been forced to endure. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many of us are mowed down by its repressive apparatus. We’re not afraid, and neither should you. We will burn down their strongholds. We know what’s going on perfectly, the nefarious political forces of this country rehearse one more desperate attempt to keep any international confidence that may still exist by conducting the Olympic Games in Brazil. We know that this event will not meet the real needs of the abject population, the poor, and those subjected to daily violence against the state.

We cannot continue to be ignorant of all the obscure access agreements to social and natural resources within the boundaries of Brazil. The Olympics and the World Cup are integral to this conspiracy. We are not blind, fools. We know that the extermination of the poor, black and indigenous people in Brazil are provided for the world economic programs for aid, yet, they don’t fit on the agenda, and are discarded. A project where there is no room for everyone, when in reality it should be.

Hence, to all Brazilian governors: Know that the world will soon know of your coveting towards the natural resources in Brazil. Regardless of which party you are in, know that those below are at risk to your personal plans of illicit enrichment. So pay close attention governors, congressmen and senators, who linger within corruption scandals: The beginning to your end, has begun.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous – Exclusion of the Olympic Games 2016


      • We do what we can. Thank you for your support.getting the truth out is most important right now. Too many people live not knowing the government’s crimes and agenda. Citizens need to be informed. The government’s are destroying our planet for their own power and money. We must not let it continue to happen. ANONS UNITE,

    • Dear all anons there is a hug problem with police shootings in America these days we need a video on it it has gotten ridiculous they say we the people are the violent ones but in reality the police are

      We are anonymous
      We are legion
      We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      Expect us

      • Perhaps when told to stop by the police we should teach our children to stop. To comply with lawful orders and to not resist. More blacks kill blacks each year than police kill blacks and I do not see anyone inflamed over those statistics. There were 17 people killed this weekend in Chicago and none by police officers. Cops are not always right, but most would not want the job that they have. A little respect for those who are in harms way every day would be nice.

    • You should share to the world a little bit of our current political scenario. As a Brazilian citizen, I’m one of the many who now craves retaliation to the system here. Even though a small part of the population had never believed in the myth of democracy, everything that’s been happening is causing general frustration to those who aren’t super conservative and don’t give a crap about the people – except, of course, for the brutally ignorant. Thank you.

  1. How do I join anonymous I would love to and do more than just see the videos I would love to help just need to be shown what to do…. I have a lot of skills just need a way to us them

    • well u cannot join anonymous it’s not a group, a party club, an orginazation.. it’s a idea … u must have the gutts to risk ur right for others and welcome to the family

      • No. You must have the “guts” to stand up for what is right. ” Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s right” . People have been brainwashed for years, and still are, conditioned,if you will, into believing that the government’s way is the right and only way. Not true. They are the criminals. Not us. Wake up. Educate. Choose freedom. Peace

      • There is no way to officially join, just hide your ass behind an alter ego and do whatever you can. Read books, there are lots of books online for learning more.Buying books on coming is good as well I have a connection with a lot of good books he posts on Twitter every once in a while.I’ll get in touch with him, and keep you don’t have to be a hacker to help. Anything you can do helps. Everyone is equally important.
        EXPECT US…

  2. I respect what Yall are doing!!! Seems like I have had a black cloud following me most of my life, and Why I’m not really sure except I support the underdogs, people that can’t be bought, and Jusice for all. Help me please

    • I felt the same way less than a week ago. I started my EDUCATION by going to the Anonymous FB page. As I looked at the pictures and such, I realized that I believe the same way. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time everybody wakes up. Peace

  3. Me with friend now about nwo, and we now this is more creazy shit then mr robot. Can u send some video for polish ppl? Ours governement work with “Hitler” and they whant destroy ours country but there is a lot ppl who they dont belive it. We are on 100% with you guys. Just give a sign for us. Peace.

  4. yes.. plz post an issue on those fake anons who misuse the idetity on anonymous #optrueanon.. we are anonymous.. we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us!

  5. needs to be taken down as of immediately. the functions in the coding for the page displays pedophile plans. “get class name”, “get class list”, “get client height”, as well as “Get previous sibling”. i have screenshots if needed evidence. please PLEASE PLEASE> get this website taken down. it also talks about getting the child’s proxy server and node location.

  6. I can appreciate your work. My concern is the exposure of racism, labor law violations and harassment of everyday citizens by local, state and federal intelligence agencies. I have been harassed and followed for years. Can Anonymous expose specific cases of this? I can’t offer details at this point, because I believe my e-mail, internet traffic and phone calls are being monitored. Since you are who you are, I believe you will find other ways to get in contact with me. I live in NJ. If this is being done to me, I believe it’s being done to others.

  7. Hi anon will you help me, I want to learn about hacking cause someday I will study this stuff when I’m in the college sorry for my english, from pH

  8. Hi Anonymous! I love you guys so much! I have ordered like, a bunch of mask and are soon getting a t-shirt that says ideas are bulletproof! I really like your guys work, but I cant hack that good… I only know how to hack into like flash games, and Google Play store to get free games… But I really plan to get better! I Know the truth, and I support you all the way! GO ANONYMOUS!

    • There is no contributing your part. If you believe, you are supporting. Anonymous is not a ‘Group of people’ like others think. Anonymous is an idea. Take on away, two will come back. Watch message to the citizens of the world V.

  9. We should mention the Olympic torch relay was started by Hitler during the Berlin games. Why do we carry it on? Why do we continue this spectacle started by Hitlers Nazi regime? It is an outrage and a travesty.

  10. I want to help in a different way. you will need someone to pull the trigger oneday, I cant hack but I sure can pull a trigger.

    cheers, awaiting reply.

  11. No entiendo apenas de ataques a través de redes…etc…Pero, si de verdad, lucháis por un bien común…si sois muchos, entendidos,….de verdad es tan difícil atacar determinadas webs terroristas ???


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