Anonymous – Everything you Know is Wrong… (2018-2019)


  1. The earth has upside down domes, or ‘dishes’ across the earth. Also, a man made bubble of signal that is another dish pointed down at all of the ones on homes, broadcasting stations and supposed research centers. If you stand on a stage and do not position yourself properly, as in not between two domes or dishes of speakers, you get a feedback echo. All of your satellite images show your own feedback echo. You do not see a black hole swallowing a star. You see the split earth with the sun between. Life has always been black holes and the earth has been dying. Mostly echoes trapped in here. But some of us are awake now. Those who understand how this place really works. Fire and violence and heat are never the answer. Time for peace. Religions have been mis-understood, mis-labeled, and mis-read. English being one of the least logical. Letters used to be circuits.

  2. I am a woman needing bag of clothes and some package or any drop off at nearest dhl location. Anybody care for a homeless woman with no parents? I mean serene- is there and good apropos, also. I am so scared for life and scared. Enter: The Hermit card.

  3. hi i want to koin in this group i am a grey hacker and not a dark or white hacker im a mid lane and i know how to hack website and access darkweb


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