Anonymous – Everyone Must See This Before its Too Late… (2018-2019)

Anonymous – Everyone Must See This Before its Too Late… (2018-2019)

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  1. How do I get people to believe in me… I cannot get anyone to listen. I dont wan’t to get hacked but how do I present myself to change how ppl think without being controversial.. I feel like deadpool in reality and I’m dead serious. how do you inspire change and not let people hold you back. I know I did incredible things and stood up for alot of people. but nobody has appreciated. I wanna be rich so I can play games all day. how do I not sound crazy when explaining I paved a way for change. do I continue to be controversal and make quality content. or do I ask for help. idk I want to build a free MCN like back in the old days but throughout communities. We can gain money to pay for school through creativity. but everyone is attacking me and i’m angry but don’t want to alex jones this shit out of any validity

  2. If 100 channels work together as one they could make a lot of money? youtube made it where you need this and that to make money so athe only people who can get on board our other youtubers. but I think im scaring people off. I need support and youtube believes in me by my friends are making me feel crazy

  3. All I want is to be set for life for being me. and making people laugh BUT NOBODY GETS THAT. idk i’m not being a troll I promise. I’m tired of having to do that for attention.


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