Anonymous – Everyone Must See This Before it is Deleted! (2018-2019)

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      • NO one I am crying with you I have been trying to reach out no rescue has cum. I really need someone to listen ive emailed a few organisations out of desperation. I if not a few of us know what is happening and what is about to happen if we don’t get the help needed them all will cum to an end. Please communicate let’s try our hardest best. The case of anthony bourdain who apparently committed suicide. Please someone help me.

  1. Summary- An all female gun down show to demand and take back rights will end up creating a patriarchy uprising. It creates a very hostile Christian right movement. This does not mean that the world domination plan is to outlaw female rights. At this time, you need a Christian military adamant on wiping out militants.
    That’s what they say. In my ear, that is. I try to type with two fingers. Excuse me, I am seventy. They say to be careful of such talk.

  2. You are not anonymous
    Arnonymous doesn’t need to sell t-shirts for money and advertising
    you are only members of the group’s dysfunctional


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