Anonymous – Events That are Shocking The World… (2018-2019)

Anonymous – Events That are Shocking The World… (2018-2019)


    • sighhhh, once again, some of us come up on alot of money and use it as power, irresponsibly…. But who are they? What gives them the right to buy ownership of friends and family? Sometimes, it just feels like a mob. So time should be up for some of these people. POWER CHECK. AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymous along with the all the local police departments…. work together! professionals, snuff out this crap. It is priceless. These spoiled children with their money and power can have their heads unchecked. They use this power to control other people. They can also bribe lawyers or do favors for local justice departments. to influence the courts, etc.

  1. yup
    nothing says your anonymous then walking down the street wearing a teashirt with that faggy guy-fawkes mask printed on it.
    expect us,
    to be laughed at.
    especially great for ur anonimity if u order it online and practicly give away your identity and dox along with ur p.o. box, home address, country, and streetname to deliver it to.

  2. this faggot and his movement isnt Anonymous, Anonymous is unknown, unseen, faceless, and does not care about your left or right political statements. Anonymous isnt punk, rock, or protest.
    we do not let our good name be squandered by politics, we serve neither kapitalism or communism or any movement for that matter,
    we simply exist.
    and any faggots abusing our name proclaiming themselves to be “anonymous” will be swiftly dealt with. ESPECIALLY those faggots wearing their chinese, knockoff, 2 dollar-store guy fawkes masks who they probably payed for using their credit/debitcards, offline or online…. your not anonymous anymore,
    your ID is no longer unknown.
    you are a poser.
    expect us,
    fear us.

  3. Im not a hacker but i want to be part of anonymous because i just want to help the world see a different government that will turn the world into peace and no lies or fake news. But the thing is that i just want the world to be not just full of lies but truth.

  4. That”ITS real, but its fake.”
    Matrix in Matrix. Human Avatar in Game, same Movie Gamer.
    Wack up……..
    Not is same, but all its same.

    Search NIEMAND.

    Nie Mand its on Facebook, but Facebook blocked account in 2hours.
    Search the answer on synonym Wer ist Niemand?

  5. im aware i need help convincing my family of whats coming plz contact me 07548031081 i realize putting my number down is stupid but i dont know what else to do. and i can hear the message within myself. if only others would question there existence. they’d awaken.

    • I wish I could help but others need to realize on their own. Children/immigrants have a easier time accepting the truth because they have a more open mind and isn’t 100% brainwashed yet. I would suggest giving them a little push in the right direction and let them discover truth from there.

    • Anonymous isnt a group for it it an ideal. If you share the beliefs as us and you are ready and will work for change, you can become a part of a future worth waiting for.


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