Greetings world, We are Anonymous.

On Friday January 27th, 2017 President Trump issued an executive order suspending the Syrian refugee program and temporarily banning entries for people coming from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

The backlash has been fierce and public figures around the world have voiced their outrage. On one hand this is understandable, given the humanitarian implications, however one has to ask: Where was this outrage when the refugee crisis was being created? Where was the righteous indignation in 2011 when the Obama administration toppled the Libyan government, first by sending in the CIA to back rebel groups (that ended up having direct ties to Al-Qaeda) and then using airstrikes to finish the job?

Prior to this intervention Libya had one of the highest standards of living of any country in Africa (according to the UN). They even had free healthcare.Today the country is a failed state, plagued by ongoing violence. That’s why these people are trying to escape.

And where was this righteous indignation in 2012 when the U.S. began providing weapons, money and training to rebel groups in Syria in an attempt to overthrow Assad? Even at the time it was known that most of these weapons were ending up in the hands of jihadists, and it was no secret that these groups were committing horrific atrocities. Again why do you think these people are trying to escape?

Then there was Yemen, where the Obama administration quietly supported Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign for over a year, before finally getting their hands dirty and launching direct airstrikes in 2016.

This warmongering continued till the very end. Here’s a map of where the 26,171 thousand bombs Obama dropped just in his last year of office fell.

Bombs dropped by Obama in 2016

You know it seems to me that the inhabitants of these countries would have preferred that you stand up against the wars that destroyed their homeland before and while it was happening, rather than take issue to where they are allowed to go in the aftermath. Just saying.

None of this is a defense of Trump’s order. It doesn’t make any sense that Iran be included on the list while Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt get a free pass. Especially considering that Saudi Arabia is most prolific purveyor of Wahhabi extremism in the world. That is of course unless you look at this through a geopolitical lens. Which brings us back to the real crux of the issue: war.

After 8 years of covering for Obama’s foreign policy, the left already has a credibility problem, and the current strategy of throwing temper tantrums at Trump’s each and every turn (which started before he took office) isn’t helping. Inside your echo chamber you might feel like revolutionaries, but from the outside, your selective outrage is reeks of hypocrisy and low brow partisanship. You’re also burning through your ammunition before the battles that are really going to count (like another war or an expansion of police state powers).

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.


Anonymous – Donald Trump Muslim Ban Exposed


    • Anonymous, is, unfortunately, a weaker weekend organization. You have done nothing to stop the current corruption of power in the US, unless you support it? You have done nothing from the original glory days, like denial of service attacks to targets that exploit people. You are nothing but a remnant of a white-hooded clan who rode high on the horse for a while. There is more at stake now than ever before, but you are monumentally silent.

      • Ever since the DDossing of The Church of scientology, Anonymous has probably realized the gravity of the situation. I myself looked up the punishment for DDossing, and it’s a maximum of 10 FUCKING YEARS in prison. I wouldn’t risk that much, especially if you have a family.
        Don’t forget, anonymous started because of the “lulz.” They NEVER anticipated going in the direction of politics and world issues.
        So lay off and let them do what they do, and soon, the world will be all the better for it.


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  2. Point taken on all the Obama mistakes. Those of which had nothing to do with trump. But what’s done is done and can’t be undone. With that said, it’s trump that is looking out for our countries safety with this ban of immigrants. Why is all the heat on trump when Obama caused these countries failures? And has Anon and the left wing media forgotten about all the other countries that have the same immigration policy, and closed borders. No one seems to bitch about not being able to go to North Korea or to these same countries that are banned from the US. Who would want to any ways but point being….The US and trump are only doing the same thing that many other countries already do and he’s under the gun. Not real fair is it? I proudly support trump in any action he takes that helps insure the safety of my son and family. And as far as the left wing saying that’s stereotyping a certain group, well then that group needs to stand up for themselves and change the stereotype. They should fight their own civil war as we did here in the US.

    • These countries had already been failed by Reagan. Also to say the us has fought it own wars is ridiculous (proxy wars). The entire destabilization of the east was the US’s doing. Please educate yourself…. Also as far as the ban goes fine but maybe he should ban Saudi Arabia but he won’t because he has business interest there. For fucks sake please get educated.

    • How is it ok to ban people because of their religious beliefs? If it’s about protecting us why not the rest of the Arab countries that he has business dealings with? Stop making excuses for this Tyrant!

      • Maybe because Islam is a religion that preaches killing and slaughtering of those who do not believe in Islam. Also because of Taqiyya which allows a muslim to lie even if swearing on the Qur’an. So if a muslim refuge came and said he does not condone the beliefs and acts of ISIS, he or she could potentially be lying. Also presidents before have put immigration bans on countries before. For example, Obama in 2012 put a ban upon immigrants from Iraq. And originally the list of countries for Trump’s travel ban was written by Obama near the end of his presidency. In a message, Trump stated and I will paraphrase this, that he even wanted to add more countries onto the list. So for all of those people who assume that this was a “Muslim ban”, discontinue to follow the liberal media and celebrities who constantly provide misinformation to the people of the world. P.S, to the person who wrote this article, yes you have facts within your article, be sure to include ALL the facts when writing your articles. Lack of information can lead to misinformation as well. But if you want sources for my comment, I will reply including them.

    • Is it just me or does Anonymous seem like they have a political agenda?? Anytime there is a topic or question about Donald Trump they go into a Hilary and Obama rant. Makes me wonder if Donald Trump pays them and became more of political sell outs.

    • It’s not an organization. You can’t “join” anonymous. It’s a collective. There’s no leader to accept you. The only way to “join” would be to participate in their protests and stand up for what you believe in.


  3. Anon and the left wing media? what happened anon?
    I thought you was against the corrupted media?
    seem like now you follow a similar agenda..
    I thought you stood for something. too me it seems you follow the same system. anon Is now a wolf. How can I trust you? when you agree with corrupted media?
    I stand for humanity, Love, peace, forgiveness and respect. The world is evil nothing that we can do to change it. Only one man can save everyone that is Jesus Christ.
    In the bible Jesus removes a demon name legion
    Mark 5:9 then Jesus asked “what is your name?”
    “my name is Legion” he replied “for we are many”

    anon, I want to trust you,
    but my gut tells me your a wolf
    we have to be careful who we trust
    deception is everywhere.
    Peace & love to all God Bless

      • how am I not trusted? Because I question what anonymous is doing? they tell us not to trust the media but yet. have the same story’s as the media.
        I don’t understand Your logic James.
        Please explain.

        All I’m saying Is be careful you trust.
        I do support anonymous. And if I’m wrong for questioning explain why that is?

      • Mike Z is correct. you should trust no one. you should question every thing. verify what you hear or read yourself, especially those things you would want to believe. if you trust anyone without question… then you cannot be trusted.

  4. Anonymous, stop it, because you understand why Trump wants to ban only these 7 counties. Putin gets what Putin wants. He wants the regions and the heads. I’m still not sure is Putin the anti Christ and Trump the false profit or the other way around. Ummm I wonder about that word legion when I think “where is the vadican in all this cluster fuck of brain manipulation???? Umm that’s right shhhhh Trump is defending the Christians.

  5. Down with the Bush Dynasty, down Clinton Dynasty.right? Because I remember seeing those videos and what a free pass for the Trump new Dynasty we put there???? Edward is looking at a long prison sentence is that what Anonymous wants or wanted? I look at Edward as a hero and did something that no coward would do!

  6. It all comes to oil revenue in each of these countries. Look into it. You won’t be surprised to hear Iraq and Iran’s oil revenue has dropped. Saudi Arabia’s went up. It has nothing to do with anything else other than MONEY.

  7. In ur article u have quoted like wahabi extrism… But actually that has to be corrected since there nothing like wahabi extrimism better have a deep study on it and then decide

  8. Will the anonymous get to know the whereabouts of maddie macan and rui pedro through the internet and social networks.

  9. what we can do to help them? not thing, some thime i think Trum should to resign now, if he resign, would will be better

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