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23 Thoughts to “Anonymous – CNN Busted Again… (FAKE NEWS EXPOSED)”

  1. Anonymous - CNN Busted Again... (FAKE NEWS EXPOSED)

    Anonymous – CNN Busted Again… (FAKE NEWS EXPOSED)

    1. Mike

      The best thing that could have happened to the world. Stay on point ano

  2. ISLAM

    Guys please we need anonymous help for fighting terrorism especially isis,they are destroying freedom and humanity.They are not islam please help destroy these isis and other terrorism.

    1. Dr.invisable

      I think you should hack any pic system they have and scare them real bad

    2. Mike

      Islam has a rule:
      The koran must b folowed to the letter
      “Kill the infidel where u find him”
      27 letters to worry about… if u ain’t

    3. Mike

      Islam has a rule…
      Follow the koran to the letter.
      “Kill the infidel wherever u find him”
      Twenty seven letters to worry about

  3. Hi guys please help me how should I an anonymous?

  4. islam

    I haker facebook un group

    1. Mike

      Islam has a rule:
      The koran must b folowed to the letter
      “Kill the infidel where u find him”
      27 letters to worry about… if u ain’t

  5. sdsdsdgffg56

    Where is your channel on Bitmessage?
    Please announce on general channel on bitmessage.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Justin Cola

    Hey anonymous, half weeks ago Israel start uses biometric database for their IDs and passwords which include faces and fingerprints. Mind hacking to it?

  8. thewomanfromaustrianotaustralia

    and who made this bullshit

    Anonymous Breaking News Donald Trump vs Angela Merkel

  9. Woke

    Contact me please i must join the cause.

    1. Mike

      Ha ha ha… mmmmm

  10. _Griefer

    Requesting contact via email, I wish for internet freedom and equality of all people, because most people I know think they are better than me and try to show how they are better. I wish for internet freedom because of how many people’s videos I can’t watch on YouTube in multiple public places, as well as access certain websites or play multiplayer games in those same places.

    1. tiger

      I know what you mean.

  11. tiger

    the school blocked the bbc

    1. Ghostdog12

      Dude i feel you so much. My School(Which i no longer go to) blocked cool maths games.

  12. R

    Scientology still harasses by phone, won’t quit despite told leave me alone, not interested, don’t contact me. It tracks you for decades, across the country, world. Some members like being a phone bully. It needs to be reformed just like major religions were (mostly)–or it should be …..

  13. Tristan

    I feel like anonymous is both a necessity and a symptom of the fast paced and mostly hidden wars that occur in today’s world.
    Instead of guns and knowledge of the land occupied, they utilize digital tools and knowledge of the information space occupied by oppressive powers.
    I long for the days before the current internet. Oh to be 12 again and being outside fully engaged in the real world.

  14. And Fox is not Fake news? Please! And Annonymous CNN does not sound any worse when speaking of Trump then you are starting to sound speaking of Clinton. Careful it is a slippery slope!

  15. j

    What needs to be done is to fuck up teacher salary paychecks and get rid of all the teachers. Force parents to raise theyre kids and not dump them off to the social bank conglomerate. Teach people to teach themselves and the learning curve is infinite. In the us everything is taught with question and answer. Yes or no. U have a consciousness. Put the pieces together folks. Don’t rely on any single form of info. In fact don’t trust anything stay curious out there

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